Interview with Artist Extraordinaire – Alexandre Benjamin Navet


Alexandre Benjamin Navet is the winner of the Grand Prix Design Parade Toulon Van Cleef & Arpels in 2017. The French artist will be exploring the world of flowers for the first time and is bringing plant shapes and dazzling colors into bloom in the window displays Van Cleef & Arpels’ boutiques located in Al Kayyat, Jeddah, and Centria Mall, Riyadh this November. Recreating a sketchbook feel, the project will continue through the year with a large-format interior design concept: a joyful blend of pastel drawing and architecture.

How did you come across the Maison and first envision this collaboration?
I met Van Cleef & Arpels’ teams for the first time at Design Parade Toulon 2017. I had never worked with a High Jewelry Maison before that, but it was a world that fascinated me for its imagination and creative power. I trained in industrial design: it’s very different from jewelry, but I can see links between them. For me, jewelry and design are both fields of controlled, strict, and precise expertise, yet ones that require out-of-the-box thinking to create exceptional pieces. Also, I share Maison’s passion for drawing. Its pictorial archives reveal the importance it has always allotted the technique. For me, that love for drawing was the real starting point for our collaboration and the first connection between us.van_cleef__arpels_portrait_a_b_navet-01-copy

The project focuses on the theme of flowers – a subject you are not usually associated with. What attracted you to it?
I have been drawing vases for several years: I say they are like actors on a stage, elements in a theater production. But people often point out that there are never any flowers in my vases. So I thought it was funny and exciting that – when we met – the Maison invited me to draw some, leaving a lot of room for the energy of color. The idea was to present flowers in bloom, but also the colors that come to life. My palette is already rich, but I expanded it to create drawings that are both a personal signature and the fruit of this collaboration with Van Cleef & Arpels.

It’s a dialogue, an exchange, a conversation.van_cleef__arpels_workshop_a_b_navet-08-copy

How did you prepare for this collaboration?
I’m someone who needs to understand the codes of a universe before freeing myself from them. When I create a fresco in a space, I always proceed in the same way: I research its history and seek inspiration in historical records, photos, and Pictures. I did a lot of research for this project, studying and gathering material. The first sketchbook that I presented to the Maison was full of drawings of paintings from the Louvre, of Florentine and French art in particular. I began to like that, and then the “follies” arrived: the flowers took on the form of a fantasy.

What techniques did you use for the window displays?
The flowers and stems were drawn on paper, using pencils with intense vegetal pigments that yield deep colors that I don’t mix. I then cut them up, reassembled them, and stuck them down to create unique drawings. They are not just flowers in vases, but flowers that seem to have grown in and emerged from the vases. I wanted to create the illusion that they had appeared in the windows during the night as if by magic. It reminds me of that beautiful moment when you find yourself looking at a garden covered in dew, with flowers that have just bloomed. That’s how the project feels for me: it’s as if the Maison came to meet me at a table with empty vases, and fabulous flowers had bloomed in them the next day.03_empreintes_print-copy

The second part of the collaboration involves large-format scenery. How was that different from the first part?
A High Jewelry boutique is a nice place, you feel safe there. But it also feels quite solemn and imposing. I thought it would be the ideal place for an unexpected A project like this. The unexpected creates joy and emotion. The in situ scenery is a development of the window displays but on a different scale. We leave the scale of jewelry behind and move to that of interior design, we move from the scale of the hand to that of the body. I couldn’t create the same thing, because you experience it differently. In a window display, you see every detail: the flowers’ pistils, the sharp outlines, the different-colored stems. For the architecture, I will be concentrating more on making panels for wall sections and arches. The use of pastels gives such a vibration to the colors that it will feel as if the drawings were done on the spot. The idea is creating large-scale elements alongside details that are adapted to each boutique: carpets, embroidered cushions, or library scenery. I really want to set up an artistic dialogue with space.

What kind of impression has this collaboration left you with?
It’s not over yet, but I’m struck by its energy. Our encounter has focused on the image of the flower and that has required me to step outside my familiar codes. It has been and still is, a real pleasure to work on this project. I don’t impose anything, nothing is imposed on me: it’s a dialogue. It was important to me that this collaboration should have a human dimension, and it has. The wonderful thing is that my drawings are displayed both in the windows and inside the boutiques, creating an ensemble. I want to give visitors the impression of walking through an open sketchbook. Introducing the dream-like quality of drawing to real life is a genuine achievement.


The Magic of Movies after Mayhem


Interview with Mohamed Al Hashemi, Country Head of Majid Al Futtaim’s VOX Cinemas.

How was VOX Cinemas affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?
Every sector across the world has been significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and, the cinema industry has been amongst the hardest hit due to months of closures followed by a lack of new content. However, at VOX Cinemas we have remained fundamentally confident about the future and resilience of the cinema industry and firmly believe that it is set for a major comeback. Now more than ever, audiences are keen to enjoy the collective and exhilarating experience of watching a movie on the big screen and, we have witnessed a significant increase in admissions across the Kingdom following the release of Tenet, which marked the first big-budget theatrical release since March.

Since reopening in June, we have celebrated surpassing 100 screens with the opening of VOX Cinemas in Sahara Mall, launched the first-ever cinema in Tabuk and we are also the only cinema in Saudi Arabia operating for 24 hours across four multiplexes in Riyadh and Jeddah. As a result of our agility, diligence and commitment towards realising the goals of Vision 2030, we have more than doubled our screen count in less than a year and we look forward to creating more great moments every day for audiences across the Kingdom with must-see movies and upcoming openings in Hail and Jeddah.

What are the precautionary measures taken across Majid Al Futtaim’s leisure, entertainment and cinema experiences?
Guests can rest assured that we are exceeding recommended guidelines to ensure that they can have an exceptional experience with added peace of mind. We spent the time during the temporary closures, relentlessly planning and preparing for reopening and put in place an all-encompassing sanitisation and physical distancing plan to ensure a comfortable experience for guests and employees. Majid Al Futtaim also conducted extensive guest research to identify the top safety measures that would make guests feel most comfortable about returning to our venues and used this intel to proactively reimagine the guest journey across all of Majid Al Futtaim’s experiences including VOX Cinemas, Magic Planet, Yalla! Bowling and Little Explorers.

Guests at VOX Cinemas can now enjoy a a completely queue-less and contactless experience by advance booking tickets and F&B on the VOX website or app. To ensure physical distancing is observed, we have also introduced safe distancing ambassadors and instructional signage. We’ve also reduced the capacity in the auditoriums to 50%.

We are also conducting enhanced cleaning and sterilisation across the whole premises, paying particular attention to common touchpoints such as counters, point of sale and payment terminals. We’re also deep cleaning auditoriums between each session and conducting enhanced disinfection at the end of every day, which includes the use of fogging machines.

These are just some of the new measures we have implemented to ensure movie lovers can enjoy the magic of movies with added comfort and peace of mind and I’m proud to say that we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our guests who feel confident about returning to VOX Cinemas given the extensive and innovative new measures in place.

What can cinemagoers expect from VOX Cinemas during the recovery period?
At Majid Al Futtaim, we are committed to providing world-class entertainment experiences and our guests know that they can expect state-of-the-art cinemas with best-in-class technology and innovative F&B concepts. Guests can also now look forward to an impressive line-up of must-see movies suitable for all the family including Tenet, one of the most anticipated movies of the year, Disney’s Mulan, a live-action adaption of Disney’ classic animated film and The New Mutants, a superhero thriller catering to comic book fans. We’ve also introduced the Family and Friends Private Cinema, which gives movie lovers the opportunity to hire the luxurious GOLD auditorium and watch the latest blockbusters on the big screen surrounded only by their friends and family.

This is just a flavour of what we have on offer and movie lovers can enjoy a safe and exhilarating out-of- home entertainment experience at VOX Cinemas.

Given the company’s leading position in the film industry in the region, what are some of the misconceptions about new films and release dates?
There has been a lot of speculation and delays with release dates but, I would like to assure cinemagoers that we have an exciting slate of new releases at VOX Cinemas and there is a backlog of must-see movies about the light up our screens including The Croods: A New Age, a computer animated adventure comedy from DreamWorks, Death on the Nile, a film adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel and Wonder Woman 1984, a sequel to the hugely popular superhero film. Over the coming months, guests are sure to be mesmerised and exhilarated by the unrivalled experience that watching a movie on the big screen provides. Cinema has survived for over a century and and we are confident that the industry will bounce back as people are keen to enjoy the collective experience of watching a movie on the big screen with their family and friends in a safe out-of-home environment.


“Startup Hub Digital” Launches the First Digital Content Business Accelerator in KSA to Support Emerging Businesses


The “Startup Hub Digital” of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monsha’at” based in Jeddah that is managed by UTURN, the digital marketing consultancy and digital content creator announced the launch of the first Digital Content Business Accelerator. “Accelerate U” aims to support emerging businesses specialized in digital content creation and digital media production in the Kingdom. By providing them with needed business and technical know-how knowledge to further grow their business.


The Governor of Makkah Region, His Royal Highness Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, inaugurated the “Startup Hub Digital” on February 5, 2020, in the presence of the Minister of Trade and Investment, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monsha’at”, Dr. Majid Al-Qasabi, and the Governor of “Monsha’at”, Eng. Saleh bin Ibrahim Al-Rasheed.


The Startup Hub Digital is the first business incubator in the Kingdom for digital content creators and businesses, in collaboration with the Public Authority for Small and Medium Enterprises “Monsha’at”. The incubator aims to support digital media production startups to kick-off their business. In addition to support them creating significant content and futuristic job opportunities.


The “Startup Hub Digital” targets young men and women, creators of various kinds of content: educational, entertaining, comedy, gaming, and more. As well as in all fields, such as: social media content, broadcasts, YouTube programs, podcasts, short movies and clips, and music. It also targets talented producers and special effects experts, photographers, directors, audio and lighting expertise, actors, TV hosts, broadcasters, and many more.


The “Startup Hub Digital” offers a positive work environment conducive to innovation, in which entertainment and comfort are provided within flexible co-working spaces, fully equipped audio & podcast recording studios, and a state-of-the-art mega studio with an equipment inventory never before available in Saudi Arabia; all this to help digital content creating businesses to create and develop digital content at the highest level. It also offers entrepreneur-led training courses and workshops, as well as specialized programs and advisory sessions to transform talent into projects with career opportunities with promising career paths.

The first accelerator “Accelerate U” will be launched in Jeddah during the period from (October 17, 2020) to (January 9, 2021) for three months._dsc5747

The program covers (12) topics in the field of business administration, presented through a series of workshops, lectures and intensive training on entrepreneurship related to digital content. The best experts in the field of entrepreneurship will play the role of mentoring and training for startup applicants, under the direct supervision of UTURN, the experts in digital content industry, and the operator of the “Startup Hub Digital”.


Kaswara AlKhatib, Chairman of the board, Webedia Arabia Group and founder of UTURN, told Destination Jeddah “the partnership between Monsha’at and UTURN on the Startup Hub Digital is simple; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has drastically transformed in the recent years and is empowering its youth and supporting local businesses and startups, our mission with Monsha’at is to make sure that our youth and the digital content startups that we will be graduating over the years are at par if not better equipped than others in the region, and we believe with the support of Monsha’at and the vast experience and thought leadership UTURN has established in the market, we will succeed”.


Business accelerators are important tools in the field of entrepreneurship, especially for entrepreneurs and new companies, as they serve as rapid intervention teams for emerging projects to save them from failure if solutions were difficult for business owners and companies.


Registration in “Accelerate U” program is through the link:


The Conscious Innovator, How Sheema Khalid Al-Nafisee is Changing the World


After her career at Saudi Aramco, Sheema Khalid Al-Nafisee shifted her trajectory towards something more meaningful and close to her heart: Providing a clean and sustainable source of drinking water to the GCC.  

It became clear to Sheema that water is life and investing in this type of venture would be beneficial to the region and beyond.  Thus, a new conscious mission was shaped – to deliver, through honesty and integrity,  premium clean natural drinking water to the GCC.elysian-bottle-20-copy

This gave rise to a new spirit of Saudi entrepreneurs with a  business direction that aims to educate, empower, and safeguard future generations. Sheema launched Skan For Water, which was established in 2015, to be the leading wholesaler of affordable premium bottled water from naturally replenished sources. With that, Elysian was born with the intention to achieve social impact through sustainability, reliability, and integrity.

Besides closely managing its growth, Sheema also spends her time researching and studying different sources of water as well as other natural food sources from all over the world.  She carefully tests and selects new options to expand her product portfolio with a goal to bring these resources within reach of the GCC communities. Elysian offers fresh mineral water imported from an untouched spring located 30 meters beneath a frozen glacial surface. Elysian is bottled directly at its source.elysian-bottle-14-copy

The brand’s mantra is “Thirst for More”. Elysian remains committed to creating a platform to remind our communities to nourish our souls and make us better people, to focus on the important things in life: Love for self and others, compassion, faith, and family.  Elysian is gaining a following through Sheema’s commitment to serving social causes such as recycling initiatives to shift the cultural perspective for future generations.  Elysian’s brand aims to reflect and champion this evolution, promoting what they call an “Elysian State of Mind” – a lifestyle and ideology of aspiration, growth, and positive transformation. Learn more about how you can be a part of this movement to drive social change and a sustainable future by contacting them on  Instagram: elysian_water


Painting The Town Pink – Zahra Association


During Breast Cancer Awareness month this October, the Zahra association aims to raise awareness of the importance and benefit of early examination of breast cancer through its #العفو_والعافيه campaign.

In Saudi Arabia, Breast Cancer accounts for 30% of all tumours in women and is the most common tumour in women according to the Saudi Cancer Registry. Through this campaign, they aim to not only raise awareness of the importance of regular examinations for women as part of their healthy lifestyle but also correct misconceptions and beliefs about Breast Cancer. Zahra Association was established in 2007 and aspires towards a society free of Breast Cancer whilst taking realistic steps towards informing the public about the reality of breast cancer through the stories of survivors as well as providing support to breast cancer diagnosed patients.3c20

It does this through breast cancer awareness programmes, promotion of screening programmes, and the provision of specialized services to sick and recovered patients. In addition to this, it also organizes training programs aiming to develop the skills of Saudi personnel.

In a recent speech given by HRH Princess Haifa Al Faisal, she expanded upon how the organization plans to take-up the presidential agenda of the G20 and work on enabling human improvement in youth and women. HRH reiterated on the importance of high-level attention from governments as Breast cancer represents 24.3% of the total cancer cases in women, with nearly 7 million recovering patients around the world. She emphasized the role of Zahra Association and other civic organizations in raising recommendations to develop policies in early detection, supporting cancer patients during post-treatment in G20 countries and ensuring that no patient is neglected. 1c20

During this month of awareness make sure that you’re doing your part by not only living as healthy a lifestyle as possible but also by educating yourself and encouraging friends and loved ones to do early and regular examinations to detect Breast Cancer.


Tyler Ellis Presents the Lyon Collection – Fall / Winter 2020


Inspired by Lyon’s serene, historic countryside, Tyler Ellis’ Fall 2020 collection highlights nature’s inherent beauty by embodying its vibrant hues.

From unique silhouettes embellished in sparkling Swarovski crystals to exotics reminiscent of the rich hues of a Peacock’s feathers, the Fall Winter 2020 collection comprises of eye-catching designs that will resonate for generations to come. Structured architectural shapes are softened with radiant metallic hides and custom metal accents, while classic styles are emboldened with an electric emerald palette.

The French countryside’s tranquil atmosphere allows one to step back and enjoy all of nature’s incredible gifts to humanity.

Daughter of revered fashion designer Perry Ellis, Tyler Ellis channels her fascination for traveling into an endless current of inspiration. Tyler’s eponymous handbag line is defined by an array of luxe materials and intricate details that embody her worldly palette. The designs look equally at home on the red carpet as well as in everyday life.

Invest in a timeless Tyler Ellis piece by choosing the right accessory from the wide range of shapes, sizes and hues offered in this collection.

tyler-ellis_fw20-campaign-image_21LJ HANDBAG

The LJ is a semi-structured handbag with a triangular front-flap and the Tyler Ellis custom Spear-lock closure. It is designed with a wrapped top-handle, handmade ‘whipstitch’ detail and an optional chain with matching leather or exotic wrapped accent.



The Stella is a structured tri-compartment handbag with a magnetic closure and an optional cross-body chain with a matching leather or exotic wrapped accent. It fits the large iPhone, has custom exterior metal detailing, interior pockets and an extra-long key fob.



The Lee is Tyler’s signature envelope-shaped clutch designed with a triangular front flap and a magnetic snap closure. It fits the large iPhone, has a hidden exterior pocket and an optional cross-body chain. The Lee can also be entirely embellished in Swarovski crystals that are applied with a heat stamp for ultimate durability.



The Tiffany is a semi-structured backpack with a front flap finished with a magnetic snap closure and Tyler’s custom Infinity Bar. The intricate stitching details on the sumptuous leather offers a magnificent quilted effect. The bag is designed with a metal fringe accent, has a hidden back pocket and an internal pocket.


A Fine Leader: James Michael Lafferty


To hear about public health and hygienic paper products to tackle the global pandemic, we reached out to James Michael Lafferty – an accomplished CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH) who has also been described as one of the most unique and diversified CEO’s in the world today.

Can you tell us a bit about your professional journey? How did you come to be the Chief Executive Officer at Fine Hygienic Holding?

This is an interesting story. In my early days, I worked as a youth track and field coach in Cincinnati. One of my clients at the time introduced me to the world of brand management and after a lot of hard work, I was hired by Procter and Gamble (P&G) and joined their Brand Management Programme. I gained a wealth of experience in the US market and then the international markets, and rose within the ranks to the position of CEO.

This posting took me on an incredible journey to a number of different countries over three decades, and I was privileged enough to work as the Chief Operating Officer for multinational companies like Coca-Cola in Nigeria, and British American Tobacco in the Philippines.

Before joining Fine Hygienic Holding, I was sitting on the board of the company, and I was asked to join and lead as CEO in 2018. Since then, we have seen enormous growth in the company, and we will continue to expand as we explore our IPO on the London Stock Exchange in 2021/22.

I may have moved on from my early days of track and field, but sports and coaching are still a major part of my life. I still coach and train to this day, and have worked with national level athletes across the USA as well as Nigeria. Most recently I coached the Philippines Olympic Athletics team at the 2016 Rio Games. I currently coach 2021 Tokyo Olympic Pole Vaulter EJ Obiena. I enjoy marathons and participated in the Philippines National Championship in powerlifting. Aside from the sporting arena, I incorporate the values I have as an athlete in every aspect of my life – and that includes the way I work, and the way I expect my teams to work.

How have these experiences helped shape the leader that you are today?

Being an athlete has had a huge influence on my managerial style. I firmly believe businesses can benefit greatly from studying the greats of the sporting world. Paying attention to the values practiced there by the winners, the top-level sports stars, will help businesses to thrive. In the world of competitive sport, champions are constantly innovating and changing the game, and this makes great athletes excel in their respective sport rather than merely just knowing their field.

Being business savvy is important, but it will only get you so far as a leader. I place great importance on understanding and empathy, these are two crucial traits, especially during a time of unprecedented challenges such as the one we are currently facing.

A leader needs to understand that the employee’s mental wellbeing might not be the best as they struggle to cope with the challenges of navigating day to day life in the new realities of the pandemic.

We at Fine understand that and have several policies in place to ensure that the employee’s mental and physical wellbeing are looked after.

We view physical and mental wellness as vital to create a positive corporate environment, and this is a key pillar of my management at Fine. In the last couple of years, we revamped our offices to include gyms and training facilities to give employees the option to destress through sport during the day rather than being hunched over a computer all day.

What are some of the recent developments within FHH in the times of Coronavirus?

Fine recently pivoted into the manufacture of personal protective equipment (PPE) – producing a range of reusable Fine Guard masks and products to help protect and ensure the safety of the communities we serve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Over the past couple of years, we had been working closely with a Swiss biotech company to develop hygiene products, including the Fine Guard face mask, using their proprietary technology.

The launch of the Fine Guard mask line in February was a preemptive response to the pandemic and, thanks to the incorporated textile technology, which is scientifically proven to be effective in killing the virus, we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from the regional market.

As we constantly looked to evolve and following this success, we launched a Fine Guard comfort mask plus a sports mask, children’s mask and gloves.

Ensuring consumer health and safety, it is imperative that we have one eye on the future and consider what the post-Covid world might look like. That’s why we chose to produce reusable products, to help us minimize the environmental impact of masks. A reusable Fine Guard mask has a one-year life with the technology and two years as a fully functioning N95 mask, equating to 1,095 disposable masks.

Aside from the reusable products, we also launched Fine Disinfection Solutions in response to the pandemic, a B2B service that disinfects and ensures a germ-protected environment for businesses operating in a broad range of sectors.

Tell us more about this targeted approach to home and workplace hygiene – what is it and why is it so important?

During lockdown, governments and businesses had to identify a way forward, a way of getting back to normal or as near normal as possible for the sake of the economy. But because of the unknowns of the Coronavirus, there was also a genuine concern in society about that new normal.

We launched Fine Disinfection Solutions in the region as a response to the pandemic, and as a solution for a broad range of brands looking to get back to business in a safe, germ-free and hygienic environment.

The service is hugely important as it enables us to offer reliability and reassurance to operators, providing peace of mind in terms of mitigating risk of infection and protecting brand reputation.

Fine Disinfection Solutions disinfects and prevents the spread of germs in a wide range of premises, including restaurants, hotels, gyms, schools, restrooms and laboratories, as well as offices, warehouses, factories and also homes, killing 99.9% of bacteria, germs and viruses including Coronavirus.

This broad-spectrum solution includes treatment, waste management procedures and state-of-the-art techniques in spraying and fogging, delivered by highly trained disinfection professionals and a full armory of personal protective equipment (PPE), including suits, gloves and Fine Guard face masks, as well as Fine sterilized paper tissues and no-touch wastebaskets. All products used in the process have approved data sheets and are fully endorsed by relevant authorities in each regional market.

As one of the most trusted brands in the hygiene industry, Fine Disinfection Solutions is well placed to support governments, businesses and communities as they adapt to a new normal of greater hygiene, health and safety requirements across the MENA region.

What is the strategy FHH intends to operate for the emerging/evolving Saudi markets?

Saudi Arabia is one of our biggest markets. The Kingdom is on the brink of huge economic and cultural change and it is one of the five major markets we operate in throughout the region. As with any community we serve, the wellbeing and health of the consumers is paramount, which is why we will be launching mid this month a special promotional campaign on our Fine Guard comfort masks where the consumer will get one free mask for every mask bought. Another good example is our recent launch of Fine Disinfection Solutions, which was prioritized for the Saudi Arabian market.

Our dedicated B2B arm also supplies hygienic solutions to the Saudi HoReCa (hotel, restaurant, and café) industry as well as corporate offices, industrial facilities, healthcare institutions and more. Commercially, we manufacture 27 different product lines and our operation and distribution facilities in Riyadh and Jeddah produce an extensive range of products from facial and pocket tissues through to table napkins, hand towels, diapers and more. We have a tissue capacity of approximately 66,000 tons and a total diaper capacity of 285 million pieces annually.

Thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality, strong brand recognition, and strategic outreach, we  have been able to develop a highly elevated presence in Saudi, and the other MENA regional markets that we serve, and our long-term strategy will continue to focus on expansion – both in terms of consumer reach and investments.

Instagram: jamesmichaellafferty



Saudi Film Festival: A Virtual Festival Of Local Filmmaking Talent


The 6th edition of the Saudi Film Festival took a digital turn by kicking off live on Tuesday, 1 September, with a 6-day virtual celebration.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the annual flick fest pivoted to a virtual experience on YouTube where it reached a wider audience. Organized by the Saudi Arabian Society for Culture & Arts in Dammam (SASCA), and in partnership with the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture (Ithra), the festival was an annual non-profit event that was supported by the Film Commission under the Ministry of Culture.

Encouraging the Saudi film culture, the Saudi Film Festival provided the up-and-coming filmmakers with a platform to display their art and get recognised.1vlcsnap-2020-09-01-13h45m03s104-copy

In this exceptional session, the festival offered 25 cinematic programs on a 24-hour basis, including the live streaming of the daily festival studio program, film screenings, seminars, workshops, and talk shows with filmmakers.

The categories of the nominated films included: best feature film, documentary, student movie, and unexecuted scenario with an amount of SR40, 000 ($10,665) for the winning film along with awards for other categories.3vlcsnap-2020-09-01-13h32m58s687-copy

We had a chat with Husam Al-Sayed, the filmmaker of, “And When Do I Sleep?” that went live on the first day of the festival. Husam recalled that “And When Do I Sleep?” was an idea that he had ten years ago, which he had the opportunity to finally produce.

The theme of Husam’s film is about a protagonist’s insomnia and how the story goes around the character’s inner reflection. It’s about relationships; portraying the idea of lack of self-awareness and how we let life’s events control us unknowingly.awdisposter-26-08-20-copy

Husam Al Sayed was happy to share that after the film was streamed, a lot of viewers reached out to him through tweets and messages appreciating the story and actors.

Husam commended the Saudi Film Festival for their support to the Saudi film industry while honoring local artists of the film industry regardless of their background in the Kingdom.


Jeddah Tribe Racing out of Quarantine


After a long break Jeddah Tribe kickoff their 3rd race of the year 2020.

The short distance duathlon i.e. (2.5 km run, followed by a 20 km bike ride, and finally followed by a 2.5 km run) took place on Saturday the 29th of August at Coral Beach Resort in Jeddah with over 10 different nationalities represented in the race including Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, France, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Philipines, Korea, UK, Australia, and South Africa…

Jeddah Tribe was founded in November 2019 by a group of local triathlon enthusiasts (Jude Jamjoom, Arwa Al Amoudi, Ata Elyas, Emad Salhab, Nouha Al Digs, Ali Magboul, Faisal Al Harith, Raghad Al Marzouki, Dina Al Tayeb, Abdallah Ali Reza, Saif Al Turki, and Tala Al Hashimi) all having a shared vision to promote a healthier community and to build and shape the up and coming triathlon scene in Jeddah through growing the practice of triathlon i.e. a multidisciplinary endurance sport consisting of swimming, cycling, &

Since the founding of Jeddah Tribe in November 2019, many companies have jumped at the opportunity to back up and support this group’s initiative, including Sedco Holding (season platinum sponsor), ASM Process Automation (season silver sponsor), GetMuv (season silver sponsor), Coral Beach Resort (venue partner), Delmonte Fruits (F&B partner), Al Rabie Juices (F&B partner), Nestle Waters (F&B partner), Amsn Films (VDP partner), and Trifecta (logistics partner). As a result, Jeddah Tribe has already managed to successfully organize 8 races to date and has also sought to keep the community active during lockdown and quarantine by conducting over 15  webinars and inspiring talks with health experts and amateur/professional triathletes from all around the world to shed light on their experience in the sport. Additionally, a number of virtual training sessions hosted via Zoom have been conducted (run, bike, and strength & conditioning).

Ultimately, this group intends on growing the triathlon community in Jeddah, and putting Jeddah on every triathlete’s “must race” map. AND will stop at nothing to achieve just that inshallah!

Follow Jeddah Tribe at Instagram and Facebook for more details about coming events
Instagram: jeddahtribe
Facebook: jeddahtribe


We’re Moving…From Physical To Digital!


Crate, the leading concept store in the Kingdom, is taking a step in the right direction as it moves it’s physical store entirely online as of September 30th, 2020 in a move to become an entirely digital e-commerce platform.

Crate’s physical store in Jeddah has seen three years of steady success, with an influx of the best local and independent brands in the region leading them to launch their e-commerce website only 9 months ago in December of 2019. 9a0e42e8-3985-4d39-b5c8-319ad5027e9e-copy

“We saw the growing potential of running e-commerce within the kingdom and we jumped on it,” says Rayan Fadul, co-founder and CEO of Crate. “After just 9 months of our website being up and running, we’re ready to take the entire store digital and are confident that we’ll conquer the e-commerce market for local and independent brands.


While the plans were always there to make a digital shift, COVID-19 has definitely expedited them and we’ve managed to facilitate this quite quickly. We believe digital is the future of all commerce and it’s definitely the future of Crate.” 88ba52b9-08ad-402f-a3c2-f0e601d58eca-copy

In its move online, Crate will house all of the current brands present (with the exception of food items) as well as a wide variety of new brands from around the Kingdom and beyond. Brands currently selling on the site include Beach Bisht, the innovative beach coverup with a traditional twist, Foulard, the leading brand in modest wear and beautifully crafted headscarves, and Azha, the Islamic inspired jewelry brand that is the first of it’s kind. cb86bad1-6510-4c1e-8515-d4c72ca06c73-copy

As the marketplace of local and independent brands, Crate aims to house as many of the best quality brands around as possible, connecting sellers with buyers and encouraging a local lifestyle. Unlike a physical store, with a digital e-commerce platform that offers worldwide shipping, the sky is quite literally the limit.

To find out more about how you can join them, send an email to or visit their website 

Follow them @crateksa or experience local shopping at