Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

A Medley Of Our Favorite Salads in Riyadh

A Medley Of Our Favorite Salads in Riyadh
A medley of our favorite salads in the city.

Kale-edamame-salad1- Metaboost
Freshii Arcadia, Makkah Rd.

From the Canadian franchise whose claim to fame is healthy fast-food, Metaboost is a dream salad for those who have been searching high and low for kale and edamame in the city. Freshii is new in the dining scene but it’s making quite a statement with its delicious alternatives – quinoa based bowls, brown rice and green wraps for your burritos.


2- Soup and Salad Bar
Steakhouse, Thalateen St.

This is your DIY salad fix. While other steakeries and pizza huts (hahaha) have tried to mimic the success of the Steakhouse signature healthy bar, no one has actually matched it yet. We attest to customers dining at Steakhouse for the purpose of happily binging on their salad options and soup of the day.

Lusin3- Fattoush
lusin, Centria Mall

While you may have eaten fattoush at least once in your life, the experience isn’t the same until you’ve tried Lusin’s. It’s light, it’s fresh and their pomegranate infused dressing brings a new perspective to the table.

Dhiriyah-14- Burrito Bowl
Fire Grill, Tahliya St.

So the debate in the office was, is this a salad? Well, technically yes but it is also a heavy healthy meal on its own. The Burrito Bowl is a quick fix and we love having it for lunch.

Kaisen5- Kaisen Seafood Salad
Yokari, Centria Mall

Kaisen is the fancy option in our list, which is what you’d expect and no less from Japanese fine dining restaurant, Yokari. So what are you getting for SR 150? King crab, prawns, scallops and seaweed tossed in soya dressing. Is it worth it? We think so considering the lack of seafood options in the city.

Piatto26- The Free Salad
Piatto, Panorama Mall

This is us giving you the other cheaper side and yet worth-every-halala coin. You get a free salad bowl (it’s refillable by the way) whenever you dine in Piatto. It’s basic with the greens but the dressing is some sort of ranch Caesar we haven’t put our finger on quite yet but we love it.



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