Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Explore Bahrain

Explore Bahrain

So much to do, so little time!

Tree of life

TreeofLife_Bahrain_2016_TS-(02)Somewhere in the middle of the harsh desert stands a 4.75-meter tall, 400-year-old, prosopis cineraria tree. It seems almost miraculous to see this healthy tree with large branches and green leaves and no apparent source of water nearby. Attracting thousands of visitors a year, the tree has been named the Tree of Life due to its perseverance in such a severe environment.

Location: West of Jaww and Al Dur, Southern Governorate, Bahrain
Tel: +973-39475566

Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve

AlAreenWildlife_Bahrain_2016_TS-(08)Home to 82 bird species, 25 plant species and 45 types of mammals, Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve is a one-of–a-kind means of wildlife conservation and protection in the region. Guests can walk around the park to check out the flora and fauna, or they can take a bus-tour to view the numerous endangered animals in their natural habitat.

Entrance Fee: Adult 1 BHD / Children age 3–12: 500 Fils
Location: Next to Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park, Gulf of Bahrain Ave., Southern Governorate, Bahrain
Tel: +973-17845480

Arad Bay

The beautiful Arad Bay is a great weekend getaway for those who want to enjoy nature, shopping and history.

The main landmark is Arad Fort, built in the 15th century in a similar style to Islamic forts, before the Portuguese invasion of Bahrain. Being one of the most important fortified castles of Bahrain, Arad Fort was built in a strategic location overlooking the sea passages of Muharraq Island. It was used as a defensive fortress during the 16th-19th centuries.

Just around the fort area you can find a public park, an amphitheater and Seef Mall Muharraq, home to great dining, shopping and Bahrain’s very first IMAX theatre.

The public park by the waterfront is the perfect spot to relax, have a walk or enjoy a picnic with the family. After shopping at the mall, guests can sit in a café or on the green grass of the park and sip coffee as they watch the glorious sunset.

Entrance Fee to Arad Fort: 1 BHD
Location: Rd. No. 4233, Hidd, Bahrain



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