5 Reasons Burritos Are Awesome

Whoa, what are you doing? Put down that burger, pizza, salad and/or soup. Are you having that again? Here, let me tell you about a much better option and explain why you should go get a burrito right now.

1. Covers all the bases.

If you think about it, a burrito hits every food group: bell peppers, corn and lettuce for your greens; beans and meats for your proteins; guacamole for your fats; rice and tortilla for your carbs and finally sour cream and cheese to cover your dairy needs.

2. Post-workout fix.

After an intensive bout at the gym, nothing hits the spot like a good burrito. It’s so hearty and filling and you will devour it completely. Best feeling ever.

3. Have it your way.

I love how interactive the experience is when you get to pick and choose your ingredients. Customize this baby each and every time based on your moods: chicken burrito with black beans and guacamole today; beef bowl with salsa, lettuce and corn tomorrow. Just don’t hold up the line trying to decide.

4. Shawarmas.

You love shawarmas, right? Well burritos are part of the same illustrious and deliciously global family, right alongside the Greek gyro and the Turkish doner. If you love one, you love’em all.

5. A Meal for All Occasions.

You can have a burrito any time of day, whether it’s an egg-y breakfast burrito at the start of your day, a light burrito bowl for lunch or a big ol’ traditional burrito for dinner.

What’s that… not sure where to go find one of these magical dishes? Hit up Burrito Loco on Prince Faisal bin Fahd Rd. in Khobar and tell them Destination Sharqiya sent you.

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