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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Spotify Reveals What Saudi Arabia Listened to in 2022

Spotify Reveals What Saudi Arabia Listened to in 2022

spotify in saudi arabia , Abdullah Alfarwan is the most-streamed Saudi artist in KSA. Assala Nasri’s two songs “Hanein” and “Al Sourah” among the most-streamed Khaleeji tracks in KSA.

Does spotify work in saudi arabia

This year’s Wrapped is both a celebration of a year gone by and an invitation to join in on the fun. Spotify is unveiling its 2022 Wrapped campaign and personalized user experience inspired by just that. At the same time, the world’s most popular audio platform is also announcing the top artists, songs, albums, and podcasts that made up the vibrant kaleidoscope of listeners in KSA.

Here is what the Saudis lisaudi musicstened to in 2022:

The Saudis stay on top of global trends. 2022 was the year of The Weeknd, with the Canadian superstar becoming Saudi Arabia’s artist of the year. As a close second is genre-bending artist Taylor Swift, followed by the beloved K-Pop group BTS. At number four and five on the list stood Canadian powerhouse Drake and legendary rapper Eminem, whose music soundtracked the teenage years of millennials.

As far as genres go, music listeners in Saudi have eclectic tastes, with genres such as Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Rap, and K-Pop, along with Khaleeji music becoming some of their favourite sounds.


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For the love of Sheilat and Khaleeji music. Local artists also made waves, with Abdullah Al-Farwan being the most-streamed Saudi artist in the country, followed by Abdul Majeed Abdullah and Sheilat artist Badr ElEzzi in the second and third spots, respectively. Commenting on his success, Abdullah Al-Farwan said: “I am very happy to be topping the most-streamed Saudi Artist in KSA for the second year in a row”.

“My success is because of my fans, and in the coming months I’ll be releasing more music for them. I would also like to thank Spotify for its support on and off platform, which led to incredible moments like these.”

The top artist list saw more Sheilat names this year, with Ghareeb Al-Mukhles, Fahd bin Fasla, Abdullah Al-Mukhles, and Mohammed bin Grman making it to the top 10 most-streamed artists list. There is also a strong presence of iconic household names such as Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Mohamed Abdu and Rashed Al Majed.


When it comes to top songs, “Ya Ibn Khamash” by Mohammed Al Najm is the most-streamed Khaleeji song in Saudi this year. Assala Nasri made two special appearances on the list with her songs “Henain” and “Al Sourah“. Also on the most-streamed song list are newcomers like Lamiya Almalk with her single “Shoft El Nejoum“.


Other most-streamed local songs included “Kalemni” by Badr ElEzzi, “Adaaj Oyoun” by Majid Al-Raslani and “Zikrayat” by Badr ElEzzi.

Commenting on the results of Wrapped this year, Spotify’s Head of Music, Mark Abou Jaoude, said: “Wrapped is such an exciting time of the year where we celebrate the role music and podcasts play in soundtracking our lives. This year once again we saw how open Saudi listeners are to different genres of music, and it was great to see local artists making huge splashes.”

Keeping it local with podcasts. Several educational, motivational, cultural, and society podcasts have been making waves in Saudi Arabia this year, including Kanabet El Sebt,Finjan and Podcast Tanafuss.

 Starting today, November 30, eligible users can also access their personalized 2022 Wrapped experience exclusively in the Spotify mobile app (iOS and Android) on the 2022 Wrapped hub.

To learn more about Spotify’s 2022 Wrapped results in Saudi Arabia, see below:

Most-Streamed Artists in Saudi Arabia:

  1. The Weeknd
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. BTS
  4. Drake
  5. Eminem
  6. Billie Eilish
  7. The Neighbourhood
  8. Justin Bieber
  9. Imagine Dragons
  10. Lana Del Rey


Most-Streamed Tracks in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Another LoveTom Odell
  2. As It Was Harry Styles
  3. Middle Of The NightElley Duhé
  4. Enemy (with JID) – from the series Arcane League of LegendsImagine Dragons
  5. Heat WavesGlass Animals
  6. Sweater WeatherThe Neighbourhood
  7. After DarkMr. Kitty
  8. Close EyesDVRST
  9. Save Your TearsThe Weeknd
  10. Industry Baby Lil Nas X featuring Jack Harlow

Most-Streamed Saudi Artists in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Abdullah Al-Farwan
  2. Abdul Majeed Abdullah
  3. Badr Elezzi
  4. Ghareeb Al Mukhles
  5. Mohamed Abdu
  6. Rashed Al Majed
  7. Khaled Abdul Rahman
  8. Fahd Bin Fasla
  9. Abdullah Al Mukhles
  10. Mohammed Bin Grman


Most-Streamed Khaleeji Songs in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Mohammed Al Najm – “Ya Ibn Khamash
  2. Badr Elezzi – “Kalemni
  3. Assala Nasri– “Henain
  4. Assala Nasri – “Al Sourah
  5. Abdul Majeed Abdallah – “Ghazal Ma Yensady
  6. Lamiya Almalki – “Shoft El Nejoum
  7. Yasser Abdul Wahab – “Qalby Jobarny
  8. Mohamed Abdu – “Ashofak Kil Youm
  9. Majd Al Raslani– “Adaaj Oyoun
  10. Badr Elezzi -”Zikrayat


Saudi Arabia’s Most Popular Spotify Playlists:

  1. Best Khaleeji Songs
  2. Best Sheilat
  3. Wesh Al Trend وش الترند
  4. The Top
  5. Tarab Khaleeji  – طرب خليجي
  6. Hot Hit Gulf
  7. Hiwayah Iraqi
  8. Throw Now
  9. New Khaleeji
  10. Hot Arabic Hit- Yalla

Most popular Podcasts in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Kanabet El Sebt
  2. Finja
  3. Tanafuss
  4. Abajoura
  5. Sa7eb
  6. E7tiyalاحتيال
  7. AlSalfahالسالفة
  8. Jinayah – جناية
  9. Sokrat
  10. Areekaبودكاست أريكة

To enjoy the Wrapped experience, head over to


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