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Your Guide To Ihram Stores For Men and Women

The month of Dhul Hijjah has started and many people are getting ready to embark on their Hajj journey, a five to six day endeavor which starts on the 7th day of Dhul Hijjah and ends on the 12th day, where Muslims perform their pilgrimage to Makkah. Muslims from around the world prepare for this holy experience and to make it easier for them, Destination has picked out a few stores that offer the Ihram, which are the garments to be worn during the pilgrimage, for both Men and Women. 


Men’s Ihram: 


First started in 2002, Lomar is a store that blends in the idea of modern design with the classic Thobes, and how comfortable their clothing pieces are. For Hajj, Lomar is offering a set of Ihram garments for men, with an offer of 3+1, ideal for families. 

Instagram: lomarthobe

Website: lomar.sa

Riyadh Location: King Abdulaziz Rd, Ar Rabi

Jeddah Location: King Abdulaziz Branch Rd, Al Zahra


A popular store in Saudi that is a leading brand for men’s clothing pieces, AlShiaka offers many options such as pajamas, ready made thobes and tailored thobes. The store is currently promoting their buy one and get the other 40% off on the Ihram garments. 

Instagram: alshiaka

Website: alshiaka.com

Riyadh Location: Khalid Ibn Al Walid St, Al Hamra

Jeddah Location: King Fahd Br Rd, G Alabdullatif Plaza


Known worldwide for offering a variety of options, Noon also sells Ihram and at different, affordable prices. Their website consists of Ihram for both Men and children, making it easier and convenient for families to shop for the garments. 

For more, click here

Women’s Ihram: 


A charming abaya startup, Foulard is an online store that offers a range of abayas and modest clothing, and ships all of its garments worldwide. A part of their amazing collection, the store has introduced the Hajj Collection, which involves an abaya with a built-in cap to help with the heat during Hajj.

Instagram: foulard_f

Website: foulard.store


A well known and popular Saudi fashion store, Lomar offers good quality abayas suitable for any weather. From vibrant and colorful abayas to block colored abayas, many of their abayas would be ideal for Hajj.

Instagram: lomarabaya

Website: lomar.sa

Riyadh Location: King Abdulaziz Rd, Ar Rabi

Jeddah Location: King Abdulaziz Branch Rd, Al Zahra


Modanisa started off as a small online store with mainly modest wear on their list for women worldwide. However, with time, it is now a famous platform that showcases various modest wear options and gift options for those interested. Their abayas and scarves are suitable for Hajj as well. 

Instagram: Modanisa_ar

Website: modanisa.com

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