Juffali Automotive Interview: Mercedes-Benz TEV’s at Historic Al-Bujairi Terrace

Mercedes-Benz TEVs at the Historic Al-Bujairi Terrace, in an interview with Juffali Automotive.


1. Why was Al-Bujairi Terrace chosen as the ultimate location for the TEV Mercedes-Benz showcase event?

At Mercedes-Benz, we believe that the luxury of the future is sustainable. As a key landmark in sustainability, the Al-Bujairi Terrace also features exceptional views over the Kingdom’s most important cultural icon, At-Turaif. This unique location fits the brand’s vision – making it the perfect destination to showcase our latest and innovative vehicles.

2. What were the new cars that were presented for the first time at Al-Bujairi Terrace?

We always strive to create exciting opportunities for our customers and automotive connoisseurs here in the Kingdom.

The display line-up included the market launch of the new Mercedes-AMG SL 55, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 4×4² and the unveiling of the concept EQG – the concept study of an all-electric model variant of the Mercedes-Benz off-road icon, the G-Class.

3. We have noticed that a huge part of the event revolved around introducing Al-Diriyah and its different neighborhoods and that you have distributed the cars all over the chosen location and especially at Al-Bujairi Terrace, why was that the case?

We worked on creating a new immaculate experience for our guests, which included the introduction of our latest vehicles and allowing them to explore and learn more about the historic location at Al-Bujairi Terrace. Looking back, it is definitely one of the most memorable events we’ve hosted.


4. Why did you choose (Journey into Luxury) as the name for the event?

What has always been the core of Mercedes-Benz is the luxury segment. Showcasing our vehicle display at Al-Bujairi, located in the historic city of Diriyah, allowed guests to appreciate the beauty of the past and present in a unique and unforgettable way.

5. We’d like to know more about the Concept EQG car that was shown at Al- Diriyah event?

The Concept EQG gives a promising preview of the capabilities of a Mercedes-Benz G-Class with a battery-electric drive.

In terms of design, visually, the concept car combines the unmistakably striking look of the G-Class with selected design elements typical of all-electric models from Mercedes-EQ. It features an attractive two-tone paint finish – glosses black on top, a gloss aluminum beam on the bottom, and a continuous deep black radiator grille.

And in terms of performance, it combines visions of an all-electric future with uncompromising off-road qualities – making it a true ‘G’ through and through. The 4×4 qualities of the ‘G’, which have always set the highest standard, will not only find their way into the age of electric mobility, but you can expect further development in some areas.


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