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Ramadan Indulgences


We present you with the most famous Ramadan food cravings.

In this month of fasting, we think about food more than any other month! Here’s a mouth-watering list of our favorite iftar delicacies.

Spring rolls and sambosa: These duos are the venerable hosts of any iftar table. No matter what your culture and background is, your table is not complete without them.

Onion fritters with tamarind chutney: Crispy, rich, spicy and absolutely delicious fritters. Dip them in sweet and sour chutney, close your eyes and savor the heavenly taste.

Fatta: No matter what you make it with, the cooling yogurt accompanied by crunchy fried pita bread and toasted pine nuts is what will keep you coming back for more.

Lentil Soup: Warm, thick and nutritious, a soup is just what you need to ease your fasting tummy into indulging again.

Baked eggs with vegetables: Don’t know what to have for iftar? No worries! Baked eggs with veggies is not just light, filling and nutritious, but can be whipped up in a jiffy!

Thareed: Traditional bread softened in meat and vegetable stew may be just what you need to quiet down your hungry tummy.

Harees: For the GCC, harees is a staple Ramadan dish. Prepared with wheat and meat and beaten to a consistency of porridge, it’s not just easy on the stomach but also packed with nutrition.

Fruit salad: Sweet and cooling, a fruit salad is the full stop at the end of a meal. You don’t want to have anything after it.

Luqaimat: You could be into chocolates or cakes, but in Ramadan, these crunchy fried syrupy dumplings are probably what you’ll be craving.

Vimto: This is the unofficial drink of Ramadan. Say Vimto and the first thing that comes to mind is iftar.

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