Best Types of Dates You Must Try in Saudi Arabia

The Middle-East, particularly the region of Arabia, is known for its impeccable hospitality and tradition, which is evident in the gastronomical culture of the area.

Large expanses of desert, camels, oases, and Arabian savouries, are the perfect way to experience the Arabian way. One of these delicacies that are renowned all over the world for their unique taste, texture, and colour are Dates. These delicious wonders that are popular in various regions of Saudi Arabia lure people with their unique charm.

Mamoul Dates are an exciting confection made with high-quality Dates covered in cookies. The infusion of these two elements brings an excellent taste and an experience like never before. These are usually available with several options of flour, which gives you several healthy choices. Also available as chocolate-covered Dates, these treats are truly unique with their creamy, chocolaty texture. Made with the finest dark, milk, and white chocolate options, these treats are trendy around the world.

Many Dates from Saudi Arabia also come infused with some of the most exotic quality of dry fruits like almonds, pistachios, or raisins. Dates infused with these dry fruits are also very popular with only the best quality of ingredients being used for creating these tasty treats.

Ajwa Dates are a mildly sweet tasting date; They also pack some essential nutrients and minerals that can help you power through an entire day of work. Ajwa Dates are also available as unique confections infused with hints of Honey, Saffron, or Cardamom, which just enhances the taste of these Dates by multitudes.

Safawi Dates are another great variety of Dates from Saudi Arabia. These also have a mild hint of sweetness but are also packed with Vitamin C and iron. Including a few of these in your daily life is a great lifestyle choice. It can also be a very thoughtful gift for people around you.

A rather impressive variety of Dates would be Sagai Dates. These are known to possess a certain softness in their texture. Which means every bite you take would be a luscious one. These are cultivated prominently in regions around the Arabian Peninsula. The texture of these Dates is genuinely one of a kind, as they are soft and crunchy at the same time. The colour of these Dates is also noteworthy to their origins. With a shade of golden round their base, Sagai Dates look very special and offer a royal experience. These Dates are also very prominent in the Saudi Arabian culinary and are also used extensively in exclusive presentations.

For people with a sweet tooth, the Sukkari variety of Dates is a perfect choice. Also known to be one of the sweetest dates from Saudi Arabia, these can significantly improve your lifestyle too. With a long list of health benefits, Sukkari Dates have a significant impact on your overall health.

These Dates are free of Fat, Cholesterol, and Sodium, which makes it a perfect choice for health & diet conscious. Sukkari Dates have a hint of caramel flavour & are very creamy, melt in the mouth texture.

For people looking for a taste of Arabic Traditional Dates, these are the perfect choice as they represent the best qualities of Dates that one can seek.

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