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How To Spend Your Eid


Or rather, activities to bring the family together.

Regardless of your family’s Eid traditions, it can get overwhelming trying to plan the perfect Eid. We’ve decided to make things easier with list of random activities that you can do during the Eid holidays (or the summer!)

img_1652Movie Night

Turn movie night from a ho-hum get together in to a must-attend event this Eid.

  • Fun Night

Available on day 1!

Mob: +966-569670602

  • Takyah

Starting day 4th of Eid, from 4 p.m. to 12 p.m.

Mob: +966-502169775
Instagram/Snapchat: takyah.jed

  • Let’s POZE Photobooth

Capture your after-movie reactions with a fun Let’s Poze photo booth.

Mob: +966-548090910
Instagram: letspoze

dsc_1377-copy-copyDesert Safari

Turn Eid into an adventure like a true desert dweller.

  • Jeddah Safari

Mob: +966-560266661
Instagram: jeddah_safari

  • Al Jazeera Safari

Mob: +966-554837195
Facebook: aljazirah.safari

  • Deira Tour

Bookings available from the 4th day of Eid.

Tel: +966-11-26638941
Mob: +966-566688161
Instagram: deiratours

black_limousine_5400x1500Drive in Style

Whether you’re looking for a large ride for an Eid event or just want to cruise around the city, hire a Limo to do things a little differently this Eid.

  • Royal Limo

Mob: +966-504332857
Tel: +966-12-6609892
Instagram: flowertulip31

  • Limo Almihav

Mob: +966-581315557

dollarphotoclub_35553101-e1415067057763Watersport Thrills

We live at the edge of the sea, so it only makes sense to enjoy some watersports on Eid.

  • Boat Jeddah

Mob: +966-553372443
Instagram: boatjeddah

  • Yallah Jeddah Boat

Mob: +966-562000605 / +966-550382776
Instagram: yallah_jeddah_boat

  • Desert Sea Divers

 Services include diving and private boat trips. Available starting first day of Eid from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Tel: +966-12-6561807
Mob: +966-555719232

  • Dream Divers

Mob: +966-505582723/+966-508829760

  • Durrat Al Arous

Activities include jet ski, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Tel: +966-920008211

screen-shot-2017-05-28-at-1-25-02-amParty Planners

These party planners will help you make things smooth for your Eid event.

  • Party Designer Jeddah

Mob: +966-555132700
Instagram: party_designer_jeddah

  • Beach Party Planners

Mob: +966-551344455
Instagram: beach_party_jeddah

  • Party Time 2

Mob: +966-544826262
Instagram: party.time2

  • Party Pack Jeddah

Mob: +966-559348171
Instagram: party_pack_jeddah

img_1512-copyGame Night Saudi-fied

Some of these Saudi-made games are the best way to enjoy with friends and family.

  • Ekkah Games

Instagram: ekkahgames

  • Nard Games

As fun and exciting as charades could get.

Instagram: nardgames

  • Rock. Paper. Scissors.

RPS has a bunch of fun games for the whole family. Order from the website or buy at Jarir.

Mob: +966-530530175

Instagram: rps_studio

  • Darahim: The Game

It’s a whole new tabletop experience.

IG: darahimthegame


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“What will they say about you?” “إيش حيقولوا عنك؟”

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Nike’s women advert regarding Arab women breaking stereotypes has received huge buzz.

Nike’s adverts are known for pushing for equality and motivating the masses. The latest Nike short film challenges the status quo of the society and asks the same question that stops us from usually pursuing our dreams “what will they say about you?” “إيش حيقولوا عنك؟”

Watch it for yourself:


Events & Happenings



INFINITI vehicles unveiled the new 2017 INFINITI Q50 sports sedan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The car is equipped with a number of performance and dynamic upgrades that deliver a more empowering and rewarding drive experience. The comprehensive updates include next-generation ride and handling technologies while two new powertrains are introduced to the range, featuring two advanced turbocharged V6 engines.

Al Ghassan Motors the authorized dealers for INFINITI hosted several on-track activities for their customers to discover and feel the high output delivered by this new engine such as “The Track” in Jeddah and “Dirab Motor Park” in Riyadh.

“The Q50 Red Sport 400 is the first vehicle launched in the region encompassing the new ‘Empower The Drive’ brand positioning,” said Sheikh Yousef Al-Sulaiman, Executive Head of Retail Operations at INFINITI – Al Ghassan Motors. “Offering a premium driving experience with two all-new powertrains (300hp and 400hp) as well as a number of technological advancements in driver aids safety; the new Q50 definitely empowers drivers and is poised to further build on its regional successes, as it continues to be a key model for INFINITI in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

Leading the way is the new Q50 Red Sport 400, the performance-orientated version of the refreshed sports sedan. Its 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo gasoline engine with direct injection delivers 400hp and is the focal point of the power plant.

Continuing the list of powertrain options, the number of Q50 trim levels is extended to three for the sports sedan. An additional turbocharged V6 powertrain is also available for the Q50 with a 300hp output, included in the Q50 Sport. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged unit that produces 208hp is packaged in the standard Q50.

The new Q50 features INFINITI’s Dynamic Digital Suspension (DDS) for the first time, which gives the new sports sedan an optimal blend of ride comfort and class-leading response and agility. For those drivers looking for a blend of dynamic settings tailored to their own particular requirements and tastes, the Q50’s Drive Mode Selector (DMS) can be augmented with ‘Personal’ mode (as before), which permits a bespoke mix of engine, suspension and steering characteristics.

The new INFINITI Q50 delivers in spades on safety and security technologies, ensuring that drivers are empowered with a plethora of assistance and safety aids.

Key technological enhancements include; second-generation Direct Adaptive Steering, Blind-Spot Warning with Intervention, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Departure Prevention with Active Lane Control, Back-up Collision Intervention with Cross Traffic Alert, Predictive Forward Collision Warning and Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection.

The INFINITI Q50 Red Sport 3.0t 400 is available across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from SR 229,000 while the entry level Q50 2.0t is available from SR. 141,000.

Ghassan A.H. Al Sulaiman Trading Est. “Al Ghassan Motors”, the authorized dealer of INFINITI vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offer its customers Peace Of Mind package during the ownership period, along with comprehensive benefits, this generous package includes three very significant constituents: warranty for five years or 150,000 km (whichever comes first), free service for five years or 100,000 km (whichever comes first / parts and labor for the following are covered at the specified intervals as stipulated in warranty and maintenance booklet: Engine oil, Fuel filter, Oil filter, Air filter, AC filter & Brake fluid. All services are to be performed at Al-Ghassan Motors workshops within 999 km of the specified service interval) and free unlimited mileage road side assistance for five years (24 hours per day, 7 days a week). The warranty and free service have been specifically designed to cater for a host of client needs by encompassing an especially wide range of benefits and items, thereby ensuring a particularly enjoyable and hassle free motoring experience. For more details, please visit our showroom and ask for the Peace of Mind Package detailed Terms and Conditions. ”


For more info on social portals: into

Facebook into

Instagram into @INFINITI.AlGhassan

Twitter into @alghassanmotors

YouTube into @alghassanmotors



5 Steps For Efficient Fuel Consumption


Last week’s budget announcement revealed a rise in oil prices. There is an increase of almost 50 percent so the 45 halalas are of the past and are now 75 halalas for (Octane 91) which is also known as the “cheap benzene.” While the “good for my car benzene” aka (Octane 95) bumped up from 60 halalas to 90 halalas.

This growth in prices is not only for petrol but also water, sewage, and electricity.

This is definitely going to take a toll on our pockets so here are tips to reduce oil consumption:



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Interviews With Distinctive Publishing Houses in Jeddah's Book Fair


More than 440 publishing houses exhibiting at “Jeddah’s International Book Fair”, made it one of the most prominent events of the year. The number of visitors exceeded 300 thousand people, who bought 8 million riyals worth of books.
Destination Jeddah met with some of the publishing houses to ask them about their contribution at the book fair, their best sellers, and the latest publishing trends to market their writers.

SibawayhSibawayh Publishing & Distribution: Saudi Publishing House

Located at the entrance of the north gate of the book fair and using social media banners for attracting book lovers, such as “Instagram” frame, and #sibawayhreader, triggered many visitors to check out their publications.

Islam Omar, PR & Marketing Manager, believes that digital marketing and creating a social media buzz have become essential to introduce new books and writers to the readers, “We target the young generation, who have eagerness to read. Sibawayh launched a digital library that enables readers to borrow books digitally all around the year,” said Omar.

In addition, the publishing house offers a number of collective services for writers who wish to publish their books and for readers to share their feedback on the novels they read. Such as, fast publishing; should one of the novels become out of stock, Sibawayh can print it out from their digital library, and book delivery service.

Sibawayh’s bestselling book:

Title: Benjamin
Author: Ibrahim Abbas


platinum-bookPlatinum Book: Kuwaiti Publishing House

A grand booth painted all in black with a hip font that reveals the publishing house enthusiast for young readers and writers drew many visitors attention to stop by Platinum Book booth.

Platinum Book has many publications from the Gulf region, as their main aim is to revive the intellectual scene in the Gulf. Their young team of sales representatives showed enthusiasm in helping readers to choose the books that fit their taste, by giving each one a thrilling synopsis of each book, making it difficult not to pile up more books than they had expected.

Commenting on the growing number of writers in the Arab world and the quality of books published, Mr. Jasim Ashkanany – Manager of Platinum Book said that our role as a publishing house focuses on encouraging writers, “at the end, readers should be the only judge.”

Ashkanany explained, “Not many years back, writers from the Gulf faced difficulties to publish their work, due to the scarcity of publishing houses in the region. Now we are taking a leading role in supporting our writers and creating a platform through which they can publish their creative work.”

“We are proud to be the first publishing house for young writers in the Gulf region.” He concluded.

Platinum Book bestselling books:

Title: Tajrubaty
Author: Fahad Al Kandary

Title: Melh Al Shaer
Author: Nuha Nabeil

Title: 112 Malouma
Author: Ahmed Heidar


ArabArab Scientific Publishers: Lebanese Publishing House

The books displayed at this Lebanese publishing house attracted, somehow, an older age group, who are interested in reading translated international bestsellers and established authors, such as Saud Al Sonousy and Monther Al Gabbany.

Jihad Shabaro, Sales and Marketing Director said that Saudi readers are passionate about reading literature work from different cultures, in addition, to local and Arab writers.

Shabaro Added, “Although there are many challenges that publishing houses face in the Arab world, participating in international book fairs and encouraging readers to read, is our mission to preserve the intellectual scene in the Arab world.”

When asked about the escalating prices of books, Shabaro explained, “Publishing Houses have to cover the high cost of printing and distribution. Our priority is to make books affordable to everyone, but there are costs that we have to cover.”

Arab Scientific Publishers Bestselling Books:

Title: Hokoumat Al Thil
Author: Dr. Monzer Al Gabbany

Title: Fe’ran Ommy Hessa
Author: Saud Al Sanousy

Madarek: Saudi Publishing House

Madarek has always been keen on having a distinctive presence at international book fairs, taking place around the Arab world. The publishing house has gained its fame from cleverly publishing books of writers with huge audiences.

Khaled Al Ateeq, Publishing Manager of Madarek, said that Madarek was keen to participate in Jeddah’s book fair, and organize book signings for their authors.

Al Ateeg elaborated, “Jeddah’s book fair success has exceeded our expectations, given that it’s the first year, and we expect it to boom even more on the following years.”

When asked about their bestselling list, Ahmed Massoud, sales representative suggested:

Title: Khawaja Yanni
Author: Mohamed Sadeg Thiab

Title: Ekhla’a Hitha’ak
Author: Yasser Hareb

Title: Mata Yestayqeth Al Najehoun
Author: Ziad Al Drees & Ali Al Hakamy



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Top 5 Fixes For Your Business’s Social Media

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Saudi Arabia’s entrepreneur sector is in an ever-growing stage. Everyday a new social media account is created for a new business.

Even though social media is a very effective marketing and communication tool it can be a little tricky to use it. Mistakes made here can ruin a company’s reputation to the ground.

However, worry no more we have for you the top 5 mistakes new businesses on social media make and their fixes.

Spreading yourself thin.
Being on every platform is not for every business, you need resources and content. Simply making an account and then not using it will not help your business in any way. It is better to use the platform your target audience is more active on.
Not consistent with updates.
Once you have launched your social media profile, it is very important to keep posting updates that are relevant to your business and your followers.
Building loyalty and relationships.
One of the biggest mistakes is not being active on your profiles. Not replying to queries or simply acknowledging a comment.
Not planning the content.
Ok so you created your social media profiles and now you are ready to be out there. Internet is pretty big, and in order to be good out there you MUST have a plan. So create a content strategy and experiment at first, whatever works with your audience stick with it.
Your profile is not complete.
Yes, it’s one of the most common mistakes that a business makes, not providing complete and enough information about the business in their description. Providing multiple ways to contact you is never going to hurt your marketing.

There are many mistakes, and fixes but these are the most common ones you need to follow.


Events & Happenings

Fast Auto Technic opens new cutting-edge showroom for Maserati in Al Khobar


Al Khobar, 22 November 2015 – Fast Auto Technic Co. Ltd., the official importer of Maserati luxury sport automobiles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, opened its first integrated Maserati facility in the Eastern Province, on Al Khobar–Dammam highway in Al Khobar city. The facility comprises a showroom as well as a service and spare parts section.

The new facility includes showroom space stretching over a 900 m² area – spacious enough to accommodate up to 7 vehicles. The showroom is being designed and constructed according to Maserati’s global standards and fitted with state-of-the-art equipment allowing for the highest level of service excellence to be provided to Maserati clients. A further 500 m² are dedicated to service and spare parts.

Opening the new service branch in Al Khobar is already regarded as a milestone for the company’s ability to serve its customers in the Eastern Province and broaden its clientele base across the Kingdom. It reiterates Fast Auto Technic’s commitment to international quality standards and benchmark criteria in the automotive service industry. The new branch is staffed with a highly skilled team of managers and highly qualified technicians dedicated to providing supreme service quality to clients.

Sheikh Mohammed Wajih Sharbatly, Chairman of Fast Auto Technic, commented: “The new Maserati branch in the Eastern Province highlights the company’s emphasis on customer service, which we have adopted throughout the entire Kingdom, in order to reinforce our clientele’s loyalty to Maserati.”

Maserati is a Italian luxury car manufacturer which was established on December 1, 1914, in Bologna (Italy) by its founder Alfieri Maserati and his brothers. Their passion and talent contributed to the company DNA: innovation, excellence, and challenge, which are reflected in the brand’s claim “The absolute opposite of ordinary”. Today, the company’s headquarters and main production location are in Modena (Italy). A second state-of-the-art production location, based on the highest quality standards of the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) concept, was inaugurated in Grugliasco, near Turin (Italy), in 2013. Maserati has been owned by the Italian car giant Fiat S.p.A. since 1993.

Its emblem, the trident, was inspired by the fountain on the Piazza del Nettuno in the center of Bologna (Italy). It is a symbol that ties together the brothers, their hometown, and the artistry and craftsmanship for which Bologna and Emilia-Romagna are known.

Through major investments into product development, production facilities as well as its worldwide dealer network, Maserati has hit a turning point. In addition to the successful GranTurismo and GranCabrio ranges, the latest generation of Maserati’s flagship sedan, the Quattroporte, and the new sports executive sedan, the Ghibli, provide the cornerstones to the brand’s strategy of producing some 75,000 units annually and gaining a significantly strengthened presence in the global luxury car market.

For 2014, Maserati posted a 136% increase in shipments to 36,500 vehicles, driven by the success of the new Quattroporte and Ghibli models. Its major markets include the USA (2014: 14,690, plus 110%), China (2014: 9,400, plus 148%), Europe (2014: 6,360, plus 153%) as well as Asia-Pacific (2014: 4,000, plus 206%) and the Middle East (2014: 2050, plus 144%).



Our Favorite Saudi YouTube Channels!



A comedy channel that talks about the Saudi culture and social life. (Jeddah – Riyadh). The channel was launched in 2012 and has quickly risen to become one of the most important YouTube channels in KSA.

La Ykther

It is a YouTube channel that talks about the Saudi culture and depicts it in a funny way. His style is almost similar to a John Stewart Tonight Show, using clips from other well known TV shows or movies to emphasize or exaggerate a point. All in hopes of creating a more self aware culture in a very sarcastic way.

Saudi Reporters:

The Saudi Reporters channel makes videos that convey a message by presenting sketches, talking about hit news around the world and local issues in their own way, for viewers to enjoy! They’re dynamic as a duo, the fact that they’re twin brothers makes it feel like they almost finish each other’s sentences. They are popular among the young crowd.

Alaa Wardi

Originally from Iran, residing in Saudi. Popular for his a cappella style. He uses social media to showcase some of his music productions or to engage people with his music.


Focuses his comedic critiques on the latest online videos and happenings, he really likes poking fun at people. Also a critique on Arab and Saudi cultures with a less serious take than La Ykther.


Youth group providing recreational, educational and cultural programs and movies to enrich the Arabic digital content. (Sharqiya)


A YouTube channel that acts as a platform for other digital content creators and also have their own videos, based in Jeddah.


Beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger who discusses different options in the sector of beauty products.


The official channel of the production company Myrkott (has shows like Masameer: cartoon based on Saudi culture)


A channel dedicated to promoting reading in Saudi and the Arab world by educating people about it, giving tips, and recommendations.


Is a production of Tilfaz. It’s a channel that talks about political and social satire.

We want to hear from you. Tell us what are your favorite YouTube Channels in the comments below. 



Snap Chat: How to be a good Snapchatter


Snapchat has become the “hit” social media app around the world.

It is the ONE platform where you can take an ugly picture of yourself and send it to your friends without it having to haunt you back for the rest of your life. That is if your friend does not betray your trust and take a screenshot of it.

If you are new to Snapchat then here’s how to use Snapchat.

How To Use Snapchat



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Ferrari to unveil 488 GTB at EXCS Luxury Motor Show in Riyadh


Riyadh, 09 November 2015 – Following its recent debut in early March at the Geneva Motor Show, the 488 GTB was today unveiled at the ninth edition of EXCS International Luxury Motor Show 2015 that held on Oct. 20-22 in the Kingdom Hall at the Four Seasons Hotel in Riyadh. Forty years from the original launch of Ferrari’s iconic first-ever mid-rear-engined V8 berlinetta, the 308, the 488 GTB opens a new chapter in the history of cars with this particular architecture as the 488 GTB has set a new benchmark for the sports car sector globally.

Credit for this achievement must go to the 488 GTB’s revolutionary proprietary solutions which deliver a car at the top of its class in terms of power output (670 cv) with engine and command response times of just 0.8 and 0.06 seconds respectively. Significantly, however, sophisticated dynamic vehicle controls make this massive power completely controllable even on the limit by drivers of all abilities, resulting in the unique driving pleasure that only a Ferrari can deliver.

Ferrari drew extensively too on its experience in both Formula One and endurance racing, bringing to the road the technology that delivered victory in two editions of the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the title in the WEC (World Endurance Championship). Also pivotal was the XX programme in which Ferrari’s technicians have developed a unique knowledge of the dynamic behaviour of extreme cars driven by non-professional drivers.

The 488 in the car’s moniker indicates the engine’s unitary displacement, while the GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, a reference to its deep roots in Ferrari history.

Designed by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the 488 GTB’s sculptural forms are completely new. They accentuate the car’s sportiness yet retain the classically clean, pure lines typical of Ferrari’s legendary styling. The seamless interweaving of form and function is clear in every detail, in fact. Certain design elements are also obvious nods to the past, not least the 308 GTB-inspired styling of the flanks.

The extreme power required by the car is delivered by the new 3902 cm3 turbo engine which is coupled with a seven-gear F1 dual-clutch gearbox featuring Variable Boost Management which optimally distributes torque (a maximum 750 Nm in seventh gear). The 488 GTB guarantees exuberant performance that is absolutely exploitable to the fullest regardless of driving conditions and is accompanied by a deep, seductive soundtrack, the signature of all Ferrari engines.

The 488 GTB’s revolutionary aerodynamics incorporate patented solutions, such as the blown rear spoiler, as well as innovative features like the 458 GT-derived aerodynamic underbody with vortex generators. The result is a new efficiency record for a Ferrari (E=1.67). Downforce increases to 325 kg at 250 km/h, thanks in part to active aerodynamic devices which reduce drag whilst simultaneously generating downforce when required.

The 488 GTB’s dynamic vehicle controls have also been further evolved. It sports a new version of the Side Slip Control System (SSC2) which, aside from just integrating with the car’s F1-Trac and E-Diff, now also controls the active dampers. This renders the 488 GTB’s dynamic behaviour during complex manoeuvres even flatter and more stable, so that less expert drivers can enjoy its potential to the fullest, resulting in an astonishingly engaging driving experience.

Ferrari 488 GTB

Technical specifications

  • Type                                                    V8 – 90° Turbo
  • Overall displacement                        3902 cm3
  • Maximum power *                              492 kW (670 CV) at 8000 rpm
  • Maximum torque *                             760 Nm at 3000 rpm in VII gear
  • Length                                                           4568 mm
  • Width                                                  1952 mm
  • Height                                                 1213 mm
  • Dry weight**                                     1370 kg
  • Weight distribution                            46.5% Front – 53.5% Rear
  • 0-100 km/h                                         3.0 s
  • 0 -200 km/h                                        8.3 s
  • Maximum speed                                 > 330 km/h
  • 11.4 l/100 km
  • 260 g/km
* With 98 RON petrol
**With lightweight options
*** ECE+EUDC combined cycle with HELE system