Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Home Sweeter Home

Home Sweeter Home

Unique and beautiful accessories to jazz up any house.

Innovation Themes

Screen-Shot-2016-08-17-at-10.43.48-AMInnovation Themes captures your heart as soon as you enter through their glass-paned doors and become mesmerized by their collection of home accessories, fun furniture and kitchen tchotchkes.

Accessory themes vary wildly from contemporary modern to rustic cottage, but their super helpful staff will guide you every step of the way to exactly the items you want.

By the way, Innovation Themes’ latest branch at the Galleria Mall has a coffee house on the second floor serving delicious desserts, sandwiches and beverages. Shop and sip is the only way to go!

Locations: Avenue 13, Saar Mall / Galleria Mall, Abdurrahman Jassim Kanoo Ave. / Shaikh Salman Highway, Khamis
Tel: Saar +973-17770313 / Khamis: +973-17260099
Instagram: innovation_furniture
Snapchat: Innovationbh


HomeGiftsInnovation_Bahrain_2016_TS-2Pachachic was established when its owners, Fajer and Nouf Al Pachachi, decided they wanted to furnish their homes but couldn’t find any store with the shabby-chic style they were looking for.

They offer a variety of home décor items such as teapots, mugs, plates, cake stands, quilts and many more accessories to spruce up your abode. Most of their accessories are from different parts of the world but a decent variety is uniquely created in Bahrain.

Pachachic also offers an event-planning service where they rent out some of their collections for themed events, including baby or bridal showers.

Location: Seef Mall (Gate 10), Shaikh Khalifa bin Salman Hwy, Seef
Tel: +973-77747474
Instagram: pachachic


Recently launched Suray has a unique collection of home accessories, kitchen products and decorative items straight from Turkey. Suray’s owners pride themselves for their special collaboration with a talented painter from Turkey who provides them with exclusive painted wooden pieces.

Their products range from colorful Turkish teacups, hand-embroidered towels and hand-painted trays to breadboxes, serving dishes, Ottoman silk tablecloths and breakfast sets.

Instagram: surayhomes


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