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Being Socially Responsible

Giving back to the community in countless ways.

By Tuba Saricimen

Feed the Need
Feed the Need is an initiative that was launched by Michelle Bailey with one aim in mind, to feed those who are in need. The idea came to her when she saw a photograph of a refrigerator placed outside a house in Riyadh to feed the hungry.


In just two years, her website and 10,000-strong Facebook group has led to 20 refrigerators being placed in key locations around Bahrain. The refrigerators offer free food to those in need thanks to generous volunteers that regularly donate items such as long-life milk, eggs, cooking oil and bags of rice.
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Arab Youth Climate Movement
With the effect of climate change as a major issue worldwide and an urgent one regionally, the Arab Youth Climate Movement (AYCM) was established in 2012 in the MENA region followed by the establishment of its Bahrain chapter.

The main purpose of the AYCM is to raise awareness on climate change and to educate people on what they could do in order to lead sustainable lives, thereby making the world a better and cleaner place.


Since their establishment, the AYCM has conducted awareness lectures, launched a citizen science program that encourages people to make observations of different species within their ecosystem and directed Bahrain Fort’s management to account for climate change in order to better preserve the fort.

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Ayadi Relief
A group of Bahrainis came together in 2010 with the vision of making a difference in the world and formed the first relief organization in Bahrain. Ayadi Relief officially launched in 2013 to provide relief, awareness and rehabilitation to poverty-stricken countries around the world. Its name, (Ayadi means hands in Arabic), emphasizes the importance of a helping hand whether it is through volunteering or donating. The organization has no set boundaries when it comes to specialization, age or faith.


Covering its overhead using alternative means, Ayadi Relief invests 100% of all its donations directly into ongoing projects and humanitarian campaigns, including constructing houses, schools, medical clinics and water wells; providing emergency relief to disaster-affected areas; offering aid to numerous refugee camps and organizing awareness trips and events.
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