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Cloud Kitchens with Cul.In

cloud kitchen jeddah

cloud kitchen jeddah, is the first and leading Saudi company to redefine the meaning of cloud kitchens.

At the beginning of 2022, celebrated with its Rahal VB (the holding company) success partners the launch of the firstborn and bred Saudi cloud kitchen equipped with the latest evolved technologies that feature kitchen backend, complete cloud solution, and shared spaces.

After conducting multiple studies in the Saudi market, it was confirmed that most restaurants are looking to reduce their overhead and find new
and innovative ways to expand their reach.


cloud kitchen Jeddah

Jeddah was chosen as the starting point for this evolved solution and choice in reducing operational costs in the restaurant sector by 40%. The transformation from the traditional kitchen concept to the cloud kitchen concept is supported by a state-of-the-art facility. It’s designed to manage the backend operational work of restaurants, resolving traditional kitchen issues with the lowest cost and sustainable quality. features acloud kitchen riyadh that serves clients based on their needs and timings while receiving orders via delivery apps. It offers shared spaces equipped with the latest smart technology, can accommodate 40 restaurants, and produce a minimum capacity of 8000 meals per day.


The company has also developed an innovative kitchen management system dedicated to the hybrid kitchen to ensure the efficiency of the business workflow, measure performance, collect and analyze information, and control managing sales, marketing, and operating, from the point of submitting a request through delivery apps to the point of delivery to the customer, all while ensuring to comply with quality and safety standards.

Partnering with Wayrem, an expert in providing procurement and logistics support; also ensures that ingredients and products needed by its clients are provided for at the best cost and quality.


In the light of increased growth in the entertainment and festivals and the high demand for restaurants’ involvement in this sector; has launched a first of its kind mobile cloud hybrid kitchen bus. It is meant to be an eco-friendly and efficient solution for remote and seasonal areas, equipped with technologies that are fully capable of producing a minimum of estimated 2000 meals per day.

Furthermore, is looking forward to being the partner and innovative supporter of the creative ideas of newly emerging restaurants, leading brands, and entrepreneurs.

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Te: +966-55-1101339
Instgram: cul.inksa

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