Fabricated Hadiths You Should Think Twice Before Forwarding

Spreading Islamic knowledge is an important means of doing good and with social media coming into the foray the methods one has of sharing knowledge are plentiful. However they have to be done with care as it is important to make sure that the content in them is authentic.

We come across many hadiths on a daily basis be it on WhatsApp, Twitter or Facebook, but what at times we fail to realize is that many of them carry no reference as to which book of hadith it was soured from. And many just forward it blindly thinking that they are doing a greater good by doing so without realizing that some of them may be fabricated.

We came across this series of posts posted by Himmah College of Dawah that counter some fabricated hadiths that are doing the rounds on social media. The series are planned to have 100 posts, here are 15 from it.

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