Habitas’ Eduardo Castillo Shares Stunning Video That Showcases The Future of Saudi Arabia’s Evolving Cultural Scene

Habitas Co-Founder and Creative Director, Eduardo Castillo, seek out spaces and opportunities that foster human connection, creativity, and self-expression.

As a composer and activist, he uses his passion for music and dialogue as a catalyst for change, always looking to bridge worlds, cultures, and backgrounds by tapping into our collective inner landscapes.

During his recent return to Saudi Arabia in December 2022, Eduardo performed and acted as a panelist for a discussion on the community at Riyadh’s MDLBEAST Soundstorm event before traveling to Habitas AlUla with fellow musician and new friend, Husam, for a concert in the canyon under the stars.

While Eduardo and Husam had just met and never rehearsed together, their improvised performance was a fitting metaphor for the harmonies that are occurring between people of all nationalities, beliefs, and lifestyles in Saudi Arabia.

Eduardo’s journey shows us that Saudi Arabia is a cradle for culture evolving with unbound potential and reminds us that travel plays an integral role in reframing how we understand the world.

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