Tokyo Arabia Celebrates the Sakura Festival With Limited Edition Beverage, Blossom

Tokyo Arabia, the award-winning and first Japanese restaurant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, serving elevated contemporary fusion cuisine since 1985, is offering patrons a taste of the Japanese Sakura season with a creatively-crafted mocktail.

The festival, ingrained into Japanese culture, dates back thousands of years to signify the welcoming of Spring and represents the evanescent nature of life. In light of this occasion, Tokyo Arabia has brewed a limited seasonal drink, aptly called Blossom, for patrons to enjoy the delightful flavors of plum, orange, and blueberries.

The inspired Sakura drink is available from March 9th until March 21st at its two Riyadh locations on Al Urubah Road in Al-Sulaimania and Veranda F&B in Al-Ghadir.

Patrons can savor the Blossom beverage while enjoying the a la carte menu with stand-out dishes on Tokyo Arabia’s extensive menu such as the wagyu nigiri, beef tataki, spicy-sweet beef tenderloin, wasabi prawn, saad maki, as well as a selection of fresh succulent sashimi and sushi rolls.

Tokyo Arabia operates under Foods Gate, a Saudi-owned F&B company, dedicated to creating signature dining concepts across a range of cuisines and culinary experiences. The award-winning restaurant has been serving Japanese cuisine in the heart of Riyadh for 38 years and was shortlisted for MENA 50 Best Restaurants in 2022, World Culinary Awards, Time Out Riyadh Awards, and was the 2021 winner of the Luxury Lifestyle Awards. Finally, Tokyo Arabia already has plans to expand its brand across Saudi and the Gulf, with a third outlet already in the pipeline.

For reservations or more information, please call +966 9200 09662 or visit 

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