Dining with a Clear Conscience

Eating and making a difference at the same time.

Villa Mamas

Eating great food and contributing to society at the same time may seem far-fetched, but Villa Mamas is making that happen. With their numerous social responsibility initiatives in place, Villa Mamas leaves their guests with a clear conscience and a satisfied belly! Some of the incredible projects that they’ve initiated are:

  • Donating leftover food to an animal shelter.
  • Using leftover coffee as a fertilizer in their garden.
  • Selling used oil to mechanics for use in their garages.
  • Repurposing clean placemats as notepads for the servers.
  • Repurposing ketchup bottles to store spices.
  • Using shredded paper as bedding for gift baskets.
  • Donating jams to charities.

They’re currently planning to purchase a machine that composts waste products and then use that compost as fertilizer for their farm.

Villa Mamas offers an innovative twist to traditional food that leaves the taste buds content and happy. Their tahchin, a Persian rice cake delight, comes with pilaf rice, saffron-infused berries and juicy chicken.

Meanwhile, their Royal Tagine is a slow-cooked baby chicken stuffed with aromatic rice and a mixture of cranberries, cherries, mixed raisins and nuts. It truly adds the “royal” element to this classic Moroccan dish.

Tel: +973-17305031
Web: villamamas.com
Instagram: villamamas
Email: info@villamamas.com
Location: Near Saar Cineplex, Rd. No. 3374, Al Markh, Bahrain

Blissful Temptations

Blissful Temptations is a café located in Riyadat Mall, a mall established by Princess Sabeeka as an incubator to empower and support women who are starting on their path of entrepreneurship. The support includes low rental fees, accounting and advisory services, conferences and meeting rooms and an incubation period of three years.

Blissful Temptations took advantage of this offer and now present a tasty collection of cookies, cakes and many more delicious edibles. Whether you choose to dine in their pastel-colored setting, hire them to cater a function, or merely drop by to pick up a treat on the go, it’s impossible not to get tempted.

For a light lunch, you simply must try the goat cheese sandwich, served with a crunchy green apple salad and potato chips and pair it with a piping hot cup of coffee. The proverbial icing on the cake: enjoying your meal while knowing you’re helping a local entrepreneur reach her dreams!

Tel: +973-17217079
Instagram: blissfultemptations
Email: blissfultemptations.orders@gmail.com
Location: Riyadat Mall, Rd. No. 3206, A’ali

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