What’s the “Deal” with Saudi National Day?

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The best special offers on the Saudi National Day!

Airlines Offerssaudi-national-day-landing-page-large-en


Flynas prices are almost too good to be true. Offers  apply to domestic, direct one-way flights and exclude weekends. Offer ends on September 22nd.

Check all prices here.076df566-1793-4dab-bea9-d58413ddd537-original


The newest cost-effective airlines are ready to operate. Offers are only until September 30th and tickets bought must be used by October 31st.

Check as all prices here.

Shop Till You Drop



Shop till your mouse can’t take it no more.

Click to be WOWed.


Sayidati Mall

You can shop AND avoid all the mall busyness.

Click to start shopping.

Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia

Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia

Michael Kors

Celebration of National Day! Enjoy up to 23%discounts on selected items at all Michael Kors branches. The offer is valid until Sept. 24.


Han Bazaar

There’s a huge discount on products by Saudi designers, from Septmber 28 to 30.

For more information, call +966-556606333
Instagram: han_bazaar
Click here for their location.

Local Pampering

Photo Credit: press.fourseasons.com

Photo Credit: press.fourseasons.com

Four Seasons Hotel

Located at the Kingdom Tower, watch the fireworks in the night sky – they’re offering attractive prices.
For more information, call +966-11-2115888 or +966-11-2115500.


Al Faisaliah Hotel

Stay three nights, pay for two. They’re lighting up the hotel in the Saudi flag’s colors and are offering complementary drinks and desserts.

For more information, call +966-11-2732000

Photo Credit: bathandbodyworks.com

Photo Credit: bathandbodyworks.com

Bath and Body Works

Get selected Body Care at SAR 20 and Hand Soaps at SAR 15. This offer is valid till 25th Sept.

Dining Celebrations


Lord of the Wings KSA

Get 6 pieces of boneless chicken wings for free. All you have to do is order the National Day Special. Wallahi it’s real! You’ve only got till September 23rd.

Click here for their location.

Photo Credit: theshazworld.com

Photo Credit: theshazworld.com


Buy any item on their menu and get the second one for free. This offer is available until September 23rd. Don’t forget to tag them in your #PAULmoments for a chance to be featured on their page.

Check out their menu over here.



Choose anything from the grill menu and get another item for free. This offer is available for dine-in only.

Check out their menu here.

Tell us about other offers that you come across in the comments!


A Luxurious Treasure


Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam keeps history alive.

The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam is the sole luxury hotel located on the UNESCO world heritage protected banks of the city’s grandest canal, the Herengracht – which is Dutch for ‘the Gentleman’s canal.’ It is surrounded by a breathtaking canal and garden views, and gives you a tranquil escape from the busy city owing to its private garden.

This opulent hotel is located only 2.8 km away from Amsterdam Central Train station and 16 km away from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport – nothing you should worry about, as you get exclusive transport services from the hotel.courtyard-garden-3

When you book your accommodation at the Waldorf Astoria, you are assigned your very own, personal concierge, who is dedicated to fulfill all your wishes before, during and after your stay. Their promise to you is a memorable, exceptional experience that includes unparalleled access to VIP transport, private museum tours, exclusive theater tickets and special dining arrangements.

But that’s only if you can bear to leave the hotel. Be ready to return to the Golden Age, with paintings by Johannes Vermeer who’s famous for The Girl with a Pearl Earring on display at the Waldorf Astoria. Offering a serene experience, the hotel welcomes maximum natural light thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, which will leave you mesmerized.  wa-lobby

The luxurious hotel breathes a story of Dutch history. It is comprised of six town houses, each with its own enchanting tale that takes you back to the 17th and 18th centuries, when these houses were built. You also have the choice from 93 rooms and lofts, all decorated with only the finest of fabrics, fittings and furniture.

During your stay, you can enjoy 24-hour in-room dining, or you can indulge in their 3 restaurants. The Waldorf Astoria prides itself with its fine dining restaurant, Librije’s Zusje Amsterdam, which was awarded two Michelin stars only 7 months after its opening. This is the first award in the Netherlands granted to a new restaurant and a new team.librijes-zusje-young-mackerel

Close your eyes and let yourself go in the safe hands of a sensorial spa experience at Guerlain Spa, an unparalleled Waldorf Astoria and Guerlain collaboration. We’re talking cutting edge treatments, sophisticated relaxation areas overlooking the hotel’s private gardens, and a heated indoor pool.librijes-zusje-sweet-taco

People across the world have flocked Waldorf Astoria for its legendary service, which has earned it a variety of prestigious awards every year since it first opened in 2014. Whoever has wondered what it’s like to time travel with class – look no further. Your answer is right at the Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam.king-loft

Location: Herengracht, Asmterdam
Tel: +31-207184600
Web: waldorfastoria3.hilton.com
Instagram: waldorfastoria


One Saudi Woman’s Empowering Journey Through Art!


People will never forget how you made them feel.

Dana Eshki is a young Saudi fine artist. She says: “I don’t want to be an artist; I want to do something that will change the way the country thinks. I would like to contribute in simple ways.”

Eshki began drawing and coloring as a teenager, when “it was only a way to release energy.” Her mother played a core role. Eshki defines a mother as someone who “wants you to be you” and opens the possibility for that. It all started when her mom handed her the key to success i.e. a studio and Eshki knew exactly what to do with it.


Her first experience with colors was when she painted the walls of her room by herself, in a time when DIY’s did not exist. “It just happened, it was a feeling.” She acknowledges the finishing was flawed; nonetheless, when she took a step back and looked at her work, she noticed how pretty the feeling of the colors was.

As days went by, her skills improved and her feelings are clearly visible in her paintings. It’s like you look at her piece and you can feel her exact emotions at the time of painting. Crazy, isn’t it? And that’s probably what will make her an advocate of change.

As Maya Angelou once said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” 


And then she did something super empowering. She began painting female portraits on canvas. These portraits had a powerful message to tell. But it doesn’t stop there. She cut the edges of the canvas and sowed the pieces to the back of abayas.

“You can’t imagine the feeling when someone appreciates your piece,” she expresses. Eshki has received both positive and negative comments for her work. Some people have asked her “why do you interfere in politics and why do you paint like this?” But it isn’t people that keep her going – it’s the realm of art which makes her feel alive.

Check out Dana Eshki’s  Instagram: dana.eshki

Do you have a passion that you’re so attached to? One that helps you feel alive? Tell us about it by commenting.


We Are All Insane


An exclusive with Aml Al Harbi.

Who is Aml Al Harbi?
“I am a human being,” preferring not to categorize herself in any way. Life, she says, has kicked her out. So she has become an external observer, who will not return to the world that has rejected her. Arguing that we have an overload of information, she seeks new thoughts, beyond the boring masks we wear every day.

And in order to compensate for the oxygen she has inhaled all the time she spent thinking, her output will be to talk about mental illness and give voice to those who don’t fit in.

Al Harbi further elaborates that we have so many examples of people who have succeeded in life. To help those who fall under stigmatized categories, she is willing to be an example of what it means to have failed.02-dj-august-2017-16-31-49

What is Mamsous?
Arabic for “deranged,” Mamsous is a raw, fictitious documentary that takes us into the world of three Saudi fighters of mental illness, specifically excessive anxiety, depression and panic attacks.

Emirate director, Shatha Al Ameri, arrived in Saudi Arabia seeking her cast members; it wasn’t long before Al Harbi’s name came up, as she had built a reputation on social media, as someone who had constant depression. And, by coincidence, while she was on shoot, the heroine had been through episodes of depression, which were caught on tape.02-dj-august-2017-16-31-51

Mamsous takes us back into the narrators’ initial experiences with their illnesses and the feelings and thoughts they witnessed. Al Harbi describes, for example, she sees the animal version of people and, consequently, becomes intolerant to any human interaction. Instead, she prefers to unify with the place she is in, like a chameleon unites with colors of trees.02-dj-august-2017-16-31-54

In our interview, Al Harbi added “the discussion was very honest; it was spontaneous.” Its bravery earned it the best short film award at the Dubai International Film Festival. It is also being used as a classic case study at the Queen’s University Belfast.

Remembering those days, she learned “we are all insane.”

What is 0.9 Ampere?
Al Harbi’s novel, which will be published abroad soon, is titled after the degree of electricity that transforms a person from insanity to sanity.

It “narrates the mind and soul of every person,” beyond geographical boundaries, to come to the conclusion that we are the result of concrete civilization.02-dj-august-2017-16-31-53

The hero of the novel is a woman completely bored of mankind, leading her to live in isolation. She creates a world of her own, where the objects surrounding her have life. She becomes addicted to her realm, of which she and her parents are in total denial.

When the heroine is diagnosed with addiction, she undergoes a long journey of treatment, all spiritually, mentally and physically. On her path, she has suicidal thoughts, thinking she is giving herself life, because life is death.

“If I can lighten, even if just for one hour, a person in depression, that will be great,” Al Harbi confesses. Then, she continues, she wishes to expose the culture and attitude of addiction.

Instagram: 7rb_aml02-dj-august-2017-16-31-50


Piano For Life


The piano set them free, beyond their disabilities.

Grace de Silva learned to play the piano at age 4. Piano became the language she passionately spoke.

Upon arriving in Jeddah in 1990, with her husband and a 5-year-old son in her arm, de Silva quickly found an answer to her question “What can I do here?”

With a BSc in Music (and a major in the piano) and experience teaching in the Philippines, she was well equipped to teach the instrument.

Residing at a compound, the promising teacher had access to a horizon of audiences. She took the first opportunity to buy a pre-owned keyboard at a neighbor’s garage sale. “And then it all started.”dsc_6254

Ten months later, it was time to showcase her ability as a piano teacher. She organized a concert in the compound and invited everyone. From then on, her slots were full. For the past 27 years, de Silva has been teaching the piano day and night. After two decades of solid teaching, her name was known here as the best piano teacher.

Three years ago, the mother of an autistic child contacted her. It was her first experience with a student who couldn’t recognize letters, so she had no idea how to teach him notes. God’s grace gave her wisdom: “Give me colors, pencils and stickers.” She colored all the keys on the expensive piano.

The boy’s mother informed her that he loved Disney songs. So she intelligently wrote a song after another in colors, rather than notes. For example, he learned to point to “do” when he saw the color red. Today, he enjoyably plays with both hands and will soon take singing lessons.

Another story is of a 57-year old man with Down syndrome. This man could not recognize letters or colors. De Silva refused to take no for answer and, with the help of an interpreter, decided to teach him the letters he needed to know, A through G._dsc2272-copy

Two months later, he was able to play a few baby songs. His family was ecstatic and loved de Silva for her success. She wrote approximately 15 copybooks of songs in letters so he could play them, from Abba and the Beatles, to classical music.

De Silva has a couple of final messages to our readers. First, always remember that practice makes perfect. Whatever skill you are trying to master, remember that your love for it is a therapy of all illnesses. Whether depressed or upset, “go to the piano and it will release you.”

Second, the only key to a good piece is patience, a good amount of it. “Struggle in the beginning but of course you have to control your temper. You have to try, no turning back and no giving up.”

Instagram: teacher_grace619


Top 5 Summer Car Maintenance Tips From Careem


We received an email from Careem and they had pretty cool advice for us!

Careem’s Care Center Manager, Hamid Moaref, shares key advice to ensure your car will endure the summer. Moaref, based in the UAE, supervises the maintenance of 300 of his employees’ cars every month. This is what he has to say.1278

  1. Don’t tire out your tires. Considering these parts are the only ones to be in direct contact with the road, it’s important to get a tire check up every quarter. Secret tip to make them last longer: fill them with nitrogen, instead of regular air (nitrogen doesn’t expand when temperature rises inside your tires).966
  2. Keep the battery alive and kicking. Your battery will be working extra hard during the hot summer days. Make sure to check your battery at periodic intervals, especially if you’re having troubles with good air conditioning.319
  3. Stay cool. We all need the best A/C we can get. Have all your filters checked and changed, if dirty. Secret tip: these things can cause infection, so you’re encouraged to have an A/C disinfectant service. That’s how Careem makes us so comfortable.204
  4. Yes, the sun can do to a car what it does to us. So it’s vital to regularly check the level of fluids within your car, from the engine oil to the engine coolant. This will keep your engine from overheating and reduces the likelihoods of your car breaking down. Careem captains are required to do that once a month, minimum.as-211-pt05-copy
  5. Shade is everything. Yes, the heat can destroy the internal parts of your car. It’s safest to buy your own sunshade. Otherwise, try your best to find a shaded parking spot. Among the benefits you’ll immediately notice are reduced cracks on your dashboard.

Are there secret hacks you use that we haven’t mentioned? Do share!


Where No Average Car Will Take You


Buckle up, for this will be an extraordinary family trip.

Planning to go on a family adventure next month? Well, let’s start planning. First things first: is your car well equipped and ready?

Before you answer yes or no, allow me to give you a scoop of what the 2018 Nissan Pathfinder can do to your journey. Let’s pretend we’re lending you this car for your upcoming trip.

Spacious, check. Good music, check. Food and drinks, check. Clothes, check. Sleeping bags, double check. Children in seat belts, check. On your marks, get set, GO!nissan-middle-east-launches-the-new-pathfinder-family-off-roader-in-the-middle-east-3

You turn the engine on and are welcomed by the all-new Advanced Drive-Assistä Display, which will tell you all you need to know about your drive to your destination.

You’ve been driving for hours, the children are having a blast, thanks to their personal screens. Your wife is delighted, thanks to the climate controlled front seats. And you, oh you, have been on cloud 9, thanks to the Pathfinder’s higher level of performance and style and its improved driving dynamics. All this time you’ve been wondering just how it’s possible that a car, with all these rough roads, does not vibrate on turns and makes driving so easy. At the same time, you’re amazed with the Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control that help you go up and down on steep, rough terrains. It’s almost unreal.nissan-middle-east-launches-the-new-pathfinder-family-off-roader-in-the-middle-east-1

You’ve almost reached your destination. It’s almost sunset and it just hit you; you haven’t stopped for fuel since you got in the car! You look at your dashboard and, to your surprise, you’ve still got a good amount of fuel. Good job choosing the fulltime 2WD for maximum fuel economy.

You realize the beautiful landscape that’s in front of you. You take a deep breath in, and thank your car for a fantastic job. You can now enjoy the moments you’ve been longing for all year long.

So, back to our initial question: is your car well equipped for an unforgettable, extraordinary experience? The 2018 Nissan Pathfinder will get you head over heels, this year, and all those to come. Give your family a ride of a lifetime.


Jewelry That Talks


Every piece has a story to tell.

Sadaf Bracelet

sadaf-bracelet-ccWere you a mermaid in your previous life? Would you like to become one in your next? That’s now possible thanks to Sadaf’s wrist and ankle bracelets, as well as their necklaces, all of which are made of seashells or other ocean-based products.

Designer Name: Omnia Al Harbi
Price: SR 25

Online orders (WhatsApp or Instagram)
Cash on delivery

Mob: +966-598838038
Email: sadaf.bracelet@hotmail.com
Instagram: sadaf.bracelet

Daniah Accessories

daniah-accessories_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-02-copySome of us absolutely love to match, with our sisters, our nieces, or as Daniah suggests, with the closest to our heart. Bring out the child in you.

Designer Name: Shifa Basheer
Price: SR 45

Online orders (WhatsApp or Instagram)
Cash on delivery

Mob: +966-504316047
Instagram: daniah_accessories
Snapchat: daniah.access


img_7772cut-copy-copy“Necklace” in Arabic, these guys provide you a customized service. Choose the first letter of your name or of someone you love. Or go bigger; they can design a necklace with a name of your choice, written in calligraphy. Top it with pearls, diamonds, or nothing at all, like the pieces in the picture.

Designer Name: Fatima Ficociello
Price: Starting from SR 960

Location: Al Murjan St., Al Murjan Dist.
Mob: +966-500512323
Instagram: qilada

Norqa Design

norqa-design_69_ccedGentlemen, we haven’t forgotten about you. We bring to you a designer who specializes in handmade men’s fashion. Nora Qabel, an ambitious Syrian artist, takes you back to the Bohemian days. Her pieces are all about the free-spirit mind, who loves to decorate the body with unique masterpieces.

She has recently began designing an interesting collection of pocket squares and maple pins and, guess what… She is the only one in the Kingdom to do so!

Designer Name: Nora Qabel
Price: SR 120 for the set

Online orders (WhatsApp or Instagram)

Mob: +966-599383746
Email: norqadesign@gmail.com
Instagram: norqadesign

Min Maadan Alensan

min-maadan-alensan_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-23Wear a bracelet that symbolizes a value you appreciate, that relates to your identity. You’ve got eight options; they include bravery, mastery, and cooperation. Tell your friends and family what makes that bracelet YOU. Our choice: Wisdom.

Price: SR 80

Location: Crate
Mob: +966-502881166
Web: shababuna.org
Instagram: min_maadan_alensan

LaSul Jewellery

lasulWelcome to wonderland. Imagine your necklace gave you a power we all wish we had, the power to fly. If you like the idea of fairy feathers and immortality, you must add this necklace to your collection. So, do you believe in fairies?

Designer Name: Sultana Al Othman
Price: Starting SR 2,500

Mob: +966-500212268
Web: lasuljewellery.com
Email: info@lasuljewellery.com
Instagram: lasuljewellery
Snapchat: lasul.jewelry

Pearl & Pearl

pearl-pearl_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-21These designs emphasize the beauty in simplicity and purity. We recommend offering one of these beautiful accessories as a gift to a friend or relative. Think of someone who loves the water and can value one of Mother Nature’s priceless treasures.

Designer Name: Manal Malatani
Price: SR 900

Order by WhatsApp

Mob: +966-505541200
Email: mano_malatani@hotmail.com
Instagram: _pearl_and_pearl_

Lillian Ismail

lillian-ismail_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-12This girl is on fire. Her style screams strength, detail, and determination. A few of years back, she was the youngest Saudi jewelry designer. And she was just getting started. She has recently won the Kickstarter Editor’s Choice Award at JCK Las Vegas, the chief jewelry event in North America.

In the picture is her pendant brooch, Handas, which has earned the award. From her Handas Collection, this beautiful piece is gold plated sterling silver, handmade by Lillian.

Price: SR 7,500

Mob: +966-542633951
Web: lillianismail.com
Email: info@lillianismail.com
Instagram: lillianismail
Snapchat: lillian_ismail
Twitter: LillianIsmail

Haneen Saber

haneenMaking jewelry fun, Haneen Saber is successfully building a reputable name for herself. She has recently launched her debut collection at the Paris Fashion Week. Her name is colorful, celebrates diversity, and takes great pride in Arab origin and traditions. Considering she is new in the market, take the chance to be one of her earliest customers.

Price: SR 900

Mob: +966-533543232
Web: haneensaber.com
Email: info@haneensaber.com
Instagram: haneensaberjewellery

Boutique de Joie

boutique-de-joie_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-19Exquisite and unconventional. This online store is for daring women who are unafraid of expressing their identity in their accessories. Our favorite piece is a silver choker that has confidence written all over it.

Price: SR 315

Location: Ana Special Mall
Mob: +966-556699709
Web: salla.sa/boutique.de.joie
Email: boutiquedejoie@gmail.com
Instagram: boutique.de.joie
Snapchat: boutiquedejoie

Ohi Jewelry

ohi-jewelry_jeddah_2017-ra-21-copyHaving lived in the Paris and Beirut, the hubs of fashion, Ohoud Al Haj has learned that look and dress communicate a great deal on our personalities, culture, and how others perceive us. By using gems like white and brown diamonds, as well as emeralds and sapphires, she wants the women who buy her jewelry to talk presence and strength. So ladies, if that’s the language you speak, get your wallets ready for her two newest collections, Cherry Collection and Noir d’Or.

Price: SR 5,500
Designer Name: Ohoud Al Haj

Location: Crate
Mob: +966-567779382
Email: ohi.jewelry@gmail.com
Instagram: ohijewelry


tamarziztParis is in town, thanks to Oumaima Tamarzizt. This Tunisian artist expresses architecture, clothing, even romance, in her jewelry. Her pieces blend small chunks of the countries she has been to, which include Tunisia, France and India.

Tamarzizt’s designs pay homage to the past, all the while respecting modern age. If you’re the kind of lady who likes to wear something traditional and colorful today, and sophisticated and subtle tomorrow, then this is the brand for you. From her newest collections, our favorite is Arrow, which directs us to the future and to the limitless sky.

Price: SR 600

Location: Sabine Boutique
Mob: +966-590590780
Web: tamarzizt.com
Instagram: tamarzizt
Facebook: tamarzizt
Snapchat: tamarziztparis
Email: contact@tamarzizt.com