As a First Hospital, in its Kind, at the Level of the Middle East


 Andalusia: It is high time to enter the future of health care through the gate of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

At the time when the world is prepared to be ushered in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the World Economic Forum predicted that the deliverance systems of healthcare will be radically changed, during the next decade, into a health system supplied with data and integrative supposed care through an integrative chain for delivering health service in the suitable environments.

While the KSA apparently stands out as the greatest health forum in the region, with a package of programs and legislation enacted by the Saudi government to shore up the health transformation drive in the country and keep up with the 2030 vision, there are also leading native parties in the healthcare sector which make opportunities of best health services accessible for patients, contribute to the development of health sector in the Kingdom and usher the KSA into the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the wide health sector.


Andalusia Hospitals Group seeks expansion of participation circle of the native health sector in digitizing healthcare and delivering the developed healthcare which impacts the efficacy and effectiveness of healthcare, human resources, and standardized health systems to help make the health sector sustainable given that health is the foundation of the development of countries.

Over four decades, since it was launched at the heart of Jeddah, under the supervision of Dr.  Dirweesh Zaqzuq, Andalusia has delivered healthcare to more than 30 million persons, out of whom 800.000 individuals receive it annually and more than 2000 persons receive the treatment on a daily basis in more than 11 business entities in KSA and Egypt through multi-specialized hospitals, clinics, and health centers.


To this end, the government has allocated more than 138 Saudi riyals for the health sector which is highly considered the backbone of the KSA’s 2030 Vision Map and the cornerstone for enhancing

competitiveness and sustained development pillars, taking into account that the sector is subject technological development. This has doubled Andalusia’s efforts, under the leadership of its CEO, Hazim Zaqzuq, to incite a revolution in the field of healthcare at the native sector level, by merging the concept of the developed healthcare in the Fourth Industrial Revolution where technological innovations contribute to developing new ways for treatment, diagnosis, follow-up of patients’ health condition and deliverance of the best accessible medical solutions.


Through the adoption of concepts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Hospital management thinks of providing a modern image for understanding healthcare services, health systems management, ways of diagnosis and treatment, besides the relationship between health officials and patients through simulation of the smart hospital model which adopts the latest technologies according to the international standards.


The AI plays a great role in accelerating the development level of medical performance through the employment of the modern advanced devices which have changed medical care concepts into developed settings operating with the AI in the hospital, for example, Robotic Surgery, Robotic Rehabilitation glove, Neuronavigation, and Acoustic or Stock Wave Therapy.


As the first hospital of its kind across the Middle East Region, Andalusia seeks, through the New Hai Al-Jamea Hospital at the heart of Jeddah, to achieve a quality move and a milestone in delivering medical services according to an all-encompassing vision with top-notch quality. The Hospital was designed to be identified with concepts of modern engineering where waiting time necessary for the patient in the hospital can be reduced, rapid recovery process enhanced, calmness rates boosted and better sleeping patterns supported.


The advanced engineering design of hospitals provides a developed health atmosphere that enhances the rapid recovery process where this environment is capable of providing a source of natural light, reduction of noise, calm atmosphere, pleasant view, indoor and outdoor connection to nature, easy movement inside the hospital, the privacy of both patients and visitors, use of grey waters in watering, use of high-performance glass to reduce heat transfer, boost requirements of heating and air-conditioning and ventilation of air, waste control and treatment,  reduce the exhaustion of water and enhance infection control system according to the global standards.


It is worth noting that Andalusia delivers its services through 11 hospitals and medical centers and 280 clinics in three cities where they are staffed with 7000 specialists and they include comprehensive centers of excellence with specialized entities to deliver top-notch quality and care levels in the fields of cardiac diseases, brain stroke, and tumors.


First Item:

12 standards in hospital buildings to expedite recovery time according to some experts in healthcare deliverance, 12 standards should be available in the hospital building in order to reduce the time needed for recovery of the patient, boost calmness rates, and support better-sleeping patterns.

  1. Natural light
  2. Reduced noise
  3. Calm atmosphere
  4. Pleasant green view
  5. Indoor and outdoor connection to nature
  6. The easy movement inside the hospital
  7. Privacy of patients and visitors
  8. Use of grey waters in watering
  9. use a glass of high performance to alleviate heat transfer and boost requirements of heating and air-conditioning and ventilation of air.
  10. Waste management
  11. Reduction of water exhaustion
  12. The infection control system according to the global standards


Where is the first hospital in the region to adopt this style?
Andalusia Hospital at the heart of New Al-Jamea of Jeddah

Second Item:

How have 30 million persons capitalized on the modern healthcare services in Andalusia Hospital?
Within four decades, 30 million persons, out of whom 800.000 patients annually, more than 2000 individuals on a daily basis and 100 persons every hour benefit from medical services in Andalusia Hospitals, through 11 hospitals and medical centers, 280 clinics in 3 cities, with 7000 employees caring for patients.


Third Item:

9 rules for merging wellness with developed medical services inside hospitals   

 How do hospitals consolidate wellness with advanced medical services?
Andalusia Hospital, in New Hai Al-Jamea of Jeddah, presents new expertise, for the first time, in merging wellness techniques with advanced medical services through the adoption of nine rules at the heart of the medical environment of the hospital, given that these services come as the top priority:

  1. Luxurious internal design.
  2. A zone is allocated for the family.
  3. Brilliant illumination system close to natural light.
  4. Green-areas view.
  5. Best acoustic performance for noise reduction.
  6. The infection control system is according to global standards.
  7. Absolute patient privacy.
  8. Best chefs and nutritionists supervise personally the served meals.
  9. Luxurious suites such as the following:

17 Presidential suites, 6 Royal suites, 24 shared room, 1 Andalusia suite, 48 single first classroom, and 2 GYM  1 nursery


Out of this World

Galaxy milky way at Saudi Arabia

Geological Marvels that warrant exploration.

Glimmering stars, light beams, vivid astronomy, and terrains that are straight out of science fiction, here is a list of must-visit places locally and internationally. For most of the mentioned experiences, time is of the essence, so challenge yourself and try to catch them all, like intergalactic pokemon.


Head to the Garameel area in AlUla, which is renowned for its clear skies and breathtaking views of constellations. Stargazing here, in particular, is mesmerizing, with the galaxy seemingly enveloping you in a cosmic blanket. Connect with the right tour guides and they’ll orient you too in the astronomical ins and outs of it all.

Ever wondered what it’s like to visit another planet? The surreal landscape and rock formations at Al Wahba crater get you closer to your interplanetary goals. The massive phenomenon measures 4km wide and 250-meters deep, carved on the famed Hafer Kishb basalt plateau.

The tallest volcano in Saudi Arabia is Jabal Abyad, which stands at 2,093 meters in Harrat Khyber, Madinah. It was given the name ‘white mountain’ because the white ash that covers it resembles snow to the untrained eye, but is actually volcanic ash. All those who visit say that this site is better to see on foot.

Galaxy milky way at Saudi Arabia

Galaxy milky way at Saudi Arabia


A must add on your archetypal starry “wishlist” is viewing The International Space Station, a modular space station located in Earth’s low orbit.

Depending on the level of your travel ambition you can play roulette by heading to their website and seeing where the station would be bound to be visible from that location.

Or… you can wait for the station to fly above Saudi Arabia, the International Space station is known to pass over Riyadh, Al Kharj, and Tabuk but it is to be noted that due to the constant change in the orbit these locations may vary. Due to the ability to see it pass by, the organization has made it easy to track and witness by simply plugging your desired city into their website, and it will tell you where there are sightings near
you in the next few days and for how long.

Best Time to Visit:

– Any time but the Summer to fully see the lights in the darkness.
– Ideally between September and April.
– Try to plan it to coincide with the new moon.


The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights is an atmospheric phenomenon that happens because of energized light that slams into the Earth’s upper atmosphere at a great speed. With the planet’s magnetic field protecting us, we get stunning and amazing dancing lights instead.

Most of us have heard of this incredible natural light show that regularly occurs over the skies in some countries in the northern hemisphere. Although far from Saudi, it may be easier than one might think to plan a trip to see the lights at their peak.

Shortest trip from Saudi Arabia

  • Scotland (6 hours and 56 minutes by plane)

To see the Northern Lights from Scotland, take a trip to Orkney and Shetland isles in the northern part of the country. Due to the remote areas of the region, it’s easiest to see the Northern Lights as there is less light pollution.

  • Norway (8-10 hours by plane)

If you don’t mind a slightly longer trip, you can head to Norway where there are many different hotels and sights specifically designated for viewing the Aurora Borealis Lights in the absolute best way possible. The Aurora Borealis is most commonly visited in Norway, but you can also see it from Greenland, Iceland, Swedish and Finish Lapland, Scotland, Siberia, Canada, and Alaska.


Fly High & Travel A-Broadly


Traveling is living.

Perfect for history buffs

How to travel to Athens, Greece
Head to VFS global official partner of the Embassy of Greece in Saudi Arabia to apply for a visa and book an appointment.alex-azabache-j97yqu81fsw-unsplash


Get an international driver’s license
Many countries offer you the opportunity to convert your driving license to that of your visiting country, this is a great way to go on long route road trips and save money by not renting a car.

1200px-archa%cc%88ologisches_nationalmuseum_athenHistoric spots in Greece to see

  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Acropolis of Athens Parthenon
  • Parthenon

img_7297When in Athens make sure to try Souvlaki and Moussaka both dishes give you a taste of what the city is all about.

avani-khao-lak-the-beach-houseAvani Resorts In Southern Thailand

Avani welcomes travelers with four new resorts on Thailand’s untouched beaches: Avani Khao Lak Resort, Avani Mai Khao Phuket Suites & Villas, Avani Koh Lanta Resort, and Avani Ao Nang Cliff Krabi Resort. There’s something for everyone adding adventure, fun, and peace and quiet to your next vacation.


04_anantara-kihavah-island-aerial-hero-imageEnjoy some vitamin sea

Resort living
In addition to snorkeling and enjoying all the beautiful natural wonders of Anantara Kihavah, the resort has introduced two new green spaces to provide natural sanctuaries of calmness and serenity for guests. This is part of their ongoing commitment to sustainable tourism and environmental conservation.

Instagram: anantarakihavah

Pick the perfect beach bag

Check out these local brands that may have your next beach bag!


  • Marina Beach Bag by Yasmina Q
    Instagram: _yasminaq_


  • Blue Orange Beach Bag by Baya


Travel Scoop


Must know travel trends.


Saudi Arabia Railways

Riyadh – Hofuf – Abqaiq – Dammam

The journey starts at the Riyadh rail station and takes you to Dammam Station You can choose between Business Class and Economy Class. Although both classes offer the same level of comfort, there are certain variations that may lead you to pick one over the other The price difference isn’t a lot, and upgrading to business gives you more legroom and the comfort of a more spaced out carriage.

What to expect?

– Views of the stunning Saudi Desertscape.
– A smooth and easy travel experience.

Head to and book a ticket.



Explore the beauty of Saudi Arabia with Khalid Sherbi

Do you want to go on a guided tour of the country with a local expert?
Khalid Sherbi, a qualified tour guide and trainer headquartered in Taif, can take you around the country’s natural splendor. He often shares knowledge and must-know information about the country on his social media.

Mob:  +966-505359174
Instagram: khalidsherbi



Wait… What’s my health Passport?

Located on your Tawakalna application dashboard your health passport is a detailed document that shows the status of all your vaccinations.



Saudi Travel Socials Spotlight

Yousef often shares his travel adventures with his multitude of followers, showcasing the beauty of not only the kingdom but also globally.

Yousef AlSudais
Instagram: jo0sef
Tiktok: jo0sef


The Cabin Life in Sharqiyah


Explore the getaways and lodges of Saudi.

Between mountainous getaways, beach retreats, and even luxury desert glamping options, this is our pick of cabins and alternative accommodations around the country. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and experience an immersive, authentic yet modern stay while also connecting with the stunning natural surroundings that Saudi.

269766019_953307608934705_5971516032837000735_nTamara Resort

A beach resort with each chalet boasting a private pool, modern settings as well as full amenities. Each resort has its own small private path that leads to the beach.

Location:    Salwa Costal Rd, Dhahran
Instagram:  tamararesor

265994066_887185031986536_6544863457936590254_n-1Dana Beach Resort

Dana Beach Resort offers an outdoor pool, barbecue facilities, and access to a private beach, with some rooms including a private patio.

Location:     Half Moon Bay, Khobar

image-4-copyOasis Caravan  – Al Ahsa

Spend the night in a state-of-the-art caravan, with a beautiful station and outdoor seating area along with a barbecue for a fun-filled stay.

Location: Joatha Tourism City, Al Ahsa

245050804_450302553074078_4954278273834064819_nAl Koot Heritage Hotel – Al Ahsa

Go back in time to the Al Koot Heritage Hotel, where arabesque interiors and vintage items are all around, giving you an authentic historical experience.

Location:   Al Koot, Al Hofuf
Instagram:   alkootheritage


Habitas Al Ula – ALULA

An eco-friendly option in the midst of the Al Ula grounds lies Habitas Al Ula, which allows you to experience the luxury of glamping with an opportunity to truly appreciate nature.

Location: Ashar Valley, Al Ula
Instagram: habitasalula

Habitas Al Ula boasts programs that accommodate art, culture, and wellness for an experience-based stay.

272297199_2891556204469164_984800296186386722_n-copySahary Al Ula Resort – ALULA

The rooms at the Sahary Al Ula Resort are set in spacious tents that are elegantly decorated, with amenities making it a perfect place to explore.

Location: The Moatadal Area, Al Ula
Instagram: sahary_resort

With 80 rooms in the resort, each room has its own private terrace that overlooks the Al Ula hills.


The Cabin Life in Jeddah

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Explore the getaways and lodges of Saudi.

Between mountainous getaways, beach retreats, and even luxury desert glamping options, this is our pick of cabins and alternative accommodations around the country. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, and experience an immersive, authentic yet modern stay while also connecting with the stunning natural surroundings that Saudi has to offer.

Boho the Beach

Boho the Beach

Boho the Beach

Set as a peaceful bohemian-themed getaway, Boho the Beach offers a limited number of cabins, for more secluded and exclusive access to the stunning beach.

Location: Obhur, Az Zomorod District, Jeddah.
Instagram: bohothebeach

People come from all over Jeddah just for the famous tacos at the Resort’s Kaktos Pan-Asian International Restaurant!

narcissus-resort-and-spa-1Narcissus Resort and Spa

With cabins overlooking the Red Sea, the Narcissus Resort and Spa boasts villas with private pools or jacuzzis and direct access to the sandy beach.

Location: Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Street, Obhur Al- Shamaliyah, Jeddah
Instagram: narcissushotel

Narcissus is home to the largest spa in Jeddah and is fully equipped with separate services for men and women.

0Movenpick Al Nawras Jeddah

These villas are set on the Red Sea, on an island connecting to the mainland. These modern and spacious cabins include kitchenettes as well private pools surrounded by the sea.

Location:  North Cornish Road Beside Al Nawras Square, Jeddah

Every afternoon has a chocolate hour, where the resort serves mouth-watering chocolate to all guests!

2020122712250192332Lagoona Campsite – KAEC

With a total of 20 tents available, Lagoona Campsite is an alternative resort option nestled in the King Abdulaziz Economic City that offers a Bedouin-like campsite.

Location: King Abdulaziz Economic City

The sea is directly opposite the campsite, with beach amenities close by

Oceana Resort – KAEC

With the beach constantly available to you, the Oceana Resort in King Abdulaziz Economic City gives you luxury accommodation inspired by Andalusian architecture.

Location:   King Abdulaziz Economic City
Instagram:   oceanaresort.kaec

Two types of villas are available, each with its own unique decor and aesthetic


Gazelle Resort – TAIF

A resort set on the side of the glorious Al Shafa mountain, the villas all boast a private pool and outdoor seating areas that create a magical experience.

Location:     Al Shafa, Taif
Instagram gazelle_res


The Wooden Resort – TAIF

The Wooden Resort consists of several log cabin villas overlooking Taif from its mountain heights. Each with its own private pool, garden, and aesthetic balconies.

Location:     King Adbullah Road, Taif
Instagram:    wooden_resort


Habitas Al Ula – ALULA

An eco-friendly option in the midst of the Al Ula grounds lies Habitas Al Ula, which allows you to experience the luxury of glamping with an opportunity to truly appreciate nature.

Location:      Ashar Valley, Al Ula
Instagram:    habitasalula

Habitas Al Ula boasts programs that accommodate art, culture, and wellness for an experience-based stay.

272297199_2891556204469164_984800296186386722_n-copySahary Al Ula Resort – ALULA

The rooms at the Sahary Al Ula Resort are set in spacious tents that are elegantly decorated, with amenities making it a perfect place to explore.

Location:       The Moatadal Area, Al Ula
Instagram:    sahary_resort

With 80 rooms in the resort, each room has its own private terrace that overlooks the Al Ula hills.


Jeddah, All Buttered & Ready to Roll


Whether you like them flaky, chewy, decadent, or savory… Treat yourself to these spaces serving up scrumptious pastries from all over the city.

221227108_616723522586462_7439151537164666798_nOdette Paris – Saudi Arabia

With all the cream puffs you can eat, Odette has nine different flavors of these beloved French choux-filled pastries. Apart from their specialty, there are also eclairs, Madeleines, to enjoy.

Location:  AlRawdah, Jeddah
Instagram: odetteparis

242225218_233644568706530_7637713534106591948_nArt of Pastries

Experience visual and decadent treats, with indulgences such as fruit-filled tarts or bite-sized mini-eclair bites. These beautifully decorated deserts are truly an art form in themselves.

Tel: +966-567097702
Instagram:  art.of.pastries

272929957_227934736219468_3964349754223335914_nBlu Jam

Adding a Saudi twist to European-style pastry and baking, Blu Jam offers European hits like fruit danishes to Saudi favorites such as a variety of fatayer.

Location: Al Hamra, Jeddah
Instagram: blujamksa


A Portuguese speciality, this homegrown bakery and cafe specializing in Portuguese desserts ‘Pasteis de Nata’ and  ‘Pillow’ pastries, quickly making its way into local hearts.

Location: Prince Saud Al Faisal, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah
Instagram lisboa.ksa


Fresh Flavors

Partial view of girl eating ice cream. Selective focus of woman with sweet dessert.

Our pick of the freshest, newest, and most special Ice Cream Saudi offers.

Nothing beats the gratification of an ice cream cone on a scorching summer day, especially when served with a mind blowing flavor or inst-worthy look. These cool delights will leave you feeling refreshed and impressed.




Bake N Take
Baked goods with a dollop of ice cream, we say yes to this affair. The baked treats range from classic chocolate chip cookies to french toast.

Location: Prince Bandar St., Al Khobar Al Shamaliyah
Instagram: bakentakeksa





Local favorites transformed into exciting ice cream such as Shani, Chips Oman and Hello Panda Cookies flavors. Which you can eat out of the original packaging!

Straw also has a variety of juices and smoothies!

Location: A Damman, Al Nazhah Dist.



Boba and ice cream, check. Get motivated with their mixed berry, mango, and blackberry ice creams. Everything you need to beat the heat.

Location: Prince Turki St., Khobar



With soft serve ice cream, taiyaki waffle options, and what Branch calls ‘steak’ style ice cream, which are ice creams on a stick, their range of ice cream is unmissable as the hot months roll in make sure to head to Branch to get a delicious cone or two.

MUST-TRY FLAVORS: Blue Sky and Salted Caramel

Location:    Alaziziyah, Dammam



Along with their aesthetically pleasing interior, at Breez, you can also find teddy bear-shaped ice alongside their tropical flavors of ice cream, desserts and drinks, such as their colorful mojitos and iced coffee and more.

Location:   Khobar Corniche



An impeccably cute way to get your next brain freeze. Corno is a unique take on refreshing ice cream with even quirkier names for its animal-shaped ice creams on cones. Take your pick from ‘Shico’, ‘Mono’, ‘Tosho’ and ‘Jino’! to name a few.

Location:   Al Khobar City

The Chimny


Cloud Kitchens with Cul.In

culin-bus is the first and leading Saudi company to redefine the meaning of cloud kitchens.

At the beginning of 2022, celebrated with its Rahal VB (the holding company) success partners the launch of the firstborn and bred Saudi cloud kitchen equipped with the latest evolved technologies that feature kitchen backend, complete cloud solution, and shared spaces.

After conducting multiple studies in the Saudi market, it was confirmed that most restaurants are looking to reduce their overhead and find new
and innovative ways to expand their reach.


Jeddah was chosen as the starting point for this evolved solution and choice in reducing operational costs in the restaurant sector by 40%. The transformation from the traditional kitchen concept to the cloud kitchen concept is supported by a state-of-the-art facility. It’s designed to manage the backend operational work of restaurants, resolving traditional kitchen issues with the lowest cost and sustainable quality. features a cloud kitchen that serves clients based on their needs and timings while receiving orders via delivery apps. It offers shared spaces equipped with the latest smart technology, can accommodate 40 restaurants, and produce a minimum capacity of 8000 meals per day.


The company has also developed an innovative kitchen management system dedicated to the hybrid kitchen to ensure the efficiency of the business workflow, measure performance, collect and analyze information, and control managing sales, marketing, and operating, from the point of submitting a request through delivery apps to the point of delivery to the customer, all while ensuring to comply with quality and safety standards.

Partnering with Wayrem, an expert in providing procurement and logistics support; also ensures that ingredients and products needed by its clients are provided for at the best cost and quality.


In the light of increased growth in the entertainment and festivals and the high demand for restaurants’ involvement in this sector; has launched a first of its kind mobile cloud hybrid kitchen bus. It is meant to be an eco-friendly and efficient solution for remote and seasonal areas, equipped with technologies that are fully capable of producing a minimum of estimated 2000 meals per day.

Furthermore, is looking forward to being the partner and innovative supporter of the creative ideas of newly emerging restaurants, leading brands, and entrepreneurs.


Te: +966-55-1101339
Instgram: cul.inksa


Sharqiyah, All Buttered & Ready to Roll


Whether you like them flaky, chewy, decadent, or savory… Treat yourself to these spaces serving up scrumptious pastries from all over the city.

download_2Beano Bakery

Specializing in croissants and danishes, Beano Bakery fills its pastry creations with special stuffings like spinach mediterranean and kale truffle perfect with their hot cocoa topped with marshmellows.

Location:   AlAmir Faisal Ibn Fahd Rd., Al Khobar

download-1La Pate Bakery

Putting a twist on pastry classics, La Pate Bakery offers interesting pastries for the sweet tooth and meals, such as their vol au vent scrambled eggs, oreo croissant, pecan pie, and much more.

Location: Mall of Dhahran, Dhahran
Instagram:   lapateksa

download-3Pastry Shop

Kolache with a twist. The labeled Kolache is filled with savory fillings like Cherry Kufta, Pasta, Zaatar, and even meals like Piccata. They also have sweet options with a variety of flavors.

Location: Al Mohamadiyah, Dammam


Swing by for a tasty indulgence. With creations such as berry croissants and their Nutella roll, Swing offers pastries that gratify and delight with every bite. If you love tiny desserts make sure to try their mini menu.

Location:   Jubail Industrial City, Jubail
Instagram:  swing.ksa