The Right Atmosphere


Indulge in a five-star experience at Oblu Select Sangeli, Maldives.

The Maldives’ Oblu Select Sangeli is a five-star luxury resort. It is a 50-minute speedboat journey from Velana International Airport to North Malé Atoll.

For a hassle-free getaway, the Serenity Plan blends fine dining, premium beverages, non-motorized water sports, snorkeling, and other holiday essentials.

A Banyan Island connected by a jetty of over-water villas adds an extra layer of privacy and romance. The luxury lodgings come with a chic design, luxurious amenities, and a mini-bar replenished daily.

The Courtyard, Sangeli’s main all-day restaurant, offers live cooking stations, bountiful seafood delights,  and made-to-order grills along with special theme nights during the week.

The PADI-certified Dive School is the ideal place to learn to dive or schedule dive tours in the area. And if you are looking to unwind, head to ELENA The Spa, where you can relax and rejuvenate with a complimentary spa treatment. Among other holistic therapies and rituals and a salon, try the Maldivian Sand Massage.

There is never a dull moment at the resort with so much to choose from; Join an outdoor yoga or fitness session, sail away on a moonlight cruise, try sunset fishing or snorkel in the marine rich waters, or Kayak. So whether you are a lover of adventure or just someone who wants to sit back and relax, there is something for everyone.

For those traveling with children, the resort offers a fantastic kids club with daily activities such as indoor games, art and crafts, and an exciting edutainment program specially crafted for our youngest guests.

With amenities and activities for all ages and interests, the Maldives’ very own Oblu Select Sangeli resort is the perfect getaway.

Location: Sangeli Island, North Male’ Atoll, Maldives
Instagram: obluselectsangeli
Twitter oselectsangeli


Amazon Joins Forces with MTE (MENATECH) to Expand Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports to KSA and UAE


Amazon in Saudi Arabia and the UAE joins forces with MTE (MENATech), a GGTech Entertainment Group company to launch Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports, the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s first educational esports league. 

Amazon’s involvement in the tournament across the UAE and Saudi Arabia will help upscale the competition, increasing visibility and growth opportunities for players, in addition to providing exciting prizes and resources for participating teams. The agreement between Amazon and MENATech follows a first season in which the esports competitive series hosted teams from more than 130 universities across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The University Esports Project, which brings students together to compete for their universities in esports leagues, has already established itself as a top-level tournament around the world with global partner GGTech, in countries including France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Poland, KSA, UAE, Egypt, Morocco, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and recently North America and Canada

GGTech and Amazon have reinforced their commitment to foster the esports community around the world, providing a space for players to showcase their talent, and for young professionals to build a career in the growing esports industry.

The essential role of publishers and  partners

On the launching of the competition in the region, Mario Pérez, CEO of MENATech, said: “Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports MENA will bring together global and regional supporters and new partners to the competition helping generate more exposure around a growing university-level esports community in the region.”

Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports  MENA will also be supported by some of the industry’s leading publishers.  On one hand, the presence of Riot Games, a  partner that has been collaborating with GGTech in university competitions around the world, since its inception, offers participants the possibility of competing in some of the most desired titles of the moment such as  League of  Legends and VALORANT.  “We are happy to grow our competitive roadmaps to a new space for more players from the MENA region to play Valorant, we will be looking forward to more countries to be added as this product grows with our community”. Karim Hachani, Head of Publishing MENA at Riot Games.

Garena Free Fire, one of the leading mobile games publishers in the region will be involved in the competition for the first time to increase its involvement in the development of the scene and help bring the best show to the Free Fire fans. In the words of Garena management: “We are excited to be working with Amazon and MENATech to bring competitive Free Fire to Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports. Students from across hundreds of universities will be able to enjoy the game and compete at the same time. We are glad to have the opportunity to further develop the esports community across the MENA region.”

Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports is also supported by the Saudi Esports Federation in the KSA Competition, a regional pioneer in the development of the esports scene. According to Turki al Fawzan, CEO of the Saudi Esports Federation, “The efforts and investment made by MENATech to help empower the next generation of esports athletes and community is greatly welcomed and will contribute to the development of the esports ecosystem in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. MENATech has been among the partners of the Saudi Esports Federation in our journey to elevate the industry”.

Registrations for next season will open in February. For more information on  Amazon UNIVERSITY Esports MENA visit for the UAE competition and for the KSA competition and through the different Social Media Platforms @universityksa21 and @universityuae21.


Find your perfect Scent


Hit the high notes with Reef Perfumes

Who doesn’t love an enchanting scent of a well-crafted perfume? The reef is a local perfumery renowned as one such local perfume establishment that combines its deep-rooted fragrance knowledge with the highest quality of the world’s leading perfume oil suppliers mixing creativity and modernism with an intelligent balance.

The brand recently hosted an exclusive event launching their new line of fragrances titled Niche at the Aseel Resort – Diriyah, Riyadh.

The new collection was created by a team of creative experts who based the design on three paramount pillars consistency, continuity, and originality, which stem from the aromatic spirit of their design and high-quality components that the brand emulates.

The perfume bottles of the brand new Niche collection are crafted with  Statuario marble, exuding luxury and exclusivity.

The collection contains five distinct new scents that are

niche5-profile_final-1_page-0004Niche 1  with a top note of saffron, heart note caramel, base note of leather


Niche 2 with a top note of marine accord heart note of caramel, and a base note leather

niche5-profile_final-1_page-0006Niche 3 with top note Saffron  heart note Cedarwood and  base note  Patchouli


Niche 4 with top note Apple  heart note cinnamon  base note Amber

niche5-profile_final-1_page-0008Niche 5  with top note Black Tea  heart note Patchouli  base note white musk

For more information on the brand and its extraordinary repertoire of perfume and fragrances, visit



Riyadh Front Kicks Off ‘Fashion Front’, Supports Saudi Talents in Fashion World


 AlMuhsin Hamidaddin “Riyadh Front organizes festivals and events in order to enhance opportunities for its existing brands all year round”

• Riyadh Front have revitalized entertainment and shopping in Saudi Arabia
• Riyadh Front supports Saudi fashion designers and beauty experts under the Fashion Front initiative

“Riyadh Front”, the city’s leading lifestyle destination, has launched its “Fashion Front” event, a three-week fiesta brimming with fashion and beauty activities, in participation with some of the fashion world’s most prominent international brands and in the presence of Saudi Arabia’s young fashion icons, designers, brand owners, and fashion and beauty enthusiasts.


Aiming to activate and revitalize the shopping experience through showcasing the latest local and international fashion lines and introducing “Riyadh Front’ visitors to the creations of Saudi talents, “Fashion Front” became one of the most talked-about events of the New Year.


The exhibition’s pavilion and show stands’ show-stopping designs were an instant hit, creating an immersive experience for visitors, and allowing them to move easily between the pavilions as they explored an array of beautiful modern and diverse fashion lines suitable for all ages and styles. The event helped introduce visitors to the most distinguished fashion brands, learn about the key fashion shows of the New Year, and receive training courses with female Saudi beauty experts.

photo-2022-01-17-21-25-55AlMuhsin Hamidaddin the Marketing Director of “Kaden Investment” Riyadh Front’s Property Manager Company says: “Riyadh Front” aims to create a unique and innovative shopping and entertainment experience that meets the requirements of Riyadh Front’s visitors, and adheres to the tastes of the Saudi family and the Saudi youth by launching extraordinary initiatives and events. Becoming one of the city’s shopping destinations with an exceptional array of international fashion brands, it only made sense that we launch the “Fashion Front” event at “Riyadh Front”, to create a renewed fashion experience that attracts fashion and shopping enthusiasts.

photo-2022-01-17-21-25-57-3The Saudi international designer Waad Al Ketheiri said: “Our participation in the “Fashion Front” event has enabled us to meet with our audience and introduce our products directly to them. It gave us the chance to exchange ideas and to learn what our consumers’ preferences really are. On this occasion, we assure our beloved audience that our designs will continue to have a patriotic and modern touch to them, as they are inspired by KSA’s culture, a culture that we have had the opportunity to showcase at various international forums and events and which was received with much respect, especially in Paris, the world’s fashion capital.”


“Riyadh Front” project, with its unique idea of combining work, shopping, and entertainment, is one of the city’s biggest projects within the economic and touristic movement of the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision. “Kaden Investment” developed the “Riyadh Front” project on an area over 400,000 m2,  extending over 2 km northeast of Riyadh, near the King Khalid International Airport. It includes different vital facilities that investors, businessmen, and families from different social classes seek including markets, restaurants, and entertainment venues.


Here Comes Ananas: An Original Social Community App Launching This Month


A social app designed for local communities will be launching in January 2022 on Android and iOS. Ananas is a new community app aimed at balancing online and real-life community engagement.

For organizers and communities, the Ananas app assists in creating community-based events and experiences, where locals contribute their ideas and are part of the decision-making process.

By prioritizing a human-first experience over the digital one, Ananas sets itself apart from existing social media apps by making the objective of engagement be about supporting real world community building rather than simply consuming and sharing content. The app looks to bridge the gap between organizers and community members.

“We’ll be the go-to platform to view the pulse of the community and eventually make it a place where people can also make a living doing things they love doing,” said Yousef Shanti, Co-Founder of Ananas.

Users are encouraged to share – in real time and in the form of stories, videos, images, or text – their own experiences with activities, venues, and events they frequent. The app’s location-based feature will help the wider community discover and learn more about what is happening in any locality, highlighted in a real-time heatmap view.

Ananas gives its users and members a platform to connect by sharing relevant content and communicating from one easy-to-use app. The company hopes to present communities with an online space for meaningful engagement.

“Our mission is to enable community leaders and members to gather around what brings meaning to their lives, online and in real-life,” Shanti continued.

Users can create a profile with their desired username, interests, and preferences. With its advanced AI engines, the app then curates content so users see the latest and most relevant topics and experiences in any neighborhood. The more frequently users engage with it, the more the app adapts and refines results.

“With simple communication, relevant content, and support from specialists in community engagement, our easy-to-use interface brings together a world of experiences – allowing communities to achieve their goals without unnecessary noise,” concluded Shanti.

Stay updated on the release and get the latest news about this exciting new platform. Visit the website at and sign up today.

About the company

Co-Founded by Yousef Shanti, the Ananas team consists of industry vetted tech entrepreneurs, design, commercial, marketing, and engineering thought leaders. The company forms part of SUPERTECH, the creators of multiple digital ventures.


Please Don’t Stop The Music


Catalysts of the music scene.

The booming music scene in Saudi has reached the surface and moved from the underground to the main stage. Today, this underground scene not only surfaced but boomed and highlighted the need for it within the Saudi youth. The immense presence of musical talents in Saudi has been hidden for years and is now ready to showcase their talent and pave the way to a shift in the way we understand music.

The music scene in Saudi in previous years was mostly limited to the khaleeji genre with plenty of spaces catering for such events and concerts. In recent years, our understanding of music and live performances has somehow shifted and we were introduced to various forms of music and genres and discovered a hidden Saudi talent that took the country by storm with Saudi DJs and producers that have now reached the global stage.

The alternative music scene on the other hand has still not reached the level of popularity as electronic music in Saudi. The rock scene has been deep in the underground for so long that its resurfacing is not as easy as people think. However, when the talent is there, the shift is inevitable. Saudi bands that started on Youtube now have a chance to showcase their music to the public.

The potential of the alternative music industry in Saudi is at its peak since the supply of bands matches the increasing demand for live music across the kingdom. The more we allow musicians to perform, the more we will have musicians forming bands and exploring their musical talent. It gave birth to new genres of music that borrow traditional elements of music and modernize them to match the alternative music scene.

The equation

The path to success

The country’s music scene is thriving and evolving; we look into a record label, a budding band, a space perfect to appreciate the art form that highlights why it’s time to pass the mic to the indie genre in the country.

dsc_9747The Label

Wall of Sound
Homegrown Record Label

Wall of Sound is a new record label in Saudi that opened for business in October 2020. They focus mostly on alternative artists pushing the boundaries of music in Saudi and guide them to grow bigger within the country and the MENA region. “We are here to support, give guidance and inspiration, we believe so much in the artist’s creativity, it’s very crucial and a priority to us,” Ahmad, the founder of Wall of Sound said. At the moment, Wall of Sound represents 10 artists in Saudi Arabia, 2 in Egypt, and one in Jordan.

When they represent an artist, Wall of Sound provides them with a high-end recording studio in order to record the instrumentals, vocals, and percussions. They also provide them with the mixing and mastering before finalizing the visuals and promotional material. When all that is ready, the tracks are then released on music apps and youtube. The final step is the live show where the artists play their music in front of a live audience.

When asked about the importance of giving a chance to young talented musicians to shine within the music scene in Saudi, Ahmad answered, “It is very important because it is undeniable. We didn’t do it because we have to, we did it because we want to. Because if we have the tools to put it out there, then why are we waiting.”

“The indie music scene must leave the underground and be shared. It is contemporary culture. And culture is undeniable, we are simply shedding light on it. We hope it inspires all musicians and creatives to put their efforts into something they love to enrich the whole community and keep it alive and vibrant.”

One of Wall of Sound’s most exciting bands at the moment is Ana N7n, a Saudi rock band based in Jeddah. “Ana.N7n is a futuristic band! This band represents the new Saudi’s sound, new Saudi’s vision when it comes to lyrics, speech, freedom of thought, being different, and tackling exquisite topics that have not been widely discussed, their music is aggressive, wild, and very oriented to where they came from, which is Jeddah. They are the future of music, check them out!” Ahmad said.

Instagram: wallofsoundsa
Instagram: wallofsounddarkmode

Artists under the Wall of Sound Label


mah_9217The Band

Ana N7n
Reviving Rock and Roll

Music and storytelling go hand in hand, one may only try to thrive without the other, but in the end, they’re two sides of the same coin. As the art is passed down from generation to generation the youth of today has a new take on the rich tapestry that is musical storytelling. Ana N7n uses an alternative rock as their medium and has taken the forefront in this art.

In 2013 Abdulmalik Zubailah, one of the founding fathers of Ana N7n was invited to join a band, and when asked to sing he did. It was then and there that he knew he had the makings of a rock vocalist. He would then go on to meet his future bandmates and in 2019 Ana N7n was formed led by himself and Maan Balila, who is also the band’s drummer. They collectively decided on expressing themselves in their own dialect since they believe their music is for the people and needs to be understood by everyone.

“When it comes to writing lyrics, I usually handle vocal melody responsibilities, but I’m very bad at writing Arabic” stated Abdulmalik. But he has other tricks up his sleeves, what I do is count all the melodies and write lyrics in English, I then send it to Maan and he just does his own Hijazi Arabic thing.”

As they progressed, Ana N7n needed a way to solidify their presence in the music scene, so they went in search of a record label and were approached by Wall of Sound.

“What I like about them is, unlike most record labels where you have to speak to a representative to get through to another representative, you can just speak to the representative you need, Wall of Sound is literally a phone call away.”

When asked about how Wall of Sound understands the music scene in the country, Abdulmalik responded: “People are more aware of music that demands attention nowadays, and when it comes to commercial music or major artists, they don’t necessarily go through the process of making music that demands attention.”

Ana N7n are certainly traversing musical spaces, when asked where they see themselves in the future Abdulmalik said: “I sincerely have no idea, the scene in Saudi is so unpredictable that sometimes you’re baffled by it. For Ana N7n, if I had to dream, I would like to expand a bit,
not globally but within the Middle East.”

Inastagram: ana.n7n

The Space

dsc_5752The Music Space
A Space for all Music

Providing a space for musicians to perform is the catalyst for the recent boom in the musical talent we have witnessed in Saudi. Live performance is the essence of each and every band. It allows them to understand where they need to focus on their music and also get an instant response to their music from the crowd.

Founded by Kaswara Alkhatib, The Music Space strives to be the one-stop spot where music lovers can go for high-quality, intimate, live musical experiences giving talented musicians a chance to perform and showcase their talents and in turn, develop their skills and unique styles while building their stage confidence.

The Music Space began a spiral effect when it comes to living music spaces wherein since its emergence, many places began including live performances in their event schedules giving a chance for the alternative music scene to properly grow.

“I believe many people will follow The Music Space’s idea, but that only means we did something right. We will feed off each other and help the music community grow in Jeddah and the Kingdom.”

As long as we have spaces for musicians to explore their talents, the more musical talent we will witness in the upcoming years. The increasing musical talent amongst the youth can redefine the public’s idea of live performances and we can hope to someday see live street performances from the public to the public.

Instagram:  themusicspace.ksa


  • Jeddah

– Makan Pro
Chill lounge
Instagram: chillcafeksa


  • Riyadh

– Library Club
– Piano Lounge


  • Sharqiyah

– Lido Cafe
Instagram: lido.ksa
– Creo media hub
Instagram: creomediahub


In The Presence of 105 Local & International Companies


Abanmi initiates the first international exhibition for marketing and e-commerce in the Kingdom.

His Excellency the President of the Saudi Post Corporation | Sobel, Eng. Anf bin Ahmed Abanmi, inaugurated today, Monday, January 10, 2022, the Saudi International Exhibition for Electronic Marketing and E-Commerce SIDMC 2022, at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, under the slogan “Meeting the Future of Trade”, in the presence of a number of officials and those interested in the sector, which lasts for three days.

The exhibition provides access to the latest applications, technologies, and smart electronic services offered by local and international companies that contribute to improving the quality of services provided to the beneficiaries, and in order for the technology to be easy and simple within the reach of mankind, in keeping with the global growth of this type of commerce, and contributing to spreading awareness of this culture and how to build websites, platforms and electronic applications in the field of marketing and e-commerce.


In turn, the CEO of the exhibition, Salah Al-Otaibi, explained that the participation of 105 companies specialized in the field of marketing and e-commerce is a precursor to the success of this exhibition, the first of its kind in the Kingdom, noting that the exhibition includes more than 300 experts from the elite of specialists and entrepreneurs to present their experiences and expertise in this field.072a1199

It is worth mentioning that many free sessions, courses, and workshops will be held with certificates of attendance presented by the exhibition management, presented by a group of specialists, and there will also be a presentation of a number of success stories of a group of male and female entrepreneurs. 072a1245

The exhibition is also keen to attract entrepreneurs, marketers, and those who own electronic stores, as well as those wishing to see the latest developments in e-commerce. It also provides legal and development advice and financing solutions for marketing and e-commerce.


Embracing Festivities


By Svent Salha

Where dreams and reality merg.

Innovation is one of life’s many spices, but even the innovative need time to unwind and have a laugh or two; this is where AlUla’s many activities and events come to mind.

The AlUla Moments is the banner under which four monumental festivals will be held: Winter at Tantora, AlUla Skies, AlUla Arts, and AlUla’s Wellness Festival.alula-desert-polo

From Camel trekking in Ashar, concerts in Maraya, gastronomic experiences in the plethora of restaurants, and immersive experiences in Hegra, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage site, AlUla seems to have it all.

But wait… There’s more!

Starting the festivities with a bang is the Tantora Celebrations in the Old Town from December 21-25. This will commence
the start of the Winter season with an enchanting light and sound show. candlelit-symphony-hegra-4

From December 24-31, at the UNESCO World Heritage of Hegra, an enticing new event, Hegra Candlelit Classics, will set a captivating atmosphere by illuminating the 2000-year-old Nabatean tombs with hundreds of candles. This, coupled with musical performances from adept South African Pianist Stefan Lombard and his international musicians performing classical, contemporary, and Arabic music. This will include violinist David Best, Cellist Dorette Roos, and Oud player Simon Stengel.alula-citrus-festival

Furthermore, the festival will offer a myriad of enthralling experiences at the heritage site. This includes Path of Poets in the Cultural oasis and The Traveller Ibn Battuta in the old town.

Happening on two successive weekends in January, AlUla Citrus Festival will celebrate the master crafts of what AlUla is famous for. It will include market stalls, music, and a chance for local farmers to showcase their produce.

3-desert-polo-returns-to-alulaCinema ElHoush, in the Aljadid district, will include films recently shown at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals.
The cinema will operate on Tuesday through Saturday, and show two international movies per evening.

italian-tenor-andrea-bocelli-3The AlUla Desert Polo event will happen on February 11th and 12th.  The Royal Commission for AlUla, supported by the Saudi Polo Federation, is ecstatic to host the event again, the first time being in January of 2020.

From the masters of Milan to the artisans of Paris and now in Hegra for the first time, international high fashion is making its way into Saudi Arabia. Hegra Cavalry Fashion Show, taking place on January 27th, 2022, will show off new haute couture modern-day style amongst ancient ruins.

4-get-up-close-to-the-polo-stars-in-alulaOne of the key features of the AlUla Moments is the concert series with an enticing amalgam of regional Arabic artists, and new international names will grace us with a great music program. Such names like Andrea Bocelli, returning to perform once again. With Improvisational composer and singer Abdulrahman Mohammad. The Egyptian composer and pianist Omar Khairat, the Lebanese soprano, and actress Magida El Roumi. All the concerts will be held at the Maraya

lebanese-star-magida-el-roumi-1The Winter festival kicks off with a candlelit symphonic concert at Hegra from December 21st till February 12th and many more events onwards. Please visit the experience AlUla website for more information.


Riyadh Launches the Saudi International Exhibition for E-Marketing and E-Commerce


The exhibition will support the launch of Saudi companies in electronic commerce.

Under the sponsor of the Riyadh Chamber, the Saudi capital starts the activities of the Saudi International Exhibition for Electronic Marketing and E-Commerce SIDMC 2022, under the slogan “Meeting the Future of Commerce”, on January 10th, for a period of 3 days, at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The exhibition targets all e-marketing companies and information technology companies that are interested in e-marketing and e-commerce, logistical support companies, local and international companies specialized in electronic payment, in addition to entrepreneurs in this field. Moreover, free sessions, courses, and workshops will be held with certificates of attendance presented by the exhibition management, presented by a group of specialists, and a number of success stories for a number of entrepreneurs, organized by the Digital Vision Company for Exhibitions and Conferences.whatsapp-image-2022-01-05-at-3-00-13-pm

The CEO of the exhibition, Salah Al-Otaibi, explained that the exhibition will be an opportunity for anyone who wants to enter e-commerce, as it embraces an elite group of speakers to present the latest recent achievements in e-marketing and e-commerce, with emerging applications for a group of entrepreneurs looking for financiers, partners or investors for their electronic applications.

The exhibition also targets all entrepreneurs and marketers, and for those who own electronic stores, as well as for those who want to see the latest developments in e-commerce.

Al-Otaibi called for downloading the SIDMC application for registration in the exhibition, workshops, and attendance at exhibition sessions. Through your participation, the exhibition aims to spread the culture of marketing and e-commerce, in line with the directions and ambitions of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, in addition to spreading awareness of how to build websites, platforms and electronic applications in the field of marketing and e-commerce, and keep pace with the global growth in e-commerce.

Most of the government sectors and relevant bodies, as well as most major and emerging international and local electronic companies, logistical support and transportation companies, and the most prominent participants are Saudi Post, Al Rajhi Bank, DHL, Makani, B-Mart, Seer App, Top Line and Thameen.

For more information, visit the exhibition website


TUMI Launches TUMI Paddock Pop-Up in Jeddah


TUMI, the leading international travel and lifestyle brand, launches the TUMI Paddock Pop-Up appearing in the Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, Middle East on  1 – 4 December. 

Ffollowing it’s the successful launch in Shanghai, China back in October, the TUMI Paddock pop-up brings the TUMI Fall 2021 collection to life in a showcase that conveys the impeccable craftsmanship that goes into every TUMI product through unique visual displays and interactive zones.

In celebration of the first F1 Saudi Arabian F1 Grand Prix, TUMI is  proud to bring the experience to the middle eastglad to launch the paddock which was deputed in Shanghai, China to bring the F1 heat in town. An exciting feature of the TUMI Paddock is the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21, giving fans the opportunity to race in state-of-the-art simulators that puts them behind the wheel of a F1 race car. Not only will participants enjoy the thrill of F1 racing, the top drivers with the fastest race times can qualify to win incredible prizes from the TUMI | McLaren collection. 176a6473

TUMI, in continuation of their partnership with luxury supercar maker and Formula 1 team, McLaren, added 9 new styles to their TUMI | McLaren collection on the 12th of October 2021. The embodiment of performance luxury, this collection combines the product innovation of TUMI and the engineering science behind McLaren for a seamless integration of lifestyle, fashion and technology. This season’s newest arrivals include the Halo Backpack, Brox Slim Utility Pouch, M-Tech Soft Satchel, Remex Accessory Kit and Fuel Small Crossbody.176a6579

Presenting performance luxury with the TUMI Paddock Pop-Up

The TUMI Paddock Pop-Up arrives to showcase performance luxury in a refined open space with sleek design details subtly inspired by F1 racing pit stops and garages. Upon entering the TUMI Paddock, a structural central installation presents an exploded view of a TUMI | McLaren Aero International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On in a visceral showcase of the premium quality components and precise craftsmanship that go into creating every piece. Inspired by the childhood memory of playing with model car kits, this artistic and educational installation brings to life. Exquisite translucent paneling and glowing tube lighting fixtures invite further exploration around the space, where sophisticated yet minimalist displays show off an array of select TUMI pieces from this season’s most coveted collections including 19 Degree Aluminum, Harrison collections in Black Navy, Alpha 3 Storm Blue and select TUMI | McLaren styles.176a6560

A plethora of interactive TUMI Paddock activations and special offers further await to engage and entertain visitors. These include:

  • Personalization zone where visitors can add a personal touch to their TUMI pieces via monogramming patches and various accent kits
  • An Arabic calligrapher will give the chance to the visitors to personalize their TUMI pieces
  • Photobooth Moment to allow visitors to capture this moment
  • Gifts upon purchase such as signed TUMI | McLaren merchandise by McLaren’s 2 F1 drivers Lando Norris and Daniel Ricciardo 
  • Special giftr upon purchase 2,500 SAR online and in stores
  • Free gifts would be given upon sign up at the pop up

Race to the finish line with the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21

Get ready to buckle up and start your engines: the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21 is here to test your driving skills with state-of-the-art F1 simulators that offer an exhilarating immersive driving experience. In a gaming rig specially engineered for pro esports races, drivers will feel every inch of the track as they speed to the finish line thanks to high-spec hardware and realistic feedback. Chosen as a nod to the McLaren Racing team’s recent one-two finish, the Italian Grand Prix simulator track will provide all drivers with a level racing field. Clock one of the top 3 fastest times to become a local tournament winner and receive a prize from the TUMI | McLaren collection.

TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21 – Local Tournament Prizes


  • Champion: TUMI | McLaren Velocity Backpack
  • 1st Runner-Up: TUMI | McLaren M-Tech Soft Satchel
  • 2nd Runner-Up: TUMI | McLaren Teron Travel Kit


With the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ‘21 taking place across different international locations, all race times by participating drivers from around the world will be logged on a regional leaderboard. The TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21 will culminate in the world’s fastest finisher being announced as the winner of the Grand Prize from the TUMI | McLaren collection: the Aero International Expandable 4 Wheel Carry-On and Torque Sling. The official winner announcement will take place on TUMI social media on 27 December 2021. Don’t miss your chance to emerge as the leader of the pack – strap into the simulator and hit the racetrack.

Victor Sanz, Creative Director of TUMI says of the TUMI Paddock Pop-Up experience:
“Through this event, we are able to bring the experience of this collaboration to all of our TUMI customers and loyal McLaren fans. We look forward to showcasing the passion we’ve put into the collection and the continued excitement we have for both McLaren and all of our global citizens around the world by sharing this moment with all of you.”

Discover the TUMI Paddock and test your skills with the TUMI Grand Prix Racing Experience ’21. To explore the TUMI Fall 2021 collection and TUMI | McLaren collection available now, visit TUMI stores and

TUMI Paddock Opening Dates, Times and Venue
Red Sea Mall, Jeddah, KSA
1st December to 4th December 2021 Inclusive
10am – 1am