A Gift of the Stars: Bateel at the Oscars

You, too, can make your loved ones feel like celebrities this Ramadan.

Bateel makes its debut in Hollywood in a spectacular gift bag given to a few nominated actors and directors in honor of the Oscars, the most anticipated awards in the entertainment industry.


Image via bateel.com

The Saudi brand is recognized for its high-end dates, chocolates, and gourmet products that are perfect for any occasion and make you feel like a king or queen. Their offers elevate your taste buds and impress your guests with Bateel’s exquisite offerings.


The gift bag contains the box from the  Abriz Collection from Bateel, a gift set for Ramadan that is both traditional and modern. It has a lot of details that are sure to impress. The design harmonizes a complex tapestry of patterns with exquisite finishing by master craftsmen to produce a sophisticated work of art.


The fact that Bateel’s products are in the Oscars gift bag shows how high-quality and luxurious the brand is, and it will make an impression on the recipients that will last a long time. If you want to experience the same level of indulgence, you can purchase the box, which is a part of Bateel’s Ramadan collection and can be found online or at their stores worldwide.


Image via bateel.com

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