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Stop Consuming & Start Creating!

The key ingredients to being successful on YouTube.

With over three years of intensive research under his belt and a lifetime of gaming, YouTuber and gamer Mohammed AlKhajah (aka Niflick) shared his insight into the world of professional YouTubing.

“Before thinking about the business aspect of a YouTube channel, you have to be passionate about the content you’re thinking of creating,” said Niflick. “It’s going to need a lot of research, motivation and a whole lot of work.”

According to Niflick, the top factors that will put a YouTuber on the road to success are as follows:

Connecting With Your Community

Every channel is a community. You create content to connect and engage with your community and this helps you grow on YouTube.

With gamers, commentary full of excitement and fun is what keeps that connection with their viewers. Find out what works for your area of interest and work towards it.


Before starting your channel, do your research to know the equipment you need in order to create content in your area of interest. For gamers like Niflick, the most important piece would be a game capture device.

Niflick Recommends:

  • Game capture device: Elgato HD 60

  • Computer: Strong enough to play PC games at a high FPS

  • Camcorder: Canon Vixia

  • Microphone: Blue Yeti

Technical skills

Editing: Editing style depends on personal preference. Think of the editing style you want your content to have and learn how to obtain the outcome you’re looking for. Practicing editing and learning the editing software inside and out is key to making the editing process painless.

Niflick Recommends:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC

  • Audacity

Search Engine Optimization: YouTube uses algorithms and compiles its searches over many factors such as keywords, watch time, audience retention and engagement. The only thing a content creator can control are the keywords, be it in the title, description or tags. Learning how to write keywords are vital to being ranked well by YouTube.

Consistency: Whether you upload a video a week or two videos a day, consistency is essential. The more consistent you are, the more YouTube promotes you. In addition, you give subscribers a reason and a time to come back to your channel.

“Whatever path you choose for your channel, having fun is key,” urged Niflick. “If you’re not going to have fun through those long hard hours, you’re not going to be able to stay motivated.”

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