Must-Have Items in a Bahraini Breakfast

The early bird’s guide to traditional delicacies.

The taste of Bahrain is a unique and delicious one, enjoying a mixture of eggs, noodles, legumes and breads, enhanced with a medley of Indian and Arabian flavors and spices.

most important elements in Bahraini breakfast

Some of the must-have items in a Bahraini breakfast food :
  • Balaleet: Sweet vermicelli topped with an omelet.

  • Baydh Tomat (Egg and Tomato): Eggs scrambled with crushed fresh tomatoes.

  • Nikhee (Chickpeas): Chickpeas fried in a Bahraini-style sauce.

  • Alo Chab: Fried potato kababs.

  • Alo: Sautéed potatoes with Bahraini spices.

  • Khubz Tannoor: Traditional Bahraini flat bread.

  • Mihyawa: Traditional Bahraini flat bread with fish sauce.

  • Karak: Tea brewed in evaporated milk.

  • Chai Haleeb (Tea with Milk): Tea brewed in fresh milk flavored with cardamom.

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Try these places the next time you have a craving for a traditional breakfast in bahrain
Naseef Café

Located in a mall within the Bab Al Bahrain souq, Naseef Café is known for its locally famous ice creams, traditional breakfasts, lunches and dinners. The café is styled in a modern setting but decorated with old-fashioned Bahraini benches. Guests can either order their set breakfast platters or can construct a platter of their own depending on their preference. Breakfast is served on old-style trays and bowls, giving a sense of culture and tradition.

Tel: +973-39622882
Location: Bab Al Bahrain Mall, Al Mutanabi Ave, Manama

Saffron by Jena

There are three locations, but you definitely have to check out their branch in Shaikh Salman Fort – also known as Riffa Fort. The fort itself is architecturally mesmerizing, a highlight of which is their exquisite doors carved with Qur’anic verses. As was Arab custom, the date of establishment of the fort and dates of great events were also preserved with phrases carved on the doors.

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One can relax in the café’s outdoor seating overlooking the valley and enjoy a traditional Bahraini breakfast. Instead of a menu, there is a set breakfast platter that consists of traditional dishes with modern touches, such as baked beans, foul beans, mini grilled cheese sandwiches and alo chab sandwiches.

Tel: +973-39614131
Locations: Riffa Fort, Riffa / Souq Al Qasariya, Muharraq / Bab Al Bahrain, Manama



Eating on the Go

A look at the island’s food trucks.

This year is definitely an exciting one for all foodies out there, especially since the weather is still great! It’s the perfect time to explore the several food trucks located in Bahrain.

One rule to remember with all these food trucks: keep an eye on their social media to find out where they are.

Planet Caravan

06-ds-march-2017-80-92-13Tel: +973-17262626
Instagram: theplanetcaravan

Commonly found in the Seef area at The Courtyard, the food they serve ranges from classic food truck fare such as burgers and fries, to the more innovative edamame tabbouleh. They even offer a few delicious desserts to curb your sweet tooth attacks.

Planet Caravan’s retro airstream caravan was custom built from scratch, making it the first of its kind in the GCC.


06-ds-march-2017-80-92-14Tel: +973-17305031
Instagram: vm1856

Roaya Saleh, owner of renowned Bahrain fixture Villa Mamas, recently launched her own food truck: VM1856.

With the tagline Mama is in the Neighborhood, this retrofitted school bus travels to popular locations and serves their delectable cuisine to everyone looking for great food. They even set up the area with their own outdoor seating, with tables designed from wooden pallets and mini-benches made out of crates!

They serve traditional Bahraini food, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, fries, rice dishes, hot and cold drinks and desserts.

VM1856 stands for Villa Mamas; while1856 is the villa number of their main restaurant in Saar.

Gastro Street

06-ds-march-2017-80-92-10Tel: +973-17001777

As you’re driving around Bahrain, you might have come across a classic yellow school bus painted black, with a large Gastro St. painted on its sides. What’s cool is you can choose to eat your food in their pop-up tables and chairs outdoors, or dine inside the bus!

Gastro Street serves a variety of starters, burgers, hot dogs, fries and creative dessert-y drinks like cake-shakes!

The back of the bus is closed off and is where all the delicious cooking happens. The rest of the bus is furnished with booths giving a retro diner feel to it.

Terminal Burger

06-ds-march-2017-80-92-9Tel: +973-17600077
Location: Marassi Beach, Rd. No. 3469, Diyar Al Muharraq, Manama

Apart from their dine-in restaurant in Riffa, Terminal Burger can also be found on Marassi Beach in a stationary food truck. Their menus are designed like boarding passes with their burger types named as destinations such as New York, Beirut or even Milano. They even wrap the burgers with baggage tags, completing the whole “going on a trip” feeling.

La Creperie

06-ds-march-2017-80-92-15Tel: +973-32243222
Instagram: lacreperie_bh
Location: Marassi Beach, Rd. No. 3469, Diyar Al Muharraq, Manama

Had your Terminal burger and looking for something sweet? Hit up that bright blue food truck nearby, serving a creative selection of sweet and savory crepes as well as milkshakes. They even provide options to create your own crepes or milkshakes from the wide array of ingredients they have available.


Global Wheels

Bike-touring Bahrain with Hessa Al Rumaihi.

Tell us about your initiative.

When I graduated from university three years ago, I came back to Bahrain and just felt disconnected for a good six months. A friend and I went to Oman on a camping trip and we loved the tour guides.

So, we came up with the concept of giving people unique experiences rather than conventional tours. Being led by a local of the area offers a whole different experience. We started with Bahrain, recently expanded to Dubai and hope to spread out globally.

globalwheels_bahrain_2017_ts-11How did you start organizing bicycle tours?
My friends and I live in Jasra and we would often meet up on our bikes, cycling to beautiful places close by. When I told people on Instagram that all the pictures I post were in Bahrain, they’d never believe me! So, I thought, why not share these experiences with everyone and show them first-hand?globalwheels_bahrain_2017_ts-9

Tell us about Global Wheels.
I started off with bikes I used to borrow from my dad, neighbors and friends. The bikes weren’t the best quality and constantly needed maintenance. Eventually, I saved up and, with my dad’s financing and my first pay check, I was able to buy good quality bikes and gear.

I had three to five tours in the first year, 20 in the second year, and, since October last year, I have already led eight tours. Every year it’s been growing so much just by word of mouth.globalwheels_bahrain_2017_ts-13

What do your tours consist of?
In each tour, I cover nature, culture and heritage while at the same time trying to promote healthy living and eco-friendliness. I also organize a picnic, which includes fresh fruits, nuts and sandwiches from Al Osra (one of our sponsors) as well as Arabic coffee and tea from my home. Additionally, part of the tour involves picking up vegetables from an organic farm.globalwheels_bahrain_2017_ts-3

What is your inspiration?
My main inspiration was actually the character from the Saudi film, “Wadjda.” A 10-year-old girl that goes against all odds and discouragement to pursue her dream of owning and riding a bike.

Instagram: global.wheels


The Artist in Me

A journey to discovering the artist within.

Artist: Nada Alawi

Location: Rd. no. 2825, Seef Mall, Bahrain

“Our region has a lot of beautiful, thought-provoking, and stunning art to share. We have so much to say, so much which is not being communicated properly. The idea behind Annada is to communicate this art through the powerful medium of fashion and lifestyle.”scarf

Launched in 2011 as the brainchild between Nada Alawi and her sister Noor, Annada are always on the lookout for new artists. They look for artwork that translates well onto textiles and lifestyle items while aiming at covering as many art-styles as possible. They print on a variety of scarves from silks to cashmeres, on the silk lining of leather jackets and on traditional paper products.Annada_Bahrain_2017-3

Alawi’s’s main source of inspiration is art, followed immediately by the women in her life: “I am surrounded by independent, ambitious, and successful women all the time and that gives me something to aspire to.”

Musician: Iban Perret

dudeInstagram: ibantuta
Facebook: ibantuta

Iban Perret, known as Ibantuta, is a Bahrain-based musician born in the French Basque Country.

He travels the world with a particular mission that lives at the heart of his style: the exploration of foreign cultures through the discovery of their music, melodies and instruments. Today, Ibantuta resonates most with the Middle-Eastern oud, which he learned and honed his craft in at the prestigious “Beit el Oud” in Abu Dhabi. He continues to study under the guidance of his teacher and renowned oud-player, Saad Mahmoud Jawad.Ibantuta_Bahrain_2017_TS-07

Ibantuta has a strong presence in Bahrain’s music scene as co-founder of the bands Aalaat and Musicians Without Borders. In 2016, he released his first music video “Ayam Zaman” that won prizes in several short movie film festivals across the world. Shot in a traditional house in Muharraq, the video a celebration of the exchange between cultures, as represented by the dialogue between the instruments.

Artist: Karima Sharabi

Karima_Bahrain_2017_TS-3Instagram: karimasart / thegenerouslighco

Karima Sharabi’s encounter with calligraphy began when a friend asked her to write his daughter’s name in Arabic. Although her Arabic is not very strong, my imagery has always been quite fluid and so the flow of calligraphy came quite naturally to me.” The design she presented him was one that encompassed his journey in life, adding the personal touch he was looking for.Karima_Bahrain_2017-5

In 2015, Sharabi partnered with creative director Noora Al Zain and together they founded The Generous Light Co. Our company is about spreading light and positivity through knowledge and art. We sell gift items, each of which has a meaning and a story behind them.”

Sharabi’s artwork is presented on tattoo designs, jewelry, t-shirts, mugs, bags and adhesive tattoos. In addition, she does larger commissioned pieces of artwork for individual clients.Karima_Bahrain_2017-2

Inspired by the writings of mostly eastern spiritualists like Hafiz, Rumi and Khalil Gibran, as well as Native American leaders, Sharabi’s biggest inspiration comes from her clients and their stories of struggle and success. The fact that we all have similar stories of struggle and strength and we are all so much more connected than we really know is extremely beautiful and humbling.”

Artist: Ayda Noor

HerArtGallery_Bahrain_2017_TS-6Instagram: her_art_gallery
Location: Rd No 3206, A’ali, Bahrain

Although Ayda Noor had a promising career in human resources, she craved to fill what was missing in her life. “I realized that if I wanted to do something and be successful in it, I should be passionate about it. Otherwise it wouldn’t last.” She started painting and reignited the love she had for art.jar

Initially, Noor started painting teacups. She displayed her work on Instagram and saw an interest from people all over the GCC. “It was important for me to present people with something that was unique and not an imitation. With time, I realized that I liked painting traditional women, and that is what I started painting on my items.”HerArtGallery_Bahrain_2017_TS-10

Followed by her success on Instagram, Noor quit her job and launched “Her Art Gallery” in Riyadat Mall, selling a diverse collection of personally-painted gift items such as teacups, coffee cups, and various household items.


The Art Therapy Center

Healing through the power of art.

Dalal Al Sindi is a trained and qualified art therapist, with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts and a masters’ in art therapy. She is also the founder of the Art Therapy Center in Bahrain.

Share a brief about yourself.

Well, once I qualified as an art therapist from Hertfordshire University, I started giving lectures about art therapy in Bahrain, Qatar and UAE and worked as an art therapist in the King Fahad Medical City’s Rehabilitation Hospital with patients with various mental, psychological and physical difficulties. From then on, I continued art therapy with various client groups in several facilities in Bahrain, culminating with the opportunity to open up the first and only art therapy practice in Bahrain.ArtTherapyCenter_Bahrain_2017_TS-3What is art therapy?

Art therapy is a profession that combines both psychotherapy and the creative process of art. In art therapy, the client is given an active part by taking the role of the artistic creator. Therefore, the client is able to express themselves through the art-making process in a safe environment. (Ultram) ArtTherapyCenter_Bahrain_2017_TS-2What inspires you?

My inspiration comes from the power of art and its healing properties. This led me to start the practice in Bahrain where art is appreciated and the society now is able to understand psychotherapy and its branches such as music therapy and drama therapy. Art therapy offers an alternative way for healing, which takes away the stigma about psychotherapy in the Middle East, breaking the boundary usually present in our culture.

What gives you the most satisfaction about your work?

The client and their artwork, as well as the unique challenges that come with every case are my main motivating factors in the field. The relationship of clients with art and therapy constantly changes, which I find fascinating!

Is there anything you would want people to know about art therapy?ArtTherapyCenter_Bahrain_2017_TS-1

Yes. Art therapy is a non-intrusive form of therapy that focuses on your creative mind, which is used when faced with a situation that concerns emotions and thoughts. It uses art mediums and the art therapist to effect change in a person’s life. That change is evident with clients that respond to art and have the ability to face their external images and internal issues.

Tel: +973-33486060
Email: /


When Life Gives You Lemons

Indulge in food, drink and the sweet things in life!

  • Chicken Tagine

A zesty chicken slow cooked in a traditional clay pot makes this dish melt in your mouth. It’s the epitome of Moroccan cuisine!

DS Recommends Marrakesh Restaurant at the Crown Plaza.

  • Orange Chicken

The sweet tartness of oranges magnified with hint of spices makes this the most exotic fried chicken you’ll ever try.

DS Recommends Bamboo Kitchen.

  • Chipotle Lime-Crusted Salmon

Get ready for a tangy lime fiesta in your mouth!

DS Recommends Applebee’s.

  • Lemon Meringue Pie

Slightly tart with a fluffy cloud of toasted sweet meringue; a perfect way to compliment an afternoon tea.

DS Recommends Paul Bakery.

  • Poppy Seed and Lemon Cake

The added kick to a perfectly sweet but sour pound cake.

DS Recommends Vanilla Patissiere.

  • Key Lime Pie

The aroma and taste of key limes enrich this pie and makes you savor every bite.

DS Recommends Outback Steakhouse.

  • Lemon and Basil Frappe

We know how common Lemon and mint is, but have you tried lemon and basil? The aromatic scent of basil mixed with blended ice and lemons is out of this world!

DS Recommends Piatto.

  • Dark Chocolate with Orange

Orange and chocolate! Yes, they combine magically. It may be an acquired taste, but it will make you wonder why you ever settled for plain chocolate.

DS Recommends Lindt Intense Orange from supermarkets everywhere.


Home Sweeter Home

Unique and beautiful accessories to jazz up any house.

Innovation Themes

Screen-Shot-2016-08-17-at-10.43.48-AMInnovation Themes captures your heart as soon as you enter through their glass-paned doors and become mesmerized by their collection of home accessories, fun furniture and kitchen tchotchkes.

Accessory themes vary wildly from contemporary modern to rustic cottage, but their super helpful staff will guide you every step of the way to exactly the items you want.

By the way, Innovation Themes’ latest branch at the Galleria Mall has a coffee house on the second floor serving delicious desserts, sandwiches and beverages. Shop and sip is the only way to go!

Locations: Avenue 13, Saar Mall / Galleria Mall, Abdurrahman Jassim Kanoo Ave. / Shaikh Salman Highway, Khamis
Tel: Saar +973-17770313 / Khamis: +973-17260099
Instagram: innovation_furniture
Snapchat: Innovationbh


HomeGiftsInnovation_Bahrain_2016_TS-2Pachachic was established when its owners, Fajer and Nouf Al Pachachi, decided they wanted to furnish their homes but couldn’t find any store with the shabby-chic style they were looking for.

They offer a variety of home décor items such as teapots, mugs, plates, cake stands, quilts and many more accessories to spruce up your abode. Most of their accessories are from different parts of the world but a decent variety is uniquely created in Bahrain.

Pachachic also offers an event-planning service where they rent out some of their collections for themed events, including baby or bridal showers.

Location: Seef Mall (Gate 10), Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Hwy, Seef
Tel: +973-77747474
Instagram: pachachic


Recently launched Suray has a unique collection of home accessories, kitchen products and decorative items straight from Turkey. Suray’s owners pride themselves for their special collaboration with a talented painter from Turkey who provides them with exclusive painted wooden pieces.

Their products range from colorful Turkish teacups, hand-embroidered towels and hand-painted trays to breadboxes, serving dishes, Ottoman silk tablecloths and breakfast sets.

Instagram: surayhomes


Special Education

No child is left behind in the community.

Alia Primary School

Alia Primary School

Alia Primary School

Alia Primary School’s Early Intervention Program is designed to support children with physical, behavioral or emotional needs such as those that have autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and cystic fibrosis. Apart from an academic curriculum, the program focuses on critical language skills, functional activities, socialization and initiation and generalization of learned skills. Their 3:1 teacher to student ratio gives students the special care they need to learn and demonstrate skills in a natural setting.

Location: Building 5, Rd. 1015, Block 611, Al Hamriyah
Tel: +973-17737377

Children’s Academy

The Children’s Academy provides children with mild to moderate learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, speech and language delay and low levels of concentration with an educational program based on the British National Curriculum. It provides individualized education in a caring environment full of academic and therapeutic support.

Location: Wali AlAhd Hwy, Hamala
Tel: +973-17613234

Bahrain Institute for Special Education (BISE)

BISE is a non-profit facility catering to children with learning difficulties and special needs such as dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), as well as those with a range of emotional and physical needs.

The services they offer to the community start from evaluating and diagnosing a special needs individual to educating and offering consultancy sessions to family members. Their main goal is the inclusion of children with special needs into mainstream educational programs.

Location: Avenue 28, Al Suwaifiyah
Tel: +973-17556613

RIA Institute

RIA_Bahrain_GRASSWith a bilingual curriculum, RIA institute caters to all students of younger ages, including those with special emotional, intellectual and physical needs. They work closely with students’ families, involving them in the process to build the best educational path suitable for each child. Apart from a brain gym and music and movement classes, RIA has a vast curriculum of math and social, environment and computer studies.

Location: Rd. 2619, Manama
Email: /
Tel: +973-17716871


For the Love of Food

We’ve curated the best menu for your full day out in Bahrain.


The Orangery Tearoom and Patisserie – Belgian Waffles

We start our quest for great food with breakfast at The Orangery. With their contemporary décor, tantalizing pastries on display and their beautifully painted teacups and teapots, Orangery catches the eye the moment we step in. It’s a journey across the world.

We scan through the menu and are fixated on Proper Belgian Waffles. Served with mascarpone cream, fresh strawberries, and either Nutella or compote, this breakfast combination is pure satisfaction for the taste buds.

Instagram: orangeryme
Location: Shaikh Isa Ave., Block 338, Manama
Tel: +973-17369696


Roma – Salad and PastaForTheLoveOfFoodLunch_Bahrain_2016_TS-1

For lunch, we make our way to our favorite Italian restaurant. Roma has one of the most authentic Italian cuisines that we’ve found in town. The aura is relaxing and pleasant and the servers are friendly and eager to please.

As we carefully go through the menu, they serve us complimentary olive paste and salsa with slices of freshly baked bread. We order an antipasti of rocca salad combined with cherry tomatoes, strawberries and asparagus. For our pasta dish, we went traditional with a very delicious Lasagne San Petronio. Layers of fresh homemade pasta, minced Angus meat, creamy tomato sauce and cheese; this lasagna makes our hearts sing along with the Italian music in the background.

Location: Road 3912, Block 339, Manama
Tel: +973-17725885


Frangipani – Grilled Salmon Maki ForTheLoveOfFoodDinner_Bahrain_2016_TS-3

After gorging on a hearty breakfast and light lunch, it’s time to cap the trifecta off with the perfect sushi dinner. Frangipani has quite a modern look to it thanks to its wooden tables and orange chairs.

Their menu is your standard Japanese fare of tempuras, tepanyakis, makis and sushis, all of which you can find at the various Japanese restaurants in Bahrain. However, no one makes Grilled Salmon Maki better than Frangipani. The flakey grilled salmon rolled in rice is blanketed with tempura flakes and topped with special sauce. One set was definitely not enough, so we kept those orders coming in till we sighed with contentment.

Locations: Oman Ave., Manama / Seef Mall, Shaikh Khalifa Highway
Tel.: +973-77300777 / +973-17582422


Food for Life

Three women with an exquisite eye for food.

Food Consultant: Muneera Al Mannai

So you want to invest in a restaurant business but you don’t know where to start. Don’t fret! That’s where Muneera Al Mannai, founder of FoodTalk Consulting, comes in. With her know-how, connections and experience, Al Mannai can plan everything for you from A to Z.

“I’ve loved cooking ever since I was young,” said Al Mannai. “Growing up, I was always with my grandmother in the kitchen.” However, since it was rare to pursue a career in the culinary arts at the time, she didn’t have the motivation or support to follow her passion.

After majoring in Business, Al Mannai worked at her family’s events company as an event manager. “I noticed I was more interested in the buffet area, buffet table, food and menus. Thats when I decided to study the culinary arts.”

She started training at the Gulf Hotel kitchens peeling, chopping and doing the usual grunt work. She then went to Switzerland to study Culinary Management and International Cuisine. “That was the program that opened the door to consultancy,” said Al Mannai. “They taught us about cost control, how to run the kitchen, how to do the layout and setup, purchasing and everything else in between.” Her education lasted a year followed by a 6-month internship at a prestigious restaurant in a 5-star hotel in Zurich.

Upon returning to Bahrain, Al Mannai’s consultancy work began right away and she gained momentum and recognition in the food sector, providing a range of services that currently include recipe and menu management, culinary training, business development, computerized documentation and recipe management.

Tel: +973-35113311

Food Photographer and Stylist: Tuba Saricimen FoodStylist_Sharqiya_2016_TS-1

How did you get into this field?
These came hand in hand for me. I always wanted to publish my mother’s recipes and I felt I could do something special with her cookbook. Besides, who best to present my mother’s food than someone that has an intimate passion for it? I started a food blog knowing that it would give me a bit of experience writing and documenting recipes, and, of course, photographing and styling.

Did you study photography and styling?
I attended a few workshops and comprehensive courses, but I also read a lot and practiced at every opportunity. I never thought I had a creative bone in me until I undertook this career path.

Who have you worked with recently?
I’ve worked for quite a few restaurants in Bahrain that were refreshing their menus or were interested in social media exposure. These include Isfahani, Big Smoke Burger, Millions of Milkshakes and Bluefield Burgers.RamadhanIndulgences_Bahrain_2016_TS-(02)

The hardest part about food photography?
The hardest part is understanding what a new client is looking for. I usually like to go to the venue to understand my restrictions and what props and items I need to bring along. Lighting is always a challenge.

What advice would you give someone new to the business?
Attend workshops, take courses and read as much as you can. Network because that’s your best tool for marketing. Most importantly, practice as much as you can. Practice matching colors, putting props together, using light to your advantage and using a DSLR with all of its features. Practice practice practice!

Instagram: tubography
Tel: +973-39789330


Food Photographer and Stylist: Amal Omarpicture-AMal

 When and how did you get into this field?
About two years ago. At first, I would simply use my phone camera for photography and capturing special moments. Then I started getting into styling the shots and being more precise with it and I noticed how people were amazed by how beautiful my pictures were. They couldn’t believe they were taken by a phone camera. This encouraged me to expand, buy a professional camera and do more of what I love.

Have you taken any photography classes?
I had never thought of taking any classes actually. This was my hobby, so I read a lot about it and watch YouTube videos to learn from others and hone my skills.

Would you recommend anyone to take it up as full-time work?
Definitely. I hadn’t considered doing it at first, but having it as my hobby for so long encouraged me to take a chance and make it my full-time job, and I love every minute of it.image6

What restaurants have you worked with recently?
I’ve worked with Pink Box, Sala Bakery, Just Fresh Burger, AlSayyad AlBahry, Sufra and many others.

What is the hardest part about food and styling photography?
It would have to be coming up with unique ideas every time.

Is there any local or international photographer you like?
That would be Mohammed Al Munasif. I love his work.

Any tips for a better photo?
Two things to always watch out for: good lighting and good angles.

What advice would you give someone interested in this field?
Keep these two words in mind: Patience and confidence. Also, never listen to those who discourage you.

Instagram: i.amal1