The Best Islamic Websites For Learning Authentic Islamic Knowledge

islamic websites

Gaining Islamic knowledge is an onus upon every Muslim and learning it and teaching it to others is considered one of the best ways to attain success in this life and the next.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) has said, “Seeking knowledge is obligatory on every Muslim.”

In today’s Digital Age learning about Islam has never been easier. Yet, not all what is available on the internet can said to be from credible sources and as a Muslim one has to be careful from where he/she learns their religion from.

So to counter the above scenario we have prepared this list that covers some of the most authentic Islamic websites out there. However, many of the websites in our list specialize in a particular field, so we tried to cover all different aspects of the religion through highlighting different websites; from learning how to read basic Arabic to websites where one can have their doubts or questions answered.

 Islam Question And Answer


Web: islamqa.info

If you want to know about any Islamic ruling under the sun, then this is the website that you should be heading to. You could ask your question here or chances are that someone has already asked a similar question before, so you could just browse through previous answers as well.

This rulings posted on the website are supervised by renowned Sheikh Muhammad Salih al-Munajjid and the fatwas posted use only authentic sources based on the Quran and sunnah and other reliable contemporary scholarly opinions. Clear references are provided as and when necessary.

Madinah Arabic


Web: madinaharabic.com

The website is extremely useful for those who want to learn the Arabic language in an Islamic framework. It follows the Madinah Book Series by Dr V Abdur Rahim, which is used in the Islamic University of Madinah to teach the Arabic language to non-Arab students.

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877-Why-Islam islamic websites

Web: whyislam.org

It is aimed mainly at non-Muslims who are willing to learn more about Islam. The website has a lot of interfaith material covering Islam, Christianity and Judaism amongst others. It introduces Islam to its readers and tries to dispel erroneous stereotypes and misconceptions about the religion that is rife nowadays.

Islam Way


Web: en.islamway.net

From several recitations and translations of the Quran to articles, eBooks and fatwas – this site can cater to most needs of Muslims globally. It is one of the most popular Islamic websites in the world and is available in several languages as well.

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Muslim Heritage


Web: muslimheritage.com

Those interested in Islamic history and the contribution of Islam to various sciences will find this islamic website to be one of the most extensive on the topic.

Peace TV


Web: peacetv.tv

One of the most-watched Islamic TV channels on the globe, this is the official website of Peace TV that allows you to stream the live broadcast for free. You can also get to know more about the speakers and the daily programming schedule here.

The Noble Quran


Web: quran.com

Dedicated to those who want to read the Quran, it is one os the islamic websites that offer translations of the Holy Book in numerous languages. Just select the surah you want to read and start. Each surah is accompanied by transliterations and an introduction. You can also just click play and select the reciter whose recitation you’d like to hear and listen to the Quran.

Islam Web


Web: islamweb.net

This voluminous website is a library of Islamic knowledge covering numerous aspects of Islam. Plentiful articles, eBooks, audios of the Quran, fatwas and lots more.


Sunnah.com islamic websites

Web: sunnah.com

Housing most major collections of ahadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the website is dedicated to those who want to research, study or understand the various sayings of the final messenger (peace be upon him). The multilingual islamic websites even offer a search facility so one can just type a particular word in the search box and results will appear highlighting the various hadiths that the word has been mentioned.

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Islam House


Web: islamhouse.com

This website is one of the islamic websites claim to be the “largest and most authentic free reference to introduce Islam in the world languages on the internet”. It features texts from a massive 115 languages and has plentiful resources for new Muslims and non-Muslims interested in Islam.

Islamic Online University (IOU)

Islamic-Online-University- islamic websites

Web: islamiconlineuniversity.com

Founded by eminent scholar, Dr. Bilal Philips, the online university offers tuition-free diplomas, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs. Since the courses are offered online, one can learn authentic Islamic knowledge that is provided in these courses without having to leave the precincts of their homes.

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