The United Desserts of Arabia

saudi arabia desserts

saudi desserts it is Delicious desserts unite the winter dinner tables of Saudi Arabia.

saudi desserts

With the arrival of winter in Saudi Arabia comes a uniquely traditional wardrobe, wonderful aromas of Arabic coffee, and innovative date dishes. Despite the diversity of winter rituals in each region, the people of the kingdom are brought closer together through similar yet distinguished winter dishes, showcasing the richness, and diversity of Saudi Arabia. So, upon your visit to any region, keep an ear out for this phrase, “here, we call this…”.

Maraheef, Lahooh

Maraheef, Lahooh

Maraheef, Lahooh

Similar to the French crepe, Medina’s Lahooh and Qassim’s Maraheef share the same shape, ingredients. However, they differ in their preparation, as the Maraheef have a lighter batter, which results in a thinner crepe. Lahooh on the other hand, has a much thicker consistency. Both are served as layers plated on a dish, topped with powdered sugar and cardamom.

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Affusa, Henaini, Haisah

Affusa, Henaini, Haisah

Date Delectables: Affusa, Henaini, Haisah

Saudi Arabia produces a few of the world’s best dates, which are incorporated in the Saudi cuisine for their high nutritional value, with delicacies like Affusa in the East, Henaini in Najd, and Haisah in the West. The dishes are soft, and served hot. They are the perfect dessert for winter.

Maasoub, Marsah

Maasoub, Marsah

Maasoub, Marsah

The simplicity of ingredients used to create this Saudi version of bread pudding has made the dish popular throughout the kingdom. Known as “Maasoub” within the Hijaz region, and “Marsah” in the south of Saudi, the dish consists of a mixture of ripe bananas and bread pieces, topped with honey and sour cream.




A traditional dish, passed on from one generation to the next in Hijaz, made of a jam-like dried fruit paste (apricots, figs, or dates) with a sprinkling of nuts. It is usually served as a breakfast staple, with bread,  and on holidays and special occasions.

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Qahwat Loz

Qahwat Loz

Warm Winter Beverages

Enjoying a warm beverage on a cold winter evening is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Two very popular winter beverages in Saudi are Qahwat Loz, made with warm milk and toasted almonds, as well as Karak Tea, full of fragrant spices such as nutmeg, cloves, and cardamom. Whether you’re a coffee or tea person, these two are the perfect concoctions you need to stay cozy this winter.

Karak Tea

Karak Tea




Asida is a beloved traditional dish throughout all Saudi regions, each with a special topping, but a unified preparation method: flour is cooked with water on low heat, until the mixture is thickened and turned into a dough of flakey consistency. The dough is then spread out in a round dish, and served with ghee or sweetened butter milk in its center.

Masabib, Marasee, Qatayef

Masabib, Marasee, Qatayef

Masabib, Marasee, Qatayef

As fluffy as light mini pancakes, Masabib are cooked in a hot stone oven and served warm with honey or date molasses to dip in. The savory version, Marasee, is much thicker, whereas the Hijazi Qatayef are made up of white flour, folded into crescents, and stuffed with either cream or candied nuts, before being drizzled with syrup.

Balaleet, Al Shieriyah, Sewiyah

Balaleet, Al Shieriyah, Sewiyah

Balaleet, Al Shieriyah, Sewiyah

Balaleet is a popular Najdi dish that consists of sweet vermicelli noodles, topped with an omelette, and eaten for breakfast. The dish is also popular in the Hijaz region, under the name “shieriyah helwa” (sweet noodles), and in the Eastern Province, similarly, under the name “Sewiyah”, packed with sweet and fragrant flavors of cardamom and saffron.


TEKZONE Announces Exciting Ramadan Offers for Families

59 SAR for 3 Hours of Free Play & only 30 SAR for Unlimited Soft Play for Toddlers

Every Day of the Week

TEKZONE, located in Jeddah, Red Sea Mall, the award-winning entertainment destination, is excited to announce exciting Ramadan offers for families. Starting from the 22nd of March until the 12th of April, customers can enjoy 3 hours of unlimited fun for just 59 SAR and unlimited soft play for toddlers for only 30 SAR, including weekends.

A futuristic family entertainment center, TEKZONE offers a wide range of games for all ages including top-of-the-line Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), as well as rides, arcades, and a soft play area. The center is also home to the Legend of Zo, a friendly character from Zeta who is a favorite amongst children. The story has it that Zo and his friends have come to Earth to spread fun and entertainment using the latest gaming technology and virtual experiences.

TEKZONE is perfect for families, friends, and individuals looking for an exciting and memorable experience. It is, without a doubt, the ultimate destination for fun.

For more information or to book your tickets, visit Tekzone’s website or contact them at Website: or email at Address: Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


VOX Cinemas Celebrates 30 Days of Ramadan with 30% Discount & 2-Movie Passes on Movie Tickets

Discounts are designed to encourage guests to share more great moments with family and friends

Special offers are available in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, and Bahrain.

VOX Cinemas, the dedicated cinema arm of Majid Al Futtaim, is launching special offers during Ramadan to enable guests to share more movie moments with family and friends during the Holy Month.

In the spirit of giving and togetherness, VOX Cinemas is offering guests:

  • 30% discount on Standard seats in Standard experiences in the UAE
  • 30% discount on Standard and Premium seats in Standard experiences in Oman and Bahrain

To avail of this offer, simply book online using the code RAMADAN.

Cinemagoers in Saudi Arabia can book 2-Movie Passes for SAR 50 on Standard seats in Standard experiences and SAR 70 on Premium seats in Standard experiences by visiting ramadan-at-vox-cinemas

Guests can also look forward to an impressive line-up of must-see Hollywood and Bollywood movies during Ramadan including Scream VI, the continuation of the long-running horror franchise; The Three Musketeers, the latest movie adaptation of the beloved French classic; Air, an all-star drama chronicling Nike’s pursuit of sports legend Michael Jordan; Bholaa, a Hindi action film about an ex-convict’s journey to reuniting with his daughter; and Bull, a Hindi movie inspired by the real-life events of the Indian Army in the 1980s.

Complementing the experience, VOX Cinemas’ dedicated Candy Bar offers guests a wide variety of signature snacks such as VOX Popcorn and its seven unique flavors, burgers, hotdogs, pizzas, and nachos. Exclusively in the UAE, Candy Bar is also serving an Iftar Combo which includes a Kofte Slider, Falafel Slider, Shish Tawook Slider, Dates, Jallab Drink, Tabouleh, Hot Mezzeh, and Lazy Cake – all for just AED 55. The delicious combo is available in-cinemas and online for home delivery.

As the largest cinema exhibitor in the Middle East, VOX Cinemas has 61 locations and more than 600 cinema screens across the Middle East.

To learn more about this exclusive Ramadan offer, visit or the VOX Cinemas app.


Viu Releases Lineup of New Arabic Shows & Movies for Ramadan

Viu, the OTT video streaming service operating in 16 markets across Asia, MENA, and South Africa, owned and operated by the PCCW Group, is giving Middle East and North Africa viewers plenty of opportunities to enjoy regional entertainment this Ramadan.

The streaming service is offering a range of exclusive Arabic content, including its Viu Original Arabic TV series, for viewers to enjoy during the holy month.

Rohit D’silva, Chief Business Officer, of Middle East and South Africa at Viu said: “We are pleased to announce a new lineup of compelling drama and comedy series, films, and family entertainment for Ramadan through collaboration with local and regional partners. Our team has worked tirelessly to curate content that showcases the diversity, creativity, and talent of the MENA region. We are confident that audiences will find something to love, whether they are looking for thrilling dramas or heartwarming family programming.”

While all the old favorites are still available, Viu is supplementing the Ramadan season with new content for audiences of all ages and tastes. From Egyptian and Syrian titles to Jordanian and Gulf entertainment, keep reading to find out more about the latest additions to the streamer’s holiday lineup.


1. Elaka Mashroo’a [علاقة مشروعة]:

Amr and Amjad are business partners and longtime friends. They find their relationships strained when the wife of Amjad becomes pregnant from her ex-husband who is no other than his business partner. Things take a turn for the worst when a murder is committed. A poignant social drama and a cautionary tale about secret marriages and second wives. Starring Yasser Galal and Mai Omar


2. Mozakarat Zog [مذكرات زوج]:

Based on a novel by celebrated Egyptian writer Ahmed Bahgat, Mozakarat Zog is a modern interpretation of the midlife crisis. With help of a life coach, an App, and A.I., the lead character played by Tarek Lotfy, tries to find meaning in life, family, and career when he suddenly finds himself a surplus to requirement.


3. Zuqaq al Jinn [زقاق الجن]:

A Syrian drama set at the turn of the twentieth century about a Syrian neighborhood and its residents, whose lives are intertwined and entangled in a web of lies and intrigues both inside and outside their private homes. The 30-episode social drama features Ayman Zidan, Amal Arafa, Safaa Sultan, and Shukran Murtaja.


4. Balagh Nehaay [ بلاغ نهائي]:

Kuwaiti Drama was set in the late 70is and 80is, a time of social change and economic growth that marked this Gulf country forever. The series tells the story of different characters that helped shape the future of this nation.


5. Setohm [ستهم]:

Egyptian star Rogena teams up with acclaimed Director Raouf Abdelaziz in this social Drama based on a true story:  The life of Sessa, the widower who inspired a whole nation with her struggle for equality and dignity in a world of Men.


The Ramadan lineup also features select shows and movies from Jordan and the Gulf region, further accelerating Viu’s quest to bring a wide range of content to Middle Eastern viewers. Further, Viu is empowering Egyptian talent by enabling access to high-quality local productions. Viu’s commitment to providing regional entertainment reflects its dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its customers across different markets.


To discover more, download Viu on the App Store or Google Play, or visit and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok


Experience The Ultimate Ramadan Getaway at Shangri-La Jeddah

In the spirit of the holy month, Shangri-La Jeddah is delighted to announce its exciting and meaningful Ramadan celebrations in Jeddah.

Inspired by the city’s cosmopolitan spirit and maritime heritage, the hotel’s culinary creations and modern spaces will take guests on an adventure through local, Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian, and beyond.

An unparalleled Iftar experience at ALFOLK

As the moon and stars have long guided sailors, fishermen, merchants, and pilgrims to safety, they also form the backdrop to this year’s Ramadan celebrations that are sure to be more meaningful than ever whilst offering a contemporary setting with modern design elements and an elevated atmosphere. 

For the second consecutive year, Shangri-La Jeddah unveils ALFOLK, one of the city’s most contemporary Ramadan venues inspired by the city’s role as the historical gateway of Makkah. 

The Iftar menu is inspired by the city’s role as the historic gateway of Makkah and visitors will be able to discover delicious culinary creations as they are transported through the city’s maritime heritage in an enchanting setting.

ALFOLK also offers exclusive options for gatherings of 10 guests or private events for up to 400 guests, with tailored selections to suit their needs. The experienced team at Shangri-La Jeddah will fulfill guest needs for a memorable evening.

During iftar guests will indulge in cuisines created by renowned chefs from all around the world and classic Saudi dishes such as jareesh, gouzi, marqooq, and saleeg, and traditional Ramadan drinks.


A starlit Suhoor at NIYYALI

For suhoor, NIYYALI, Jeddah’s latest dining star, is where flavor, creativity, and culture align, to bring forth the true essence of the Lebanese soul Inspired by the diverse, rich, and bold tastes of Lebanese cuisine, flavor flows through all that we do. 


Delightful desserts at COPA

Those craving sweet treats after iftar can head to the exquisite boutique patisserie, COPA, to be taken through the fine art of coffee and chocolate pairing whilst unwinding with their close ones while an outdoor seating area where they can delight in the fresh air and savor the exclusive Ramadan menu featuring splendid cakes, and beautifully crafted pralines and dates.

Mindful experiences overlooking the Red Sea

For those looking for a luxurious stay in the heart of Jeddah, Shangri-La Jeddah’s 203 stylish rooms and suites plus 17 luxury serviced apartments provide the perfect opportunity for guests to soak in the Ramadan spirit surrounded by unique personalized touches yielding cherished memories during every stay. 


Meaningful contributions

This Holy Month, Shangri-La Jeddah is committed to meaningful community and sustainability engagement and is proud to announce its partnership with Etaam which will regularly donate high-quality food to people in need. Eliminating food waste and aiding good causes in due diligence toward the community, the luxurious hotel has opted for a sustainable, charitable solution that will preserve surplus food.

This Ramadan, Shangri-La Jeddah presents guests with supreme service, exquisite food, and extraordinary views, making it the perfect destination to relax and recuperate.

For more information, please visit:


Unique Ramadan Experiences Await Guests at Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh

The award-winning Al Faisaliah Hotel Riyadh is introducing an exceptional range of Ramadan experiences this year, from Iftar at the iconic Fawanees tent to a memorable Suhoor pairing tradition and sophistication.

Iftar at Fawanees – Prince Sultan Grand Hall

The Fawanees Experience at Prince Sultan Grand Hall is the ideal atmosphere for guests to enjoy a lavish Iftar in a stunning setting, adorned by Ramadan lanterns and complemented by unrivalled service. The Fawanees Experience includes a diverse selection of cuisines, featuring Arabic classics and international favourites, complete with live cooking stations as well as hot and cold Ramadan beverages.

The ideal Iftar setting for families, the Fawanees Experience includes a dedicated children’s play area with engaging activities, whilst male and female prayer rooms are also available. Available between 5:30pm to 9:00pm from March 23 until April 21, Iftar is priced at SAR 435 for the all-inclusive package and SAR 550 for the Gold all-inclusive package. Children below the age of 7 will dine with the hotel’s compliments, while those between the ages of 7 and 12 can enjoy Iftar priced from SAR 218.



Suhoor at La Brasserie

Imbuing global flavours with a sophisticated touch, La Brasserie offers a scrumptious Suhoor buffet featuring interactive stations and Ramadan beverages. A la carte dinner is available from 7:00pm until 11:00pm, while the Suhoor buffet runs from midnight until 3:30am, priced at SAR 320 for adults and SAR 160 for children aged 7 to 12 years.

With a longstanding legacy in hosting Riyadh’s finest Iftar and Suhoor gatherings, Al Faisaliah Hotel is the perfect destination for family, friends and colleagues to share the joy of the Holy Month and spend an unforgettable time together this Ramadan.


For more information or bookings, please call +966 11 273 2000 or email


Tokyo Arabia, Launches Special Ramadan Platter For Those Celebrating At Home

Tokyo Arabia, the award-winning and first Japanese restaurant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, presents a high-end gastronomic experience for Ramadan with its new “Tokyo c”

Ramadan maki platter created specifically for delivery and takeaway, and a limited-edition date cake dessert for dine-in guests. Both offerings will be available throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Patrons celebrating at home with family and loved ones can sample 30 pieces of Tokyo’s delectable selection of best-sellers and stand-out maki rolls in a single platter including the signature Saad Maki, Sultan Maki, Crunchy Crazy California, and more, for SAR139 only. With the spirit of Ramadan in mind, the fine dining restaurant has kept the delectable platter at a modest price without compromising on taste and ingredients.

Tokyo is also bringing back its well-loved Ramadan date cake, topped with cotton floss, gold leaves, and saffron sauce crafted by the master pastry chef for those visiting one of the two venues in Riyadh. Dine-in guests can still enjoy Tokyo’s signature a la carte menu throughout Ramadan and select from an array of dishes such as wagyu nigiri, beef tataki, spicy sweet beef tenderloin, wasabi prawn, and saad maki.

The Tokyo Gathering platter serves three to four persons, ensuring everyone a generous portion of Japanese goodness. Orders must be placed a minimum 24 hours in advance to secure a seamless delivery. Diners can order on Jahez and the Chefz apps from 4PM to 2AM. Tokyo’s two Riyadh locations on Al Urubah Road in Al-Sulaimania and Veranda F&B in Al-Ghadir will be open for dine-in from 6PM to 2AM.

Tokyo Arabia’s atmosphere reflects a fusion of Japanese style, combined with a modern and upbeat feel. Welcoming loyal patrons for the past three decades, the decor is inspired by nature; bamboo trees, wooden elements, calming water features, and zen stones, reflected across the restaurant’s upscale sushi bar, teppanyaki rooms, beverage bar, and dining areas.

Tokyo Arabia operates under Foods Gate, a Saudi-owned F&B company, dedicated to creating signature dining concepts across a range of cuisines and culinary experiences. The award-winning restaurant has been serving Japanese cuisine in the heart of Riyadh for 38 years and was shortlisted for MENA 50 Best Restaurants in 2022. Tokyo Arabia already has plans to expand its brand across Saudi and the Gulf, with a third outlet already in the pipeline.

For reservations or more information, please call +966 9200 09662 or visit


Swizz Beatz lauds inaugural AlUla Camel Cup as ‘special’ & Relishes Being a Part of AlUla’s Growth Story

Grammy-award winning record producer attended the pinnacle of camel racing to watch Saudi Bronx team in action

Swizz Beatz, the Grammy-award winning record producer, has praised the inaugural AlUla Camel Cup as “special”, and expressed his delight at being a part of AlUla’s growth.

The first American to own a camel racing team in Saudi Arabia, Swizz Beatz attended the pinnacle of camel racing to watch competitors from his Saudi Bronx team in action at the revamped AlUla Camel Racing Venue. A Saudi Bronx pop up store was also erected within the Venue to offer branded merchandise to AlUla Camel Cup spectators.


Organised by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) as part of the AlUla Moments calendar in collaboration with the Saudi Camel Racing Federation (SCRF), the AlUla Camel Cup concluded on Friday, March 17.

Swizz Beatz said: It’s always amazing to be in AlUla. This place is very special to me and my family’s hearts. To be able to attend the first AlUla Camel Cup and with Saudi Bronx being the first American team in the history of the federation is an honour.”

The Bronx-raised star saw his camel Mardiah place fifth in the 4.30pm race at the AlUla Camel Cup on Thursday and remarked: “I’m cool with top five – Alhamdulillah. It’s just a pleasure and a blessing.” 

Speaking outside the Saudi Bronx pop up store, Swizz Beatz, who teamed up with Jay-Z to win a 2011 Grammy for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group with ‘On to the Next One’, added: “It’s fun to have Saudi Bronx at the AlUla Camel Cup. Saudi Bronx is a global lifestyle, so there should be shirts available, there should be Saudi coffee available from Saudi Bronx, and records and songs and Spotify playlists. We want to create ways for people to get into the journey.

“Having Saudi Bronx here in AlUla is so beautiful – this was just sand where we were standing a month ago.” 

Swizz Beatz, married to fellow Grammy-award winning artist Alicia Keys, who performed at the mirrored Maraya Concert Hall during the Alula Arts Festival in February, commented that AlUla “teaches my family and other people to be open minded”.

The producer, performer, artist and businessman said: “AlUla is educational and shows different cultures. The energy in AlUla is very special, it’s very sacred. It’s so chilled. And I like to see something grow. AlUla is doing many things. We even have our skating rink here, AlUla on Wheels, from my company Good Intentions.” 

He added: “I was in AlUla when Maraya had no glass – it feels like my baby, and seeing a child grow. That’s how I feel about AlUla and Saudi as a whole.” 


Hollywood star Will Smith visits AlUla and attends AlUla Camel Cup

Hollywood star Will Smith supports music producer friend Swizz Beatz at the AlUla Camel Cup

Will Smith, the Hollywood star and multi-award-winning actor, enjoyed a day out in the ancient desert city of AlUla and attended the inaugural AlUla Camel Cup, the pinnacle of camel racing.

Visiting Saudi Arabia for the first time, the Hollywood heavyweight and intrepid traveller took some time out to visit Hegra, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, and FAME: Andy Warhol in AlUla, the current exhibition featured at the mirrored arts building Maraya.  

Smith then watched the dramatic final-day action at the four-day AlUla Camel Cup in the company of celebrity friend and music producer Swizz Beatz; Mohammed Al Turki, CEO, Red Sea International Film Festival; and Phillip Jones, Chief Tourism Officer, Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU).

Swizz Beatz, the first American to own a camel racing team in Saudi Arabia, has been keeping a keen eye on camels from his Saudi Bronx team in action at the AlUla Camel Racing Venue. The state-of-the-art venue also hosted a Saudi Bronx pop-up store in the Heritage Village, where Swizz Beatz presented Smith with one of the branded t-shirts on sale to spectators.

The AlUla Camel Cup, the pinnacle of camel racing, was organised by the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) as part of the AlUla Moments calendar in collaboration with the Saudi Camel Racing Federation (SCRF).


Spotify Reveals What Saudi Arabia Listened to in 2022

spotify in saudi arabia , Abdullah Alfarwan is the most-streamed Saudi artist in KSA. Assala Nasri’s two songs “Hanein” and “Al Sourah” among the most-streamed Khaleeji tracks in KSA.

Does spotify work in saudi arabia

This year’s Wrapped is both a celebration of a year gone by and an invitation to join in on the fun. Spotify is unveiling its 2022 Wrapped campaign and personalized user experience inspired by just that. At the same time, the world’s most popular audio platform is also announcing the top artists, songs, albums, and podcasts that made up the vibrant kaleidoscope of listeners in KSA.

Here is what the Saudis lisaudi musicstened to in 2022:

The Saudis stay on top of global trends. 2022 was the year of The Weeknd, with the Canadian superstar becoming Saudi Arabia’s artist of the year. As a close second is genre-bending artist Taylor Swift, followed by the beloved K-Pop group BTS. At number four and five on the list stood Canadian powerhouse Drake and legendary rapper Eminem, whose music soundtracked the teenage years of millennials.

As far as genres go, music listeners in Saudi have eclectic tastes, with genres such as Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, and K-Pop, along with Khaleeji music becoming some of their favourite sounds.


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For the love of Sheilat and Khaleeji music. Local artists also made waves, with Abdullah Al-Farwan being the most-streamed Saudi artist in the country, followed by Abdul Majeed Abdullah and Sheilat artist Badr ElEzzi in the second and third spots, respectively. Commenting on his success, Abdullah Al-Farwan said: “I am very happy to be topping the most-streamed Saudi Artist in KSA for the second year in a row”.

“My success is because of my fans, and in the coming months I’ll be releasing more music for them. I would also like to thank Spotify for its support on and off platform, which led to incredible moments like these.”

The top artist list saw more Sheilat names this year, with Ghareeb Al-Mukhles, Fahd bin Fasla, Abdullah Al-Mukhles, and Mohammed bin Grman making it to the top 10 most-streamed artists list. There is also a strong presence of iconic household names such as Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Mohamed Abdu and Rashed Al Majed.


When it comes to top songs, “Ya Ibn Khamash” by Mohammed Al Najm is the most-streamed Khaleeji song in Saudi this year. Assala Nasri made two special appearances on the list with her songs “Henain” and “Al Sourah“. Also on the most-streamed song list are newcomers like Lamiya Almalk with her single “Shoft El Nejoum“.


Other most-streamed local songs included “Kalemni” by Badr ElEzzi, “Adaaj Oyoun” by Majid Al-Raslani and “Zikrayat” by Badr ElEzzi.

Commenting on the results of Wrapped this year, Spotify’s Head of Music, Mark Abou Jaoude, said: “Wrapped is such an exciting time of the year where we celebrate the role music and podcasts play in soundtracking our lives. This year once again we saw how open Saudi listeners are to different genres of music, and it was great to see local artists making huge splashes.”

Keeping it local with podcasts. Several educational, motivational, cultural, and society podcasts have been making waves in Saudi Arabia this year, including Kanabet El Sebt,Finjan and Podcast Tanafuss.

 Starting today, November 30, eligible users can also access their personalized 2022 Wrapped experience exclusively in the Spotify mobile app (iOS and Android) on the 2022 Wrapped hub.

To learn more about Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped results in Saudi Arabia, see below:

Most-Streamed Artists in Saudi Arabia:

  1. The Weeknd
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. BTS
  4. Drake
  5. Eminem
  6. Billie Eilish
  7. The Neighbourhood
  8. Justin Bieber
  9. Imagine Dragons
  10. Lana Del Rey


Most-Streamed Tracks in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Another LoveTom Odell
  2. As It Was Harry Styles
  3. Middle Of The NightElley Duhé
  4. Enemy (with JID) – from the series Arcane League of LegendsImagine Dragons
  5. Heat WavesGlass Animals
  6. Sweater WeatherThe Neighbourhood
  7. After DarkMr. Kitty
  8. Close EyesDVRST
  9. Save Your TearsThe Weeknd
  10. Industry Baby Lil Nas X featuring Jack Harlow

Most-Streamed Saudi Artists in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Abdullah Al-Farwan
  2. Abdul Majeed Abdullah
  3. Badr Elezzi
  4. Ghareeb Al Mukhles
  5. Mohamed Abdu
  6. Rashed Al Majed
  7. Khaled Abdul Rahman
  8. Fahd Bin Fasla
  9. Abdullah Al Mukhles
  10. Mohammed Bin Grman


Most-Streamed Khaleeji Songs in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Mohammed Al Najm – “Ya Ibn Khamash
  2. Badr Elezzi – “Kalemni
  3. Assala Nasri– “Henain
  4. Assala Nasri – “Al Sourah
  5. Abdul Majeed Abdallah – “Ghazal Ma Yensady
  6. Lamiya Almalki – “Shoft El Nejoum
  7. Yasser Abdul Wahab – “Qalby Jobarny
  8. Mohamed Abdu – “Ashofak Kil Youm
  9. Majd Al Raslani– “Adaaj Oyoun
  10. Badr Elezzi -”Zikrayat


Saudi Arabia’s Most Popular Spotify Playlists:

  1. Best Khaleeji Songs
  2. Best Sheilat
  3. Wesh Al Trend وش الترند
  4. The Top
  5. Tarab Khaleeji  – طرب خليجي
  6. Hot Hit Gulf
  7. Hiwayah Iraqi
  8. Throw Now
  9. New Khaleeji
  10. Hot Arabic Hit- Yalla

Most popular Podcasts in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Kanabet El Sebt
  2. Finja
  3. Tanafuss
  4. Abajoura
  5. Sa7eb
  6. E7tiyalاحتيال
  7. AlSalfahالسالفة
  8. Jinayah – جناية
  9. Sokrat
  10. Areekaبودكاست أريكة

To enjoy the Wrapped experience, head over to