Discovery Space Mission opened at Riyadh Season 2022

Discovery Space Mission

Warner Bros. Discovery, a global leader in real-life entertainment, and General Entertainment Authority, the organizer, developer and leader of the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia announce the opening of the Discovery Space Mission in the much-awaited entertainment festival “Riyadh Season 2022.”

Discovery Space Mission Riyadh

  • Visitors can venture into space as astronauts in the interactive activation
  • Discovery Space Mission opened in Boulevard world, Riyadh and will continue until January 2023.

Every year, the festival brings diverse experiences into the heart of Saudi Arabia’s capital.
In line with this year’s theme of “Beyond Imagination,” the Discovery Channel’s immersive activation Discovery Space Mission will provide visitors with an astronomical experience of space exploration.
From setting foot on the moon to exploring the milky way and the solar system, watching the big bang
unfold, and creating their own Mars terrain, visitors will find themselves in awe of the wonders of space
as they learn more about what lies beyond the planet Earth.
Jamie Cooke, GM CEE, Middle East & Turkey of Warner Bros. Discovery, said: “It is an honour for us at
Warner Bros. Discovery to partner with Sela and participate in this year’s Riyadh Season. Our long-
standing commitment has been for our brand, the Discovery Channel, to offer educational
entertainment through varied world-class offerings. Discovery Space Mission is yet another milestone in
this commitment. We are excited to see people of all ages enjoy an out-of-this-world experience
through our newest activation.”
The Discovery Space Mission is part of Riyadh Season 2022, and will be open to visitors until January

Tickets are available via 

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