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Uber and SAR Partner to Enhance Saudi Arabia’s Rail Travel

Uber's Reserve product integrates with Saudi Arabia Railways for a hassle-free commute

SAR and Uber Revolutionize Travel: Pre-Book Uber Reserve Rides to Saudi Train Stations

Uber and SAR Partner to Enhance Saudi Arabia’s Rail TravelSaudi Arabia Railways (SAR) and Uber have joined forces to introduce a groundbreaking service that integrates Uber’s Reserve product with a rail platform for the first time globally. Commuters and tourists in Saudi Arabia will now have the option to pre-book up to four Uber Reserve rides to and from seven train stations across six cities through SAR’s website and app when purchasing train tickets.

The new offering aims to provide hassle-free end-to-end journeys, allowing passengers to plan their trips up to 90 days in advance. This strategic partnership aligns with Vision 2030’s objective to enhance the Kingdom’s transport network and services, fostering an ecosystem of cutting-edge mobility solutions.

Mohammad Aljuraish, General Manager of Uber Saudi Arabia, expressed pride in launching Reserve’s integration specifically in Saudi Arabia, reinforcing Uber’s commitment to the Kingdom and Vision 2030 goals. The partnership also contributes to the growth of tourism by providing streamlined travel options for inbound and outbound travelers.

Khaled Al Harbi, Senior Vice President of Passengers at SAR, highlighted the partnership’s innovation and its potential to enrich the logistics sector and enhance the passenger experience. SAR aims to promote railway transportation across the Kingdom by prioritizing travel convenience and safety.

This collaboration marks the second phase of Uber’s strategic partnership with SAR, building on their previous agreement in 2021 to facilitate seamless pick-up and drop-off services for commuters at SAR stations.

To learn more about using this groundbreaking service and embark on seamless travel experiences, visit the SAR website or app. Don’t miss the chance to explore Saudi Arabia more easily and flexibly!




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