Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Let’s Have a Tea Party

Let’s Have a Tea Party

We’re having a tea party and everyone’s invited!

Red Velvet Cake

Soft, moist and absolutely melt-in-the mouth delicious, we can officially crown the red velvet cake as our guest of honor.

Instagram: pastel_sa

French Pastries (macarons, fruit tarts, mille-feuille, éclairs)

Not tea party is complete without a beautiful collection of delicate French pastries filled with velvety pastry cream.

Instagram: madeleineksa


Crispy, syrupy and packed with the most fragrant pistachios, these Turkish baklavas add a Levantine touch to the party.

Instagram: Kunefeci_ksa


It could be challenging to get whole cakes in different flavors that satisfy all our guests, so that’s where yummy cupcakes of all kinds and frostings come in.

Instagram: ovanabakery


How can anyone say no to these cool, slightly tangy, sweet and creamy delights? With all the various toppings, it’s hard not to find one you like.

Instagram: herbel_tea_cafe

Carrot Cake

Carrots, fragrant cinnamon, walnuts and sweet cream cheese frosting make this cake so rich and moist and a staple of any event.

Instagram: herbel_tea_cafe

Mini Savories

Complement all the sweetness with some mini savories, such as sandwiches, croissants and savory tartlets!

Instagram: savorbakery

 Teas (Earl Grey, Chamomile, Red Tea, Hibuscus, Green Tea, Mint Tea)

What’s a tea party without perfectly-brewed tea to refresh you? Brewing tea leaves from scratch may take a bit longer than teabags, but the wait is definitely worth it.

Instagram: teaclub_official


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