Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Jewelry That Talks

Jewelry That Talks

Every piece has a story to tell.

Sadaf Bracelet

sadaf-bracelet-ccWere you a mermaid in your previous life? Would you like to become one in your next? That’s now possible thanks to Sadaf’s wrist and ankle bracelets, as well as their necklaces, all of which are made of seashells or other ocean-based products.

Designer Name: Omnia Al Harbi
Price: SR 25

Online orders (WhatsApp or Instagram)
Cash on delivery

Mob: +966-598838038
Instagram: sadaf.bracelet

Daniah Accessories

daniah-accessories_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-02-copySome of us absolutely love to match, with our sisters, our nieces, or as Daniah suggests, with the closest to our heart. Bring out the child in you.

Designer Name: Shifa Basheer
Price: SR 45

Online orders (WhatsApp or Instagram)
Cash on delivery

Mob: +966-504316047
Instagram: daniah_accessories
Snapchat: daniah.access


img_7772cut-copy-copy“Necklace” in Arabic, these guys provide you a customized service. Choose the first letter of your name or of someone you love. Or go bigger; they can design a necklace with a name of your choice, written in calligraphy. Top it with pearls, diamonds, or nothing at all, like the pieces in the picture.

Designer Name: Fatima Ficociello
Price: Starting from SR 960

Location: Al Murjan St., Al Murjan Dist.
Mob: +966-500512323
Instagram: qilada

Norqa Design

norqa-design_69_ccedGentlemen, we haven’t forgotten about you. We bring to you a designer who specializes in handmade men’s fashion. Nora Qabel, an ambitious Syrian artist, takes you back to the Bohemian days. Her pieces are all about the free-spirit mind, who loves to decorate the body with unique masterpieces.

She has recently began designing an interesting collection of pocket squares and maple pins and, guess what… She is the only one in the Kingdom to do so!

Designer Name: Nora Qabel
Price: SR 120 for the set

Online orders (WhatsApp or Instagram)

Mob: +966-599383746
Instagram: norqadesign

Min Maadan Alensan

min-maadan-alensan_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-23Wear a bracelet that symbolizes a value you appreciate, that relates to your identity. You’ve got eight options; they include bravery, mastery, and cooperation. Tell your friends and family what makes that bracelet YOU. Our choice: Wisdom.

Price: SR 80

Location: Crate
Mob: +966-502881166
Instagram: min_maadan_alensan

LaSul Jewellery

lasulWelcome to wonderland. Imagine your necklace gave you a power we all wish we had, the power to fly. If you like the idea of fairy feathers and immortality, you must add this necklace to your collection. So, do you believe in fairies?

Designer Name: Sultana Al Othman
Price: Starting SR 2,500

Mob: +966-500212268
Instagram: lasuljewellery

Pearl & Pearl

pearl-pearl_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-21These designs emphasize the beauty in simplicity and purity. We recommend offering one of these beautiful accessories as a gift to a friend or relative. Think of someone who loves the water and can value one of Mother Nature’s priceless treasures.

Designer Name: Manal Malatani
Price: SR 900

Order by WhatsApp

Mob: +966-505541200
Instagram: _pearl_and_pearl_

Lillian Ismail

lillian-ismail_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-12This girl is on fire. Her style screams strength, detail, and determination. A few of years back, she was the youngest Saudi jewelry designer. And she was just getting started. She has recently won the Kickstarter Editor’s Choice Award at JCK Las Vegas, the chief jewelry event in North America.

In the picture is her pendant brooch, Handas, which has earned the award. From her Handas Collection, this beautiful piece is gold plated sterling silver, handmade by Lillian.

Price: SR 7,500

Mob: +966-542633951
Instagram: lillianismail
Snapchat: lillian_ismail
Twitter: LillianIsmail

Haneen Saber

haneenMaking jewelry fun, Haneen Saber is successfully building a reputable name for herself. She has recently launched her debut collection at the Paris Fashion Week. Her name is colorful, celebrates diversity, and takes great pride in Arab origin and traditions. Considering she is new in the market, take the chance to be one of her earliest customers.

Price: SR 900

Mob: +966-533543232
Instagram: haneensaberjewellery

Boutique de Joie

boutique-de-joie_jeddah_2017-photographer-ahlam-bakheet-19Exquisite and unconventional. This online store is for daring women who are unafraid of expressing their identity in their accessories. Our favorite piece is a silver choker that has confidence written all over it.

Price: SR 315

Location: Ana Special Mall
Mob: +966-556699709
Snapchat: boutiquedejoie

Ohi Jewelry

ohi-jewelry_jeddah_2017-ra-21-copyHaving lived in the Paris and Beirut, the hubs of fashion, Ohoud Al Haj has learned that look and dress communicate a great deal on our personalities, culture, and how others perceive us. By using gems like white and brown diamonds, as well as emeralds and sapphires, she wants the women who buy her jewelry to talk presence and strength. So ladies, if that’s the language you speak, get your wallets ready for her two newest collections, Cherry Collection and Noir d’Or.

Price: SR 5,500
Designer Name: Ohoud Al Haj

Location: Crate
Mob: +966-567779382
Instagram: ohijewelry


tamarziztParis is in town, thanks to Oumaima Tamarzizt. This Tunisian artist expresses architecture, clothing, even romance, in her jewelry. Her pieces blend small chunks of the countries she has been to, which include Tunisia, France and India.

Tamarzizt’s designs pay homage to the past, all the while respecting modern age. If you’re the kind of lady who likes to wear something traditional and colorful today, and sophisticated and subtle tomorrow, then this is the brand for you. From her newest collections, our favorite is Arrow, which directs us to the future and to the limitless sky.

Price: SR 600

Location: Sabine Boutique
Mob: +966-590590780
Instagram: tamarzizt
Facebook: tamarzizt
Snapchat: tamarziztparis


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