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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Symptoms of Sihr (Signs of Black Magic)

Symptoms of Sihr (Signs of Black Magic)

Black magic (Sihr) is a serious thing. It could literally have your life fall apart before your eyes. so lets me tell you the signs of black magic

It is really important to be educated with the different signs of black magic that gives out so that you could absolve the situation before it gets bad.

Degree of black magic

First it’s essential to know what black magic is. Black magic is the use of Jinns to achieve things in this world, whether those things be fortune telling, taking revenge, breaking people up, money, fame or anything else.

There are different degrees of Black magic that have different affects on a person.

  • Magic could be done to send Jinn to irritate you and become an obstacle from time to time. This kind of magic is the hardest to detect since the Jinn isn’t always present.
  • Magic could have Jinn remain with you permanently to be an obstacle in your life.
  • Magic could be made to have a Jinn inhabit a part of your body like in a certain organ, which will cause you pain and problems that doctors cant detect.
  • Magic could send Jinn to possess you as a whole, giving the Jinn the power to take over your body. This type of magic is the easiest kind to detect but the hardest to cure.

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Signs of black magic:

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  •  The recitation of Quran or Athan gets a reaction from the afflicted person. The stronger the magic, the faster the reaction to the Quran
  • one of the signs of black magic is weird things happen such as: Suddenly tripping all the time, having sickness or pain in a certain area which doctors cannot detect, losing things all the time.
  • Extreme anger or extreme depression that wasn’t present before.
  • Suddenly flipping and becoming a completely different person
  • Irregular habits which weren’t there before
  • Unnatural and a sudden aversion to a certain place or person
  • Anther sign of black magic is change in eating habits that is unnatural
  • Change in sleeping habits such as suddenly not being able to sleep at night and falling asleep right before Fajr prayer.
  • Bizarre and frightful dreams are also signs of black magic
  • Pressure on your chest at night that doesn’t let you sleep
  • Dreaming about snakes, scorpions, black dogs and other things attacking you

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Did You Know?
Most common kinds of magic are done to break up marriages.


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