Yalla Cook, Jeddah’s Popular Healthy Cooking Course


It’ll change your approach to eating!

Yalla Cook is a healthy cooking program developed by health enthusiast Jon Dean. Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. Yalla Cook offers a simple approach to healthy cooking.
  2. It’s all about making every bite count.
  3. The current Yalla Cook course offers six classes.
  4. You learn a main dish in every class along with two more variations using the same ingredients.
  5. Every class has 8-12 participants which ensures a more personalized learning experience.
  6. Dean combines nutritional instruction with hands-on cooking experience.
  7. In a typical session you will learn the best products to use for your cooking, how they contribute to your health and tricks to develop better eating habits.
  8. Overall, Yalla Cook is about understanding how to craft your diet to suit your lifestyle needs.

dsc_1408To register: +966-561318718
Instagram: yallacook, thejondean

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