Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Saudi Arabia To Hold Global Food & Hospitality Extravaganza in Riyadh: InFlavour

Saudi Arabia To Hold Global Food & Hospitality Extravaganza in Riyadh: InFlavour

Saudi Arabia is accelerating its ambitions to become the central hub for food trade and hospitality in the Middle East and North Africa. InFlavour, a groundbreaking food sector platform created by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture (MEWA) in partnership with Tahaluf, the force behind the LEAP technology exhibition, will play a pivotal role in achieving this vision.

InFlavour aims to connect local, regional, and global food manufacturers with industry buyers and consumers in Saudi Arabia, the most populous country in the Arabian Gulf. This platform will also serve as a gateway to emerging markets in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The spokesperson for MEWA, Mr. Saleh Bindakhil, emphasizes that Saudi Arabia already boasts the largest food and beverage market in the region, and InFlavour will further boost its food import, export, and product sourcing standards. The objective is to elevate both the hospitality and consumer sectors.

InFlavour aligns with Saudi Arabia’s ambitious national development drive, which heavily relies on its flourishing tourism and hospitality sectors. It also highlights key infrastructure projects set to transform food production, transportation, and trade in international supply chains.

Noteworthy components of InFlavour include an extensive network of food and beverage producers, distributors, and traders. Furthermore, it will host a two-day conference featuring Michelin-starred celebrity chefs and culinary innovators from around the globe.

The Ministry of Investment in Saudi Arabia conservatively predicts a six percent annual growth in the Kingdom’s food service sector over the next five years. Independent market intelligence provider Fortune Business Insights projects a more ambitious growth rate of 11.5 percent per year, reaching a total worth of US$30.47 billion by 2029.

Culinary Stars Shine at InFlavour

InFlavour’s MAIN COURSE stage will be graced by culinary icons, including Marco Pierre White, the first British chef to earn three Michelin stars, and TV celebrity chefs Manal Alalem and Yasser Jad. Alalem is renowned as the ‘Queen of Arab cuisine and culinary arts,’ and Jad is the President of the Saudi Arabian Chef Association (SARCA). Their presence will inspire Saudi-based restaurant entrepreneurs and food creators.

Saudi Arabia To Hold Global Food & Hospitality Extravaganza in Riyadh: InFlavour

Government-Backed Initiative for Global Impact

InFlavour holds the distinction of being the only government-supported food services and hospitality event in Saudi Arabia. It offers an unmissable opportunity for global food and beverage companies looking to expand their businesses in the Kingdom. The inaugural InFlavour is poised to become one of the region’s largest events of its kind.

Saudi Arabia To Hold Global Food & Hospitality Extravaganza in Riyadh: InFlavour

Innovative Insights at SIDE DISH

A forum for the investment community to discuss all things food at InFlavour  and provides a futuristic perspective on Saudi Arabia’s food service and hospitality sectors.   It will feature 12 industry transformers, including Sujeet Raju, Varun Inamdar, Nick Cooney, and other culinary pioneers. Raju, co-founder of, is revolutionizing the food and beverage industry by introducing blockchain technology. Inamdar, an award-winning independent chef and YouTube sensation, and Cooney, author of Veganomics and Managing Partner at Lever VC, will provide valuable insights into industry advancements.

Join InFlavour Invest & Indulge stage from 11:00 each day as they dive into the latest food trends and innovations that are driving a healthier and more sustainable food investment ecosystem.Visionary funders of agri-innovation and industry thought leaders will join disruptive AgriTech innovators, entrepreneurs, and start-ups to present ingenious solutions to global food security challenges.

Saudi Arabia To Hold Global Food & Hospitality Extravaganza in Riyadh: InFlavour

A Glimpse into the Industry’s Future

Global leaders from renowned consumer brands will offer insights into the industry’s future. These dynamic personalities are at the forefront of sector-wide transformation, making InFlavour an event with a global impact.

InFlavour is set to reshape the food and hospitality landscape in Saudi Arabia and beyond. To register, clickhere and for more information about this transformative event, visit InFlavour’s official website



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