Get Rid of Abaya and Thob Stains

how to wash abaya

Easy DIY hacks you can do at home to wash abaya??.

how to wash abaya

Washing our thobe or abaya can be a real hassle, especially when the stain refuses to go away. With these hacks, you won’t need to throw them in a machine or take them to a laundry!6378

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Thobe Stains

If your thobe is pure white, it’s a tough job keeping it that way. Here’s how to deal with 3 stains (let’s hope you’re at home and not in the office when this happens).

Soak the ink-stained item in milk. Leave it overnight and then clean it the next day like you normally would.

If this happens, you’re probably already at work, so you’ll need something good and something quick. Make sure you always have the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover in your office drawers. It’s great for all kinds of liquids, even BBQ sauce, grape juice and tea.

Don’t rub the stain, so the fabric doesn’t absorb it!

Sweat / Yellowing
Mix three Aspirins with two tablespoons of warm water until you have a paste-like liquid. You can use Panadol pills, which can be found at any pharmacy for SR 9. Apply the mix onto the sweat stain and leave it for an hour, before you wash it.

No Aspirin? No problem! Sprinkle salt and squeeze lemon juice on the stain until it is soaked. Rub until you can’t see it and then wash the thobe.

TIP: Avoid yellowing by buying deodorants free of aluminum. We recommend the Vichy 24 Hour Dry-Touch Roll On Deodorant – it’s unisex and can be found at Al Mujtama Pharmacy.


Abaya Stains

Keep your Abaya perfectly black by using the Persil Abaya Shampoo, which you can find in Danube. If your Abaya is colored and hijacked by stubborn stains, here’s what you do.

You need something that clears out impurities. Shaving cream and shampoo fit the purpose very well, whether for powdered or liquid makeup stains. Then wash it with water or soap.

We recommend keeping your shampoo for yourself and buying a spare bottle of shaving cream, like Nivea shaving cream which you can find at any pharmacy.

Hairspray. Put enough so the cloth can absorb it. Wait a couple of minutes then wipe it with a clean washcloth.

Buy hairspray at any pharmacy for SR 25.

Bring out your pair of jeans or a denim shirt. Rub it against the deodorant stain. Be careful when using fragile fabrics.

TIP: This hack also works perfectly with heavy wool and sweaters.

Stains are a daily struggle. Which ones are your worst enemy? Tell us how you clean them up!

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