AlUla’s Resident Festivities are Back!


Winter at Tantora and more are waiting for you.

AlUla’s events schedule is jam-packed with four exciting, anticipated festivals, including Winter at Tantora, which is returning by popular demand, as well as three more festivities: AlUla Skies, AlUla Arts, and AlUla’s Wellness Festival, all under the banner of AlUla Moments.

These events will feature curated art, culture, music, nature, wellness,  cuisine, astronomical experiences, and much more. The events will include free and ticketed experiences.

For information with regards to tickets and other information, visit

The four unique events will begin on December 21 and run through March 30 in front of AlUla’s numerous timeless marvels. Then, starting in October, musical events will return to AlUla, with Maraya resuming its role as the venue for regional and international artists.

Winter at Tantora, the Kingdom’s inaugural music and arts event, returns from 21 December to 12 February.

The festival season will go off with a spectacular Candlelit Symphonic Concert at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra. In addition, equestrian events will include the eagerly awaited new haute couture horse fashion event, Ikmah Fashion Calvary, the return of the competitive Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Endurance Race, and the oh-so-chic AlUla Desert Polo.

A new Citrus Festival will celebrate AlUla produce. In addition, the Harrat Observation Deck with Back to Black restaurant will offer stunning sunrise and sunset views of AlUla from the top of the Harrat Uwayrid. In addition, archaeology and cultural workshops will be introduced at the various heritage sites; live immersion shows at AlUla Old Town and in the oasis.

The AlUla Arts festival, which will begin in February 2021, will bring together exhibitions and encounters made by a broad range of artistic talents to commemorate AlUla’s heritage as a cultural crossroads.

Some of the Kingdom’s top artists will be an exhibition reflecting the cutting edge of contemporary art at the award-winning Maraya, championing the ‘Art of our time.’

Al Jedidiah will be a hive of artistic activities and entertainment. The outdoor Cinema El Housh features arthouse Saudi filmmakers and tailored art experiences amid AlUla’s Oasis and surrounding settings.

The AlUla Arts Festival begins on February 13 and runs through March, with central installations continuing until the end of March.

It’s no secret that AlUla’s unique natural landscapes, from volcanic plains to historical heritage sites, are best observed from the air – presenting AlUla Skies. The sky will be alive with activity, whether it’s drifting serenely above Hegra in a hot air balloon, flying the length of the oasis in a vintage plane, or riding a helicopter over the rock formations of Madakheel.

Constellations, a unique sight, and sound experience is a high-tech twist on AlUla’s renowned star-gazing tour, while Symphony Under the Stars will be a spine-tingling orchestral concert set under a million glittering stars. All the activities mentioned above are bookable from 27 February to 12 March.

Leaning into AlUla’s history as a place for respite and relaxation, AlUla’s cultural oasis will become a focal point for wellness this December. A stunning new Garden of Moments experience will use the elements of the environment interacting with space, light, and sound in thought-provoking installations.

In addition, as part of the upcoming AlUla Wellness Festival in March 2022, a Five Senses Sanctuary will provide experienced yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practitioners with a comprehensive spectrum of mind, body, and soul experiences.

For something more energetic, the Eco-Trail returns to AlUla, and AlUla Oasis Fitness Infusion will offer daily doses of endorphins in the form of expert-led group classes. AlUla Wellness Festival will run from 17 March to 27 March.

Also coming back this year will be the popular sunken seating and fire pits around Elephant Rock. New adventure experiences include mountain biking, the Via Ferrata suspension bridge, extended zip line, and some challenging new hikes and canyon experiences at Madakheel.

Dining options will be extended across AlUla from new heritage site restaurants, the return of Annabel’s, and the Michelin starred chef restaurant, Maraya Social, on the rooftop of Maraya.

AlUla’s calendar takes inspiration from an ancient destination where social gatherings and cultural exchanges were part of everyday life.

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Important Dates to Keep an Eye On

  • Winter at Tantora – December 21 to February 12
  • AlUla Arts – February 13 to February 26
  • AlUla Skies – February 27 to March 12
  • AlUla Wellness Festival – March 17 to March 27


Hala Alaitah Brings Fashtology to Jeddah


Saudi designer Hala Alataih’s fashion show impresses with the introduction of Fashtology technology to Jeddah.

The modern Fashtology technology has now been introduced to Jeddah by Saudi fashion designer Hala Alaitah with the launch of her new evening and wedding dress collection. Her debut fashion show took place on Tuesday September 21st, at the Galleria Hotel b Elaf, and coincided with Saudi Arabia’s 91st National day.

dsc09221The fashion show was attended by media professionals, dignitaries, and social media influencers. It consisted of a black and white set which incorporated the Fashtology lighting technology provided by Virtuwall company, which specializes in lighting and events and was used for the first time in the Kingdom. The set also included natural roses as an extra touch, provided by Wardaty. Additionally, Amal Saab International Company provided a mobile “café bar” to greet guests, which is also now available in Saudi Arabia for the first time. They also oversaw the provision of hospitality and luxury chocolates that were specifically coming from Paris on this day.

image1The show began with the showcasing of Hala Alaitah’s latest creations, with each piece designed to be worn in different ways. Following this was several of her collection’s most luxurious evening dresses that combined earthy colors, luxurious embroidering in gold and silver and pearl inlays. Using different types of fabrics, Hala Alaitah combined simple and modern looks with elegance and luxury.

dsc09369Hala Alaitah also added a twist to the evening by presenting a collection of children’s fashion, which included dresses that mirrored the adult model’s dresses. The show ended with the portrayal of a bride in “Fibre Optic” technology for the self-lighting of the dress. Presenting this dress, was fashion blogger Shorouk Ayman, who also wore a luxurious  set of green, emerald stones by Mouawad jewellery, and were also debuted for the first time in the Middle East.dsc09337

Concluding the show, designer Hala Alaitah gave a big thanks to the sponsors as well as the supporters of the fashion show including: Hotel Galleria by Elaf, Amal Saab International Brand for Hospitality and Chocolate, Mouawad Jewellery, Le Salon beauty center, and AlTawkilat Universal Motors (Maserati KSA, Infiniti Saudi, Hongqi KSA) who were officially the carriers of the event.dsc09305

To end the show, the nation was celebrated on its 91st national day with the Saudi National anthem.


TOUS Celebrates National Day With a Special Green Collection Featuring the Famous Palm Tree


On the occasion of Saudi Arabia’s 91st National Day, the global jewelry Spanish brand TOUS has launched a new and all-exclusive National Day jewelry collection. The famous brand continues to celebrate special occasions around the world and this time shares the joy of the National Day with Saudi women.

The new collection includes a spectacular variety of golden necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings with brilliant new designs exuding the iconic elegance of TOUS. The stunning gemstones reflect the different shades of green representing the Saudi flag while the Palm tree – the famous iconic Saudi logo – is featured in yellow gold 18kt to express the pride and glory of Saudi Arabia.

The National Day collection by TOUS is dedicated to the inspiring and confident Saudi women who are looking for a set of jewelry to complement their appearance in a way that expresses their national pride. This extraordinary green collection with all its unique details including the golden palm tree is considered a timeless and priceless gift to all citizens and residents celebrating their love for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. tous-sa-national-day-campaign

While the fascinating new collection is especially launched for the occasion, its enthralling pieces can make at any time the perfect love gift from Saudi men to express their endless love and affection to the special ones in their lives.

Since 1920, TOUS deservedly earned its place as one of the top brands in the jewelry making industry, and it has celebrated special occasions with its customers around the world while promoting national identities with exceptional final touches in the form of contemporary and classic attractive designs.

With some of the most beautifully designed jewelry alongside a golden palm tree, colorful gemstones, and TOUS green teddy bear, this time the National Day will be extra special and Saudi women will be ready to celebrate this lovely annual occasion in a new wave of luxury style.


Trailing Cultures


History, traditions and beyon.

The richness of the Saudi culture is not limited to history and monuments; it is also preserved and passed on through its people. Here are a few immersive cultural experiences that you can participate in to feel closer to the country’s traditional practices.



Al Baha

Al Baha is the country’s honey production hub. The region is known to produce some of the best honey in the country. We reached out to Dhawi al Ghamdi, a tour guide located in Al Baha, who gave us insight into the region’s  beekeeping practice. “To protect beekeeping and honey production in Al Baha, The Bee Association was set up. It allows visitors to train and become experts when it comes to beekeeping.”

If you are looking to learn more about the exciting field of beekeeping, visit the Beekeepers Cooperative Association.

You can:
1. Train to become a beekeeper yourself
2. Learn about bees and their lifecycle

  • Beekeepers Cooperative Association
    Location: Al  Baha Region, Belgrache
    Tel:  +966-463722017
  • Tour guide
    Location: Dhawi Al Ghamdi (Arabic – English)
    Tel: +966-543789331


Al Jouf

Home to the best olives in Saudi, Al Jouf is renowned for its green and black olives that grow in small oval shapes. Apart from olives, olive oil also plays a prominent role in Saudi culture. If you teleport back in time, growing olives was a prominant practice for approximately 6,000 years. Al Jouf flows with various locations that fill your bags with olives and olive oil.

After contacting Mohammed Tarfawi, a tour guide in Al Jouf, he informed us about the Jouf Agricultural Development Company. “The company produces more than 5 million olive trees per year, all year along as well as olive oil,” said the tour guide himself.

Try Al Jouf Olives at

  • Al Jouf Agricultural Development company
    Location: Busaita, Wadi Alsarhan, Aljouf district
  • Al Jareed Farm
    Location: Sakaka, Al Jouf, 72345
    Bseita Olive oil farm
  • Tour guide
    Mohammed Tarfawi
    (Arabic – English)
    Tel: +966-557367072

Traditional Souks


Abha is home to numerous local and traditional souqs. Noticeably, the city names its markets after the days they operate in, the most famous of which is the Tuesday Market, offering local favorites including herbs, textiles, crafted pots, and clay ovens. Likewise, another well-known souq is Souq Al Nissa; the women’s market, known for selling local women’s garments along with traditional herbs, spices, flower crowns, and purses.

  • The Tuesday Market
    Location: Al Muftaha, Al Malik Khalid Rd, Abha
  • Souq Al Nissa
    The new Women Market
    Location:  Al Irq Ash Shamali, Khamis Mushait



Local guide, Khaled DaifAllah AlSherbi, helped us understand how the industry evolved to where it is today. “A tree-type from Arabia, Damascus Joury, has been present for more than 400 years. As the years passed, people saw its potential as an investment, and that gave birth to the oil and perfume industry in Taif, which jumpstarted the process of rose farming and various byproducts.”

Rose farms have become a tourist spot flowing with cafes and entertainment services.

Visit a Rose Farm and Factory:

  • Bin Salman Rose Farm
    Location:  Alhuda, Taif
    Tel: +966-564343001
  • Al Gadhi Rose Factory
    Location:  Adam St, Taif
    Tel: +966-12-7334133
  • Tour guide
    Khalid DaifAllah AlSherbi
    (Arabic – English)
    Tel: +966-505359174


Go With the Flow


Viva agua this summer!

Summer is here! And we all want to escape the heat. So explore the variety of water-based activities in Saudi Arabia. From private and public beaches to hidden waterfalls and rivers. It will surely keep you, your family, and your friends entertained all summer long!

Navigate through our list of must-do activities that will make you fall in love with water all over again.


While Riyadh is not a coastal city; you can still enjoy the many resorts available that allow you to feel as if you’re right by the sea.



  • The Valley Resort
    Location: Wadi Laban
    Tel: +966-555071601
    Instagram: thevalleyresort
  • The Cliff Resort
    Location: Waseel Road, Riyadh 1392
    Tel: +966- 557222876


Yanbu is known for its sandy beaches, grassy parks, and coastal activities. It’s a great place to check out natural waters, and experience beautiful resorts.



  • Mövenpick Hotel & Resort
    The unique location, ingenious design, and magnificent view are just a few features to complement the comfort and hospitality Yanbu’s only 5-star hotel in Royal Commission area.

Public Beaches

  • Yanbu Al Bahr Beach
    With fantastic views of the Red Sea, and activities including horseback riding and water sports such as sailing and scuba diving, the Yanbu Al Bahr Beach is a great spot for either relaxing with a picnic or experiencing an adrenaline rush.
  • Yanbu Waterfront
    A local favorite, the Yanbu Waterfront is clean and relaxing with playground facilities and various food and snacks shacks. Its is a great place to have a picnic and a dip in the sea.


Frequently described as the ‘Pearl of Resorts’ and the ‘Garden of Hijaz,’ the Al Baha region is one of Saudi Arabia’s prime tourist destinations due to its cool climate, rich heritage, and around 40 forests. Al Baha is also known for its beautiful and serene waterfall that you can visit all year round.

  • Khairah Forest Waterfall
    Khairah Waterfall is said to travel through a two-kilometer valley towards stunning lakes below that attract visitors from across the region.


The Asir region is a beautiful area of the country, known for its stunning landscapes, breathtaking views, and nature. Among these are hidden water sources that are excellent for all explorers and wanderers.

  • Al Dahna Waterfall
    One of the most prominent and permanent sources of fresh water in the country is Tanomah, which lies in the south of the Asir region. The Waterfall flows consistently throughout the year, which is a rare occurrence in Saudi. Bask in the resulting beautiful landscapes that surround the serene waterfall.
  • King Fahd Dam
    Located in Bishah is the biggest dam in Saudi Arabia, with a capacity of 325 million cubic meters. The dam is a great visit to Bishah to witness a stunning and immense man-made wonder.


  • Boat trips & island hopping
    With more than 100 islands surrounding the city of Umluj, take a day trip on a boat to explore all the glorious sites and exciting adventures of the islands. Snorkel, fish, or even dive around the islands’ alluring azure waters.

Al Ahsa

  • Natural springs
    Make sure to visit the over 100 natural springs available in the region, which include the famous sites of Al Jawhariah, Um Sab’ah, and Al Khodoud Springs. Take a dip and benefit from its therapeutic waters, which you can even drink.
  • Yellow Lake
    Despite the slight difficulty of reaching it, the Yellow Lake of Al Ahsa is a beautiful wetland shallow lake surrounded by dunes. Enjoy a picnic on the shore, and be on the lookout for some of the region’s most spectacular wildlife.

An SUV is essential due to the lack of smooth roads nearby. Hire a guide for the best experience.


Go With the Flow JEDDAH


Viva agua this summer!

Summer is here! And we all want to escape the heat. So explore the variety of water-based activities in Saudi Arabia. From private and public beaches to hidden waterfalls and rivers. It will surely keep you, your family, and your friends entertained all summer long!

Navigate through our list of must-do activities that will make you fall in love with water all over again.

Often dubbed ‘The Bride of the Red Sea”,  Jeddah is home to an extraordinary coast with a collection of private and public beaches to cater to your needs. Here are some of its most prominent beaches:


Private Beaches

If you’re ready to escape the crowd and relax in a more enclosed shore, check out Jeddah’s many private beaches for some tranquil fun in the sun.

  • OIA Beach Resort
    location: 8984 Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St
    Tel: +966-12-2133336
    Instagram: oaiabeach
  • Boho Beach Jeddah
    location: 7754 Abhar, AZ Zomorod District, Jeddah
  • Silver Sands Beach
    location:  Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, Al Lulu,
    Tel: +966-12-6510650


Public Beaches

Explore the hidden treasures of Jeddah’s coasts, with its glorious seaside horizons. Enjoy your friends and family, at little to no cost!

  • Khaleej Salman
    A public beach on the outskirts of northern Jeddah in Dahban, ‘Khaleej Salman’ is a hidden gem known to locals. Have a slice of watermelon from the watermelon-shaped kiosk on the shore, or stay all day and night camped out with your car, a tent, and your friends.
  • South Corniche Beach
    Another hidden gem, the South Corniche Public Beach, is located on the Southern end of Jeddah. It is a long shoreline where you can park your car on the sand and look out onto the stunning horizon. Grab an ice cream from the ice cream trucks that are constantly driving by.
  • Shuaibah Beach
    A tranquil yet fascinating beachfront, the Shuaibah Beach is known for its stunning and mysterious shipwreck that can be seen from its shores. It is also a great spot to relax by the sea, dive around its coral reefs, and even sit by a campfire at night watching the abundance of stars that can be seen due to the lack of city lights.

Shuaibah Beach is an hour drive from Jeddah’s center.


Aquatic Adventures

Scuba Diving

A favorite in Jeddah due to the abundance of exquisite coral reefs and fascinating types of fish to witness. Scuba Diving is available at various beaches and locations.

  • Desert Sea Divers
    Location: Dive Village، Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, North Obhur، Jeddah
    Tel: +966-507977603
    Instagram: desertseadivers
  • Dive Village
    Location: Coral Beach, Obhur Al-Shamaliyah, Jeddah


Jet Skiing

Another favorite in the city! You can rent jet skis from most marinas and beach areas in the Obhur neighborhood of Jeddah. Rentals start from SR 500 and up.

  • Jet Ski Rental
    Location: Obhur Al Shamaliyah, Jeddah
    Tel:  +966- 544703809
  • Jeddah Yachts Marina
    Location: Prince Abdullah AlFiasal St, North، Jeddah
    Tel:  +966-544703809

The Fountain Beach
A great place to relax and bask in the view of the glorious King Fahd Fountain. It’s also a great spot to have a family picnic. So, pack a picnic basket!


Cliff Notes


Nature calling and hiking trails.

Saudi has expansive, breathtaking, and cascading landscapes that are perfect for a hike full of adventure and tranquility. But there is a bonus! If you are looking for pitstops to awe at nature’s beauty, or to get the perfect shot for instagram, here are the best trails, with helpful notes to help navigate your next adventure.


Soar through the sky
You can take a cable car and reach the mountain’s finest peak for the  perfect panoramic shot of the majestic highlands.

The majestic Sarawat Mountains
Surrounded by the Red Sea on one side and the Asir, Fifa, and Hijaz mountains on the other, the 360-degree view of the Sarawat mountains in Abha will give you a bird’s eye view of the most picturesque and serene landscapes in the country.


Climb for the view
A hike to the tip of Al Shafa’s Jabal Daka leads to a mystical panoramic view of Al Shafa along with the entire city of Taif.

taif-copyThe inimitable Al Shafa
The highest mountain of Al Shafa is about 20 km from the city of Taif. Jabal Daka’s scenic plant life is appealing to look at with Juniper coniferous trees that begin at the soil and transcend to the tip of the tree. It is a nature lover’s utopia with local flora and fauna that is unique to this region.

al-bahaAL BAHA

Witness the Mountains echo
Stand among the clouds atop the mountain for a view of the beautiful highlands of the Al Baha region.

Forest living in Raghadan
Located in Al Baha, the stunning Raghadan forest is known for its picturesque views and verdant surroundings. As you hike up the trails towards the peak, you can see peeping baboons causing a spectacle. Raghadan Forest Park is also famous for its waterfalls and juniper

The stunning elevations of Shada Mountain
One of the most naturally abundant reserves in the country is the Shada Mountain. Hike your way through the gravelly paths that give you the best sights the country has to offer. In addition, the reserve is home to natural caves with engravings and traces of early civilizations.

Wadi Hanifa River, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Wadi Hanifa River, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Spot the galaxy
The vast open landscape is the perfect spot for stargazing, so escape the bustle of the city and take your telescope to look beyond the horizon.

Under the Moon Mountain
Hike your way up to the aptly named mountain that camouflages you from the world. Located 45 minutes away in northern Jeddah, the Moon Mountain allows campers to enjoy a weekend getaway underneath the Jeddawi stars, hiking and camping the night away.

mountains of Arabian landscapes

mountains of Arabian landscapes


For the love of Nature
Wadi Hanifa is surrounded by green pathways, lakes, and spots for people to relish the jaw-dropping landscapes of farmlands and blossoms, perfect for a picnic.

Wadi chilling
Wadi Hanifa is a valley in the Riyadh Province, in central Saudi. The valley runs for a length of 120 km from the northwest to the southeast, cutting through the capital, Riyadh. A string of towns and villages lie along the valley, including Uyaynah, Irqah, and Diriyah.


Adventure Awaits: Spend your Summer in AlUla


Located in the heart of north-western Saudi Arabia, AlUla is brimming with an abundance of natural wonders, sights of historical relevance, five-star resorts, and more, offering you the opportunity to have a summer experience like no other.


1. Take a helicopter tour

Explore the spectacular sights of AlUla’s beautiful desert panoramas and sceneries from the skies. First, take a helicopter ride to get a bird’s-eye view of the renowned sights of the region.

ikmah-mountain-photo-credit-omar-al-nahdi2. First Stop

Experience local culture
Take a guided tour of the rock art trail within the Hegra heritage site. Regional experts take you through the region, giving you a better understanding of the UNESCO world heritage site.

Elephant Rock - Al Ula - Saudi Arabia

Elephant Rock – Al Ula – Saudi Arabia

3. Break Time

Stargaze in the bountiful skies
Enjoy the magic of a wild desert stargazing conducted by local experts. Look far away from city lights and wide-open areas over isolated wilderness territories.

dadan-kingdom-photo-credit-omar-al-nahdi4. Take a walk

Walk alongside history at Dadan and Ikmah
Dadan, the ancient capital city, is steeped in mystery. Immerse yourself in the history of Dadan and Jabal Ikmah and amaze your friends with your knowledge.

alula-oasis-photo-credit-omar-al-nahdi5. Learn the history

Explore Green
The Oasis Trail to the south of Dadan and the AlWadi region, which leads to AlUla Old Town, lasts 3 km.

The trails also allow you to explore the AlUla farms, a perfect spot for families and nature enthusiasts.

The path is accessible every day from 8 am to 4 pm and is accessible for tourists as you stroll between the palm shade and take in the region’s stunning natural beauty.

6. Road Trip

Road Trip to the sea
For tourists planning to travel to the seaside this summer, the Red Sea’s coastal city of Al Wajh is only a few hour’s drive from AlUla. This spot is considered to be an excellent location for snorkeling.

alula-old-town-market7. Shop &  Stroll

Visit the Market in Old Town
If you are looking for regional souvenirs and traditional wears, visit Old Town Market, and shop local arts, crafts, and more. For example, Desert Design and Otta have local crafts and souvenirs on sale.

Desert Design
Instgram: desertdesignssa


22%d9%85%d8%b2%d8%b1%d8%b9%d8%a9-%d8%a7%d9%84%d8%b2%d9%8a%d8%aa%d9%88%d9%86%d8%a9-3-copy8. Last Stop

Savor local dishes
Whether it’s Murtabak from Nakheel, traditional dishes at Merkaz, coffees and juices at Al Rahbas, or the golden-leafed Jareesh and tender lamb at the popular Suhail market – AlUla’s old town has many culinary experiences for any occasion.

Old Town Restraunts

AlNakheel Cafe
Tel: +966-505646374
Tel: +966-553744263
Rahbas Cafe
Tel: +966-561481336
Tel: +966-535588151


First, make sure to visit the flagship Hegra Boutique near the visitor’s center at Hegra. The store is known to have the most extensive array of products celebrating AlUla’s heritage.

To learn more, visit


Beyond the Mountains: Hattan Asali

Image courtesy: Hattan Asali

Hattan Asali is an Ecotourism activist, a certified wilderness first responder from the National Outdoor Leadership School, a Leave No Trace Center master educator, and the deputy chairman at the Saudi Climbing and Hiking Federation (SCHF).

Since he was a boy, Asali has been a fan of the great outdoors, often going on adventures with his family. Later, this would encourage him to co-found the Qimmam Club community. “Through this community, we started to get people to share the experience and deal with others, taking people to Africa, Europe, and America.”

In 2018, Asali was asked to join the Saudi Climbing Federation as a board member. “The main objective behind it was to build and develop the climbing business industry in Saudi.” Adding, “I wanted to bring the fame of the Himalayas and Everest to Saudi. Something local and iconic, like other mountains abroad.”

When asked where the best climbing spots are in the country, he stated, “It depends on what you want to do. If you want to experience the historical era, you can go to AlUla and Khayma. For more challenging spots, you can seek Al Soudah and Asir.”

His tip for future climbers and trekkers is, “Before embarking on an adventure, make sure to plan it a month in advance. You need to prepare everything, including what to do in case of emergencies.”

Instagram: hattanasali


Above And Beyond: Aali Mohammed AlMaymuni

Image courtesy: Ali Mohammed AlMayumi

AlMaymuni is a man of many talents. He is a paragliding and first-aid instructor, an active member of the Leave No Trace movement, a hiking guide, and the winner of the Saudi paragliding championship, to name a few.

Aali started sky paragliding, rappelling, hiking, and camping with his father as a child. “It was challenging taking on these experiences when I was young, and although it did raise a scare at first, in the end, logic conquered my fear.”

So how does it feel soaring in the sky? In AlMaymuni’s words, “I feel the same as a bird, complete freedom leaving all the worries behind.” AlMaymuni had to adjust to survive in the wild by making everything more entertaining, from carrying a teapot while paragliding to learning how to preserve meat. “As I discovered new mountains, I uncovered creatures like wolves, Arabian cobras, black widow spiders, and snakes.” The most dangerous of them all was the Malignant snake, one of the creatures that AlMaymuni tripped upon in the Sarawat Mountains.

Tips from the thrillseeker himself: Always remember, safety first and foremost. As you camp the fierce nights away, make sure you stay close to camp, and away from the forest. Keep leftovers secured, especially meat, to avoid wild animal invasion.


Paragliding and rappelling locations:
– Jabal Al Soudah, Abha
– Jabal Hada in Mahayel, Asir
– Badr dune