Get Rid of Abaya and Thob Stains

how to wash abaya

Easy DIY hacks you can do at home to wash abaya??.

how to wash abaya

Washing our thobe or abaya can be a real hassle, especially when the stain refuses to go away. With these hacks, you won’t need to throw them in a machine or take them to a laundry!6378

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Thobe Stains

If your thobe is pure white, it’s a tough job keeping it that way. Here’s how to deal with 3 stains (let’s hope you’re at home and not in the office when this happens).

Soak the ink-stained item in milk. Leave it overnight and then clean it the next day like you normally would.

If this happens, you’re probably already at work, so you’ll need something good and something quick. Make sure you always have the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover in your office drawers. It’s great for all kinds of liquids, even BBQ sauce, grape juice and tea.

Don’t rub the stain, so the fabric doesn’t absorb it!

Sweat / Yellowing
Mix three Aspirins with two tablespoons of warm water until you have a paste-like liquid. You can use Panadol pills, which can be found at any pharmacy for SR 9. Apply the mix onto the sweat stain and leave it for an hour, before you wash it.

No Aspirin? No problem! Sprinkle salt and squeeze lemon juice on the stain until it is soaked. Rub until you can’t see it and then wash the thobe.

TIP: Avoid yellowing by buying deodorants free of aluminum. We recommend the Vichy 24 Hour Dry-Touch Roll On Deodorant – it’s unisex and can be found at Al Mujtama Pharmacy.


Abaya Stains

Keep your Abaya perfectly black by using the Persil Abaya Shampoo, which you can find in Danube. If your Abaya is colored and hijacked by stubborn stains, here’s what you do.

You need something that clears out impurities. Shaving cream and shampoo fit the purpose very well, whether for powdered or liquid makeup stains. Then wash it with water or soap.

We recommend keeping your shampoo for yourself and buying a spare bottle of shaving cream, like Nivea shaving cream which you can find at any pharmacy.

Hairspray. Put enough so the cloth can absorb it. Wait a couple of minutes then wipe it with a clean washcloth.

Buy hairspray at any pharmacy for SR 25.

Bring out your pair of jeans or a denim shirt. Rub it against the deodorant stain. Be careful when using fragile fabrics.

TIP: This hack also works perfectly with heavy wool and sweaters.

Stains are a daily struggle. Which ones are your worst enemy? Tell us how you clean them up!


Vinyl Mode’s Solitude – The New Album with Sarah Taibah

A new album in collaboration with Sarah Taibah.

Jeddah-based electronic music band Vinyl Mode is releasing their new album, Solitude. A collaboration with young artist and singer Sarah Taibah, it tells the story of a woman who isolates herself from the noise of the world to reflect on her circumstances. Alone in a big city, the heroine subconsciously reminisces over the past and ruminates on the hopelessness of the present.

We talked to Vinyl Mode’s DJs and music producers Moe Nassar and Harris Mavromatis, and Taibah, to learn more about the album.

What were the album’s beginnings?
Sarah Taibah: The songs were originally poems I wrote as part of my healing process; I didn’t intend to share them, much less include them in a music album! I was sharing my poetry with a friend who suggested I take my words to another level, and she arranged a meeting with Vinyl Mode. In 2 hours, we had a first draft for a song based on my first poem, Rubbama, which I read on a voice note and sent over to them. Less than a week later, we had the track, and I couldn’t believe it was me!

Sarah Taibah

Sarah Taibah

What makes this album different than your previous ones?
Moe Nassar: It’s always good to come up with your signature sound. We had poems written in Arabic but didn’t want to use Arabic instruments as European DJs were already doing that. We reversed it, using Arabic words that were read out as in a monologue instead of sung.

This album speaks of the hidden talent we have here in Saudi. Many “bedroom DJs” are producing great music at home but don’t know where to go with it. This album says: if we can be great producers, so can you. And if you’re reading this, please reach out to us.

Moe Nassar

Moe Nassar

What do you hope to achieve with this album?
Harris Mavromatis: If people understand what we’re trying to communicate, that’s the biggest achievement. I want our music to mean something to our listeners. I hope it talks to them; people usually communicate feelings, emotions and thoughts through different platforms, and music is our platform.

Harris Mavromatis

Harris Mavromatis

What future projects are you preparing?
Moe Nassar: We have 2 more releases before the end of the year. They’re completely different from Solitude– higher pitched and faster. We’re also collaborating with Galaxy Juice, a very talented Kuwaiti band, as well as with Saudi musician Nadia Dandachi, to remix one of her original tracks.

Mob: +966-582533801
Instagram: vinylmode
Youtube: vinylmode
Soundcloud: vinyl-mode


Getting Around Town for People with Disabilities

Services for people with special needs.

A functional society integrates all groups within it, people with special needs included. Providing an accessible infrastructure, an acceptant culture and inclusive policies emphasizes that they’re equally valued members of society, advocates disability consultant, Kholoud Al Haddad. When we’re able to do that, we obliterate the majority of the barriers they face. Jeddah is becoming more accessible for people with disabilities but information is difficult to find, so we interviewed Al Haddad and founder of Hope KSA Dr. Uzma Raheem, who provided crucial information to those with special needs and their caretakers.

Here are some tips on how to interact with people with disabilities in a manner that is not offensive.

  1. Behave as you would with anyone else. Don’t focus on their disability but on them as a person. This also applies to parents of children with special needs.
  2. Don’t ask “How did you get this? Is it something you have by birth or did you acquire it?” This immediately differentiates him from the rest, emphasizing his flaws or incompleteness. Rather, focus on his abilities.
  3. Don’t feel pity. Don’t look at them differently.
  4. If you think they need help, ask “Do you want me to help you with it?” Don’t impose or make them feel like they’re dependent.

‘Whatever the disability or disorder, there’s no human that doesn’t respond to love and to gentleness.’ Dr. Uzma Raheem

Here’s a list of organizations that provide services and assistance to those with disabilities.

1. Bayna Yadayya (بين يدي)

untitled-1This app has a database of all the centers in Saudi that assist people with disabilities – those that specialize in education, rehabilitation, assessments and behavior modification.

2. Open Skies Jeddah

3-7Horseback-riding is therapeutic and rehabilitative, tones muscles, strengthens the body, posture and balance, and improves breathing and the functionality of organs.

Mob: +966-503607616

3. Meysra

maysara-car6-photography-yasmin-oufTheir minivans are fitted with a platform lift and can accommodate 3 people in addition to the person with a disability. Their also provide transport to pilgrim sites.

Location: Al Batarji St., Zahra Dist.
Tel: 920006997
Mob: +966-547008900
Instagram: meysra_transport
Twitter: meysra_transport

4. University of Business and Technology

img_9254To support students with special needs and create an accommodating environment, they have updated their building and hired qualified staff.

Male Campus
Location: Dhahban, North Jeddah
Tel: +966-122159205 / +966-122159243

Female Campus
Location: Sari St., Rawdah Dist.
Tel: +966122326646

5. Hope KSA

banner-5They provide tailored, high-quality education to children with special needs, using techniques and methods of the Applied Behavior Analysis curriculum.

Location: Abu Taqi St., Nahda Dist. 
Tel: +966-12-6996475
Mob: +966-566956887

6. Taheel (تأهيل)

A mediator between service providers and users, this app provides access to activities, drivers and restaurants around their area that accommodate their special need. Available in most GCC countries.

7. Ebsar Foundation

1888896_646789828746443_4353200080545605522_oAssisting the visually impaired, this foundation provides visual tests, assistive technology training, occupational therapy, and more.

Location: Palestine Commercial Center, Falasteen St.
Tel: +966-12-2830001
Mob: +966-555814998
Facebook: ebsargate
Twitter: ebsargate

8. The Saudi ADHD Society

10354605_774440592637933_4462126931788348433_nThey offer knowledge and skill-based training so families can help their children rise to their maximum potential. They don’t have a center in Jeddah just yet, but if you call them, they’ll guide you to a doctor who can cater to your child’s specific needs.

Mob: +966-503866685
Twitter: adhdarabia

9. Makeen

8104_3230A program developed by Savola, Makeen offers vocational training to employees with disabilities and prepares recruitment officers to apply fair standards when hiring people with disabilities.

Location: Savola Tower, Floor 14
Tel: +966-12-268 7708
Mob: +966-505673436

10. Dar Al Hekma

Dar Al Hekma University’s Special Education Program is the only one in the kingdom for those who want to build a career as a disability specialist.


Jeddah Municipality has announced new guidelines for the construction and design of new buildings in order to better accommodate people with disabilities.


6 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Genesis G80 Sport

You will love Fact #2.

Genesis Saudi Arabia launched the 2018 Genesis G80 Sport at the Luxury Motor Show EXCS11 in Riyadh on October 8. Here are 6 facts we thought were interesting to share:

  1. It weighs 2,112 kgs.
  2. The Genesis G80 Sport was made with special attention to the Saudi customer, who expects style, advanced engineering and high quality.
  3. The G80 Sport hits 60 mph from a standstill in 5.2 seconds. It ranks ahead of the 2017 Lexus GS350 F Sport RWD, which took 5.9 seconds to launch to 60 mph.
  4. In the US, the G80 ranks number 3 out of 15 Best Luxury Midsize Cars by U.S. News & World Report of Best Cars, with an overall 8.8 rating based on 28 reviews and other car data elements (like fuel economy).
  5. The G80 is competing with the BMW 5Series, Mercedes-Nez E-Class, the Audi A6 and the Lexus GS. (Not bad, huh?)
  6. In the US, the G80 earned a five-star overall rating (on frontal, side and rollover crash tests) from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

I don’t know about you, but I’m loving this car!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Thinking Of Starting Your Own Restaurant Business?

In this month’s issue, we cover the 5 steps to starting your own restaurant business, with input from Omar Ajam, founder of Toasted, and Nazmi Dirdunji, founder of Ful21.

Here’s one more tip: You can’t successfully start your own restaurant business if you don’t conduct an in-depth market study.

Steps to Study Your Market

  1. The local economy.
    The current economy is saturated and unpredictable. This, however, doesn’t mean it’s not a good time to start your own restaurant business. Study the economy that you’re looking to serve and see whether it’s a good idea to make an investment now, or if its’ better to wait 5 years. There are plenty of questions you need to ask yourself, including whether rent is lower now, are commodities cheaper, and what the history of the Saudi economy is.
  2. The local culture.
    You must know what the market wants and what the other restaurants are currently supplying. There is surely a gap somewhere in the supply, and that’s what you want to provide. And it needs to fulfill these 3 criteria:

    1. A simple concept
    2. Reasonable ratio price vs value
    3. Technology in service
  3. Market review.
    Who’s in the market? What’s happening in the market? Where are they saturated? What do they like? What’s the food market like today? Where is the market heading? Your study of the market must include the consumer, product, availabilities and consistencies, prices, economical changes, historical trends. If it takes up a lot of your time, you’re doing it right. Hire a company to help you if need be.
  4. The competition.
    Who is supplying a similar product? Go to your competitors and evaluate them. Example: what’s on their menu? How much are they charging? What does the interior of their restaurant look like? You have to know what distinguishes you.

Ajam and Durdunji agree that there are 2 kinds of business owners, the experienced and the passionate. The experienced tends to know all there is about a restaurant, inside out. The passionate is more likely to start a restaurant for his love of food and then learn all there is to know through his own restaurant. Which one are you?


5 Arab Dishes Made With A Twist

Grandma, this one’s for you.

It’s strange we call some dishes traditional, when we don’t really know where they originate from. Hijazi dishes for example tend to be a mix of Yemeni, Egyptian, Indonesian, and many other cuisines. Do we really know where they come from? No. Interestingly, the new generation has decided to own certain dishes by adding a modern twist – here are some of them.

  1. Coffee Hummus

coffee-hummusEveryone loves this appetizer made of chickpeas, tahini, lemon, salt, garlic, cumin and sometimes paprika. When I lived in the Netherlands, it was sold in supermarkets and tasted pretty much the same it does here. Wonderful, right? DOA Eatery innovated this world-famous aperitif by adding coffee to it.

  1. Cheese Cake Osmalieh

knefehLevantine people have a thing for dessert with vermicelli and lots of sugar syrup. The Osmalieh is no exception. It’s supposed to come with a custard-like cream in the middle. Instead, Semsom updated it to a cheese cake filling.

  1. Jareesh with Cheese

jareeshConsisting mainly of cracked wheat, broth, bay leaves, cardamom, milk, yoghurt and table cream, Jareesh can be made with minced meat or chicken. It’s glazed with tiny crunchy onions. It’s a favorite in the country and now Aseil – a Saudi restaurant – has upped the Jareesh game by topping it with melted cheese.

  1. Quinoa Tabouleh

quinoatabboulehdsc_4705You’re either a Tabouleh person or you’re a Fatoush person. Both are Lebanese salads, but it seems Tabouleh is winning the game. Originally consisting of Bulgur, lemon, finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, mint and onions. Meet the new version – Bateel replaces Bulgur with Quinoa, which is increasingly used in international salads.

  1. King of Breakfast

foul21-3If you don’t know what that is, it’s ful (shaw beans). And that’s all around the region. Some cultures eat it mashed, others eat it in full pieces. Recognizing this simple truth, Ful21 makes theirs using spices from all over the region – and that includes India.

Do you know other restaurants that are making traditional dishes with a modern twist? Do share, we’re always hungry for updates!


Our Favorite Food-Related Movies & Shows

This is guilt-free “eating.”

As much as we love to eat, we also love to look at other people create and indulge in delicious dishes. Here are food-related movies and shows that make us all wonder, “Why didn’t I become a chef?” Food for a living, anyone?


Chef (2014)

chef-jon-favreau-sofia-vergara-emjay-anthony“You’re never going to be happy cooking for someone else,” says Carl Caster’s ex-wife while he’s on the verge of losing his job as head chef. He realizes it’s true and soon starts his own tacos food truck. I found this story hilarious, and also contemplative – we’re all on our own path to redemption, it just depends on how willing we are to break the “normal” circle of life to get there.

Julie & Julia (2009)

juliaEver wonder if you had a previous life? Julie Powell wishes she would’ve been Julia Child in the past. Though separated by time and space, their mutual passion for cooking, fearlessness and lots of butter, helps them accomplish goals. And both seem unable to finish anything they start, perhaps something many of us who have a tendency to abandon personal missions can relate to.


Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (2005 – Present)

anthony-bourdainBourdain, who traveled the world for this show, was once asked if he’d die a happy man. Among the places he mentioned would make him a “happily dead man” is Saudi Arabia. An Englishman in New York, it was funny to watch him experience our culture firsthand, which he was so unfamiliar with. It’s really like he kept thinking to himself  ‘It’s not supposed to be like this. Why are they so friendly?’

Have a good laugh while rediscovering the culinary wonders of the Kingdom, click here.

3a Nar Latife (2010 – Present)

teta-latifeNo one does it as well as Teta Latife. Here’s her story. She always wanted to have her own show, but her late husband never allowed it. When he passed on, she turned to her connections in the media and achieved her long-awaited dream, starring in a show where she hosts a variety of cooking enthusiasts, experts and culinary students. One of her bits that endears her to the audience is when she innocently asks her guests the most random questions, putting them on the spot. Even if I’m not watching to learn about a certain recipe, I’ll keep the channel on for the entertainment.

Saudi Food with Eman (2012 – Present)

eman-gazzaz-riyadh-apr-2017-as2One of this popular YouTuber’s video titles is Guaranteed picky eaters will eat Saleeg, and I think we can say that about everything she makes. Eman gets most of her recipes from her mother, something I’ve always wanted to do as well but never had the chance to. Practicing her hobby, her YouTube videos combine Arab and foreign fusion dishes that are easy to make at home.


5 Dietary Supplements for Mommies to Be

Are you taking enough?

Dietary supplements are a big thing nowadays and that’s not without cause. They help our bodies when food cannot. If you’re pregnant, we’ve got recommendations just for you.

Ideally, you will take these supplements at least three months before you are pregnant because the egg begins maturation approximately three months before it is released. It’s never too late, though. Add Pregnacare to your shopping list!

6000196550822Folic Acid (5 mg / day) – This is probably the most important of all as it helps prevent neural tube defects. You may hear that you only need 400 micrograms, but that’s definitely not enough.

563137_xlargeVitamin D (600 IU / day) – Found only in a small amount of foods, this vitamin will regulate the levels of calcium and phosphate in the body, so you can keep your teeth and bones healthy.

5021265220076Iron (27 mg / day) – Especially if you have anemia. It will also deliver oxygen to your little angel and make new blood cells for him or her. Feroglobin’s a great option.

calciumCalcium (600 mg / day) – Helps build baby’s bones and prevents your bones from growing weak. Go for Caltrate 600 + D3.

omegaOmega 3 (min. 200 mg / day) – You can also take fish oil because they’re mercury-free. Make sure you eat two portions of fish every week, one of which is oily.

Stay away from

Vitamin A – This vitamin is not bad, but too much of it during pregnancy is harmful.


“Natural” doesn’t always mean it’s safe. Whether it’s safe to take a supplement depends on several factors, like its chemical makeup and the dose used. Some herbs like kava can harm the liver.

In the October issue, we’ve also covered supplements for people who work out on a regular basis. Get your own copy to make sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs. Find us at Danube, Manuel and Virgin Megastores.


5 Things To Do On National Day

For everyone is Jeddah, Riyadh & Dammam

It’s time to celebrate our nation. With so many things to do, there are activities that cater to everyone’s interest.


Summer Festival 38 Eastern

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Damam September 10-24

Divided into 4 different spaces, the event will host more than 1,000 people to celebrate the special day with songs, children’s shows, gifts, awards and more.

Sea Front
4.00 pm – 12.00 am


Blue Man Group Concert

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Riyadh September 14-21

Blue Man Group is performing in Saudi Arabia for the first time, combining art, music, comedy and technology.

King Fahd Cultural Center
First show: 4:30 pm

Second show: 9:00 pm
Buy tickets here.


AlComedy Club

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Jeddah September 21

You’re invited by Jeddah’s top comedy club to an evening of laughter. Tickets are only SR 125 per person.

Jeddah Society for Arts and Culture
First show: 8:30pm

Second show: 10:45pm
Buy tickets here.


Esht Ya Watan

dfb66nwxgai0whgRiyadh September 21-23

Electronic games, talent shows, historical talks, exhibition of strange cars, children’s activities and more will be available at this event.

Ausha Hall
9:00 pm – 12:00 am

All info here.


Farhet Watan

83728256Riyadh September 21-24

The goal of this event is to revive Saudi history by displaying the talented work of artists, fashion and jewelry designers.

Durrat Riyadh Al-Faisalaiya Resort
8:30 pm – 9:00 pm

For more info, call: +966-590565229


Kolna Salman

Jeddah September 21-23

A play written and directed by Bakheet Al Ameri that welcomes people of all ages.

Jeddah Society for Arts and Culture
8.30 pm – 9.00 pm
For more information, call: +066-12-6064340

Are you attending another event we haven’t mentioned here? Tell us about it.


What’s the “Deal” with Saudi National Day?

The best special offers on the Saudi National Day!

Airlines Offerssaudi-national-day-landing-page-large-en


Flynas prices are almost too good to be true. Offers  apply to domestic, direct one-way flights and exclude weekends. Offer ends on September 22nd.

Check all prices here.076df566-1793-4dab-bea9-d58413ddd537-original


The newest cost-effective airlines are ready to operate. Offers are only until September 30th and tickets bought must be used by October 31st.

Check as all prices here.

Shop Till You Drop


Shop till your mouse can’t take it no more.

Click to be WOWed.


Sayidati Mall

You can shop AND avoid all the mall busyness.

Click to start shopping.

Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia

Photo Credit: Susie of Arabia

Michael Kors

Celebration of National Day! Enjoy up to 23%discounts on selected items at all Michael Kors branches. The offer is valid until Sept. 24.


Han Bazaar

There’s a huge discount on products by Saudi designers, from Septmber 28 to 30.

For more information, call +966-556606333
Instagram: han_bazaar
Click here for their location.

Local Pampering

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Four Seasons Hotel

Located at the Kingdom Tower, watch the fireworks in the night sky – they’re offering attractive prices.
For more information, call +966-11-2115888 or +966-11-2115500.


Al Faisaliah Hotel

Stay three nights, pay for two. They’re lighting up the hotel in the Saudi flag’s colors and are offering complementary drinks and desserts.

For more information, call +966-11-2732000

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Bath and Body Works

Get selected Body Care at SAR 20 and Hand Soaps at SAR 15. This offer is valid till 25th Sept.

Dining Celebrations


Lord of the Wings KSA

Get 6 pieces of boneless chicken wings for free. All you have to do is order the National Day Special. Wallahi it’s real! You’ve only got till September 23rd.

Click here for their location.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Buy any item on their menu and get the second one for free. This offer is available until September 23rd. Don’t forget to tag them in your #PAULmoments for a chance to be featured on their page.

Check out their menu over here.



Choose anything from the grill menu and get another item for free. This offer is available for dine-in only.

Check out their menu here.

Tell us about other offers that you come across in the comments!