Top Dawah Centers Around Saudi Arabia

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The main concern for many reverts is that they want to a feel a part of the community and want to be accepted and experience Islam for what it really is. It may be difficult sometimes in the beginning because they might not know the right people, or haven’t found the right place. So, here’s a list of centers, usually used for Dawah and helping out with any questions you might have about Islam and its teachings.

1. Jeddah Dawah Center

JDC is a center for teaching Islam to non-Muslims and to teach Islam /Arabic to Muslims who do not speak Arabic in different languages such as; English, French, Tagalog, Urdu, Malayalam, Indonesian, Tamil, Amhari, Napoli, Sinhala, Bengali and many more.

Location: Madinah Rd., Al Salamah Dist. (Near Hiraa’ St., Behind Habitat (Manzil) Hotel), Jeddah
Tel: +966-12-6828888 Ext. 100
Email: mytasneem@gmail.com
Web: jdci.org

2. Islamic Education Foundation Centre

Non-profit organization dedicated to lessons on different topics under the umbrella of Islam, in addition to organizing of Hajj trips.

Location: Ladies Branch – Behind Sabb Bank, Al Zahraa Dist., Jeddah.
Men Branch – Arafat St., Al Andalus Dist.
Tel: 966-12-6656994
Email: info@islamic-ef.org
Web: islamic-ef.org

3. Dar Ul Dhikr

A non-profit private school in Riyadh devoted to teach students Arabic, Quran and the basic teachings of Islam.

Location: Al Hamami St., Al Sulemania Dist., Riyadh.
Tel: +966-1-4163012 / +966-1-4624366
Mob: +966-553764598
Email: darudhikr@yahoo.com
Web: darudhikr.wix.com/daar

4. Al Rabwa Office for Islamic Call and Guidance

Classes about Tawheed, Fiqh and Hadith in several languages.

Location: An Nasim , Ash Sharqi
Tel: +966 (1) 4916065, +966 (1) 4454900
Email: en@islamhouse.com
Web: islamhouse.com

5. Islamic Cultural Center

Islamic Cultural Center is a Dawah center in multi languages. They have multiple resources such as books and Sheikhs from different countries to make Dawah to Muslims and non-Muslims. Classes are for both adults and children.

Location: King Saud Street, besides SEIKO building, Dammam.
Tel: +966-13-8320004
Email: muhalhsm@icc.org.sa
Web: islamic-ef.org

6. Hedayh Center

Cooperative office for call to, guidance and education of communities in Al Khobar.

Location: Southern Corniche, Al Rajhi Towers, Al Khobar
Tel: +966-13-865555
Web: hedayh.org

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