Must-Have Items in a Bahraini Breakfast


The early bird’s guide to traditional delicacies.

The taste of Bahrain is a unique and delicious one, enjoying a mixture of eggs, noodles, legumes and breads, enhanced with a medley of Indian and Arabian flavors and spices.

Some of the must-have items in a Bahraini breakfast are:
  • Balaleet: Sweet vermicelli topped with an omelet.

  • Baydh Tomat (Egg and Tomato): Eggs scrambled with crushed fresh tomatoes.

  • Nikhee (Chickpeas): Chickpeas fried in a Bahraini-style sauce.

  • Alo Chab: Fried potato kababs.

  • Alo: Sautéed potatoes with Bahraini spices.

  • Khubz Tannoor: Traditional Bahraini flat bread.

  • Mihyawa: Traditional Bahraini flat bread with fish sauce.

  • Karak: Tea brewed in evaporated milk.

  • Chai Haleeb (Tea with Milk): Tea brewed in fresh milk flavored with cardamom.

Try these places the next time you have a craving for a traditional Bahraini breakfast:
Naseef Café

Located in a mall within the Bab Al Bahrain souq, Naseef Café is known for its locally famous ice creams, traditional breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The café is styled in a modern setting but decorated with old-fashioned Bahraini benches. Guests can either order their set breakfast platters or can construct a platter of their own depending on their preference. Breakfast is served on old-style trays and bowls, giving a sense of culture and tradition.

Tel: +973-39622882
Location: Bab Al Bahrain Mall, Al Mutanabi Ave, Manama

Saffron by Jena

There are three locations, but you definitely have to check out their branch in Shaikh Salman Fort – also known as Riffa Fort. The fort itself is architecturally mesmerizing, a highlight of which is their exquisite doors carved with Qur’anic verses. As was Arab custom, the date of establishment of the fort and dates of great events were also preserved with phrases carved on the doors.

One can relax in the café’s outdoor seating overlooking the valley and enjoy a traditional Bahraini breakfast. Instead of a menu, there is a set breakfast platter that consists of traditional dishes with modern touches, such as baked beans, foul beans, mini grilled cheese sandwiches and alo chab sandwiches.

Tel: +973-39614131
Locations: Riffa Fort, Riffa / Souq Al Qasariya, Muharraq / Bab Al Bahrain, Manama


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