Top 5 Summer Car Maintenance Tips From Careem

We received an email from Careem and they had pretty cool advice for us!

Careem’s Care Center Manager, Hamid Moaref, shares key advice to ensure your car will endure the summer. Moaref, based in the UAE, supervises the maintenance of 300 of his employees’ cars every month. This is what he has to say.1278

  1. Don’t tire out your tires. Considering these parts are the only ones to be in direct contact with the road, it’s important to get a tire check up every quarter. Secret tip to make them last longer: fill them with nitrogen, instead of regular air (nitrogen doesn’t expand when temperature rises inside your tires).966
  2. Keep the battery alive and kicking. Your battery will be working extra hard during the hot summer days. Make sure to check your battery at periodic intervals, especially if you’re having troubles with good air conditioning.319
  3. Stay cool. We all need the best A/C we can get. Have all your filters checked and changed, if dirty. Secret tip: these things can cause infection, so you’re encouraged to have an A/C disinfectant service. That’s how Careem makes us so comfortable.204
  4. Yes, the sun can do to a car what it does to us. So it’s vital to regularly check the level of fluids within your car, from the engine oil to the engine coolant. This will keep your engine from overheating and reduces the likelihoods of your car breaking down. Careem captains are required to do that once a month,
  5. Shade is everything. Yes, the heat can destroy the internal parts of your car. It’s safest to buy your own sunshade. Otherwise, try your best to find a shaded parking spot. Among the benefits you’ll immediately notice are reduced cracks on your dashboard.

Are there secret hacks you use that we haven’t mentioned? Do share!

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