Xiaomi Empowers Tech Savvy Consumers to Take Control of their Lives with the Success of the S1 & S1 Active


Xiaomi, the leading smartphone company, has underlined its commitment to transforming people’s lives with the power of quality technology.

Meeting the demands of the Kingdom’s sophisticated consumers — customers with a passion for functional devices powered by cutting-edge tech. Distinguished by modern, responsive features, the Xiaomi Watch S1 and Xiaomi Watch S1 Active are uniquely designed to cater to the lifestyle preferences of Saudi consumers. Both fully equipped with 24/7 health programs and apps, as well as engaging entertainment offerings and business functionalities, the state-of-the-art smartwatches are tailor made for tech lovers eager to improve and take full control of their lives.

Built with advanced technology, the Xiaomi Watch S1 serves as both business partner and workout companion. The multipurpose device supports 117 workout modes — including basketball, tennis, swimming, and HIIT — enabling wearers to get moving. It also offers round-the-clock health tracking, monitoring users’ heart rate, sleep quality, stress levels, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), and more. Users can sync these data points with their Strava or Apple Health apps.


The practical smartwatch is also ideally suited to on-the-go professionals, with Bluetooth calling — supported by a built-in microphone and speaker — app notifications, and wireless charging enabling users to work as freely, effectively and efficiently as possible.

Boasting many of the same amenities as the Xiaomi Watch S1, the Xiaomi S1 Active has been launched with sporty consumers in mind. Designed to help people across the Kingdom style up their fitness, the wearable — as with the Xiaomi Watch S1 — supports 19 professional fitness modes, as well as close to 100 extended options.

The smartwatch allows users to make their workouts even more efficient by accurately monitoring and analyzing key data points. With the click of a button, Xiaomi S1 Active owners can also customize their device settings to access their favorite sports modes. In addition to the rich diversity of its fitness modes and options — all of which can be accessed with just one click — the smartwatch also allows users to care for themselves and put their wellness in their hands, 24/7.


Its multi-channel PPG bio-sensor performs 24-hour heart rate monitoring, while an advanced sleep monitoring function — upgraded with a 35% increase in accuracy and support — enables consumers to record and improve their sleep patterns through different stages.

The smartwatch allows users to make their workouts even more efficient by accurately monitoring and analyzing key data points, including a detailed health index. The easy-to-use Mi Fitness app also puts daily health data at users’ fingertips, while helping consumers to achieve a better work-life balance with stress detection and a selection of breathing exercises.

Notably, the watch supports the auto-detection of treadmill, outdoor running, and walking, making workouts more seamless, straightforward, and simple to track. Boasting a 5 ATM water resistance* rating, the pool-friendly gadget is also ideal for swimmers.

Like the S1, the S1 Active is built to last with 12 days of battery life. Featuring a 1.43″ AMOLED display, the intricately designed watch offers an elevated quality of viewing experience, satisfying users with impressive smoothness and clarity.

The launch of the Xiaomi Watch S1 and Xiaomi Watch S1 Active coincides with the growing popularity of smartwatches and wearables across the region. As one of the most connected countries in the world, Saudi Arabia is home to some of the most ardent smartwatch consumers, and the popularity of wearable devices in the Kingdom is only set to increase in the coming years.


Product Availability:

Xiaomi Watch S1 is available for purchase from Jarir Bookstore at a price of 889 SAR and comes in Black and Silver.

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active is available for purchase from Jarir Bookstore at a price of 699 SAR and comes in Space Black, Moon white and Ocean Blue.


Saudi filmmaker Ahd’s Kamel’s ‘Sanctity’ Part of Netflix’s ‘Because She Created Collection’


Netflix is releasing a specially curated collection of 21 Arab films on July 7 by women filmmakers spanning various genres, including documentaries, drama, and romance, via a dedicated collection on the service titled ‘Because She Created’. 

The collection includes the works of critically acclaimed Algerian, Egyptian, Jordanian, Kuwaiti, Lebanese, Moroccan, Palestinian, Saudi, Sudanese, Syrian, and Tunisian directors, and celebrates the creativity of the Arab world’s greatest female storytellers. While these stories are distinctly and authentically Arab, the themes will resonate with women across the world, uniting women from all walks of life through beautiful and poignant content.


Cinematic masterpieces like ‘Let’s Talk’ by Marianne Khoury invites viewers to dive into the life of her late uncle and Egyptian Director Youssef Chahine, Nariss Nejjar’s ‘Stateless’ reflects on North African history from a female perspective, Suha Arraf’s ‘Villa Touma’, Leyla Bouzid’s ‘A Tale of Love and Desire’, Fatma Zamoun’s multi-character drama ‘Parkour’ and Suzannah Mirghani’s ‘Al-Sit’ – all bring fresh, unique and underrepresented narratives to life, placing the female perspective front and center. Other films include ‘Sanctity’ by Saudi filmmaker Ahd Kamel, ‘Bint Werdan’ by Kuwaiti director Maysaa Almunin, ‘Sleepless Nights’ by Egyptian filmmaker Maggie Morgan, ‘The Room’ by Algerian filmmaker Latifa Said and ‘Selma’s Home’ by Jordanian filmmaker Hanadi Elyan, among others. The collection aims to give more people a chance to see their lives reflected on screen and entice new audiences to discover the work of female storytellers from the Arab world.


Nuha el Tayeb, Director Content Acquisitions, Netflix (MENA and Turkey) says, We’re proud to be telling more stories by Arab filmmakers that can resonate with women from all walks of life and from around the world. More women behind the camera also has a ripple effect on women in front of it and the stories in this collection showcase the work of Arab women filmmakers in the region. Together, their voices provide inspiration for the wider creative community, while highlighting the importance of equitable representation in storytelling, and why it matters.”


Netflix launched the ‘Because She Created’ platform last year as a virtual panel discussion hosting Arab women filmmakers to talk about the evolving role of women in the Arab film industry. Following its success, Netflix also teamed up with the Cairo International Film Festival to host the second edition of Because She Created as a fireside chat with renowned Tunisian actress Hend Sabry. The ambition with this collection is to showcase the work of some of the most influential filmmakers from the Arab world so that more stories made in the Arab world can be loved globally.


All the films are new on Netflix. The collection will be live on July 7 and can be accessed at netflix.com/becauseshecreated


This Summer, Experience Your Favorite Netflix Series & Films on Free Walking Tours in London, Paris, & Madrid


This summer, it’s time to put down your remote and pick up your passport for a guided walking tour to see some of the most iconic cities in Europe – London, Paris, and Madrid – through the eyes of your favorite Netflix characters. 

For one week, from 11 – 17 July, Netflix will partner with SANDEMANs New Europe Tours for a series of free guided walking tours that share history and details about these amazing cities, highlight must-see locations from Netflix shows, and films, and unveil behind-the-scenes insights from filming.

Great stories transport us to places we’ve never been, immerse us in cultures far from our own, and peak our curiosity about the world around us. So far this year, more than 70% of viewing on Netflix has come from members watching a title from a country other than their own. Netflix is where audiences go to fall in love with other countries and cultures. And we’ve heard from our members that the location of that series or film is frequently their top travel destination, driving cultural affinity and tourism. In fact, Netflix members are 2.4x more likely to say that the locale of a series or film they watched is their #1 travel destination and they have an increased interest in famous landmarks and monuments (+24%), local history (+25%), food and drink (+26%)1.

Now we want to find new ways to connect members to the stories, and the places, that they love.

Ready to eat a croissant in Place de l’Estrapade like Emily in Paris or experience a money heist in Callao like La Casa De Papel?
Visit netflix.neweuropetours.eu/ to learn more. But be sure to reserve your spot soon – spaces are limited and just like secrets in the ton, they won’t last long.

Binge voyage!


COYA Collaborate with Saudi Artists for the Pisco Jar Arty Project to Celebrate the Brand’s 10-year Anniversary


COYA, the vibrant and stylish global lifestyle brand, is marking its 10-year anniversary by presenting a creative art project that exhibits the talents of Saudi Arabia and ex-pat artists.

The innovative Pisco Jar Project, which was unveiled on June 7th, featured an exhibition of wonderfully decorated Pisco jars, each one distinctively designed and painted by the hands of Yara Bana, Abdulmohsen Alrowais, Lama Ismail, Nora Al-Saud, Shrouq Bint Fahad, and Danya Bayoumi. The Pisco Jar project brought COYA’s colorful international venues together for a momentous and creative art collaboration. The project was designed to honor the great legacy of the COYA brand, Peruvian culture, and the uniting and uplifting power of art.

Marking a decade since the opening of its flagship venue in Mayfair, London in 2012, every COYA across the globe has joined in with the birthday celebrations and collaborated with local artists to customize and decorate glass Pisco jars in their own distinctive and unique style.


This worldwide activation symbolizes COYA’s dedication to supporting and uplifting local artistic talents. Featuring over 20 eclectic and equally talented artists from across the world, each Pisco Jar is wonderfully unique and designed to represent the vibrant DNA and essence of the COYA concept.

Speaking about Pisco Jar Project, Faisal M.Shaker, CEO and Board member of Modern Food Company, the operative & franchise of COYA brand in KSA said: “in COYA, we are proud of displaying the fusion of art, by bringing Peruvian culture and Saudi artists together. I am proud that each of the artists in this project has risen to the challenge and created a unique piece, especially for our anniversary exhibition.”

“We believe in bringing a contemporary lifestyle experience to Saudi Arabia and elevating the quality of life through great dining and lifestyle experiences. COYA is more than just a restaurant, it is an immersive experience inspired by the vibrant Latin American culture. From the art on the walls to the tribal beats of COYA Music, everyone will be taken on a multi-sensory journey from the moment you walk in.” added Faisal Shaker.


The Pisco jars were decorated by several renowned Saudi artists. This includes Shrouq Bint Fahad, who specializes in photography and art therapy, and multidisciplinary designer Danya Bayomi, who favors bold and quirky patterns, colors, and materials. The collection in the capital city also encompasses narrative painter Noura Al-Saud, passionate doodle expert Abdulmohsen Al Rowais, surrealistic graphic designer Lama Ismail and Jeddah-based artist Yara Bana, who is inspired by the rich local culture of her country and her wish to highlight social, cultural and spiritual observations through her work.

All the Pisco jars will be available to view in every COYA branch across the globe while exclusive preview images of each international design, plus previous COYA exhibitions, can be found on the Arts page of the brand’s website.

To find out more, please follow all venues and #COYATurns10 on social media or visit www.coyarestaurant.com for additional information about the history of COYA and its 10-year-anniversary celebrations.


Netflix Celebrates Global Accessibility Awareness Day via New Collection


Explore a world of characters, creators, and real-life personalities who bring rich dimensions to disability representation, one story at a time

By Heather Dowdy

Growing up on the southside of Chicago, there was nothing like a night at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. From the building’s ornate gold detailing, and the velvet curtains that enveloped the stage, to being ushered to the front, my family and I felt like celebrities. I remember the details of this historic home for entertainment so fondly because it was where my family and I went for special American Sign Language (ASL) interpreted performances. As a Child of Deaf Adults (CODA), I had the privilege of seeing the world with a deep appreciation and understanding of the lived experiences of my parents and the Deaf community I was raised in. It inspired me to make every experience we had feel like a night at the Chicago Cadillac Palace Theatre.

How we access stories has changed a lot. Whether it’s video conference calls, texting, or the flashing doorbell, nowadays technology can build bridges to access for many people living with disabilities. That’s why today, to celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), I’m excited to announce that we’re expanding our language availability of Audio Descriptions (AD) and Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH). Starting this month and into 2023, these features will be made available across more of our catalog and in more languages including Spanish, Portuguese, and French. For decades, your access to entertainment was determined by where you lived and what language you spoke, meaning that until recently people who needed AD or SDH could only enjoy a story if it was made in their local language

By increasing our SDH and AD language availability to over 20 languages, we hope to give all of our members the ability to see their lives reflected on screen, no matter where you’re from, what language you speak, or what abilities you have. We are also introducing new badges for our shows and films that have AD and SDH on Web and iOS to make it easier to discover stories suited for your needs.

At Netflix, we’re also telling more stories by and with people with disabilities in mainstream culture. That’s why we’ve launched our first-ever collection, titled “Celebrating Disability with Dimension,” featuring over 50 shows and films with characters or stories about people living with disabilities. With over 1 billion people living with disabilities globally, the opportunity to tell more inclusive stories and bond within our communities over storytelling is tremendous. We will also be hosting Accessibility Screenings in select countries globally to bring our AD and SDH features to life outside of the living room and discuss ways to make entertainment more accessible.

I’m excited to continue this work to connect our members to these stories through technology, upcoming accessibility screenings, and our new collection. Let’s make new memories together.


All the New Mobile Games Coming to Netflix in March


Netflix Games are now available on Android and iOS devices. All you need is a Netflix subscription – there’s no ads, fees, or in-app purchases.

Whether you’re craving a casual game to jump right into the fun, or an immersive experience that lets you dig deeper into your favorite stories, there are a variety of mobile games for you to explore and plenty more to come this month, including This Is A True Story (Frosty Pop), Shatter Remastered (PikPok), and Into The Dead 2: Unleashed (PikPok).

You can download games directly from the Netflix mobile app on the day of release at 2pmPST or directly from the Apple or Google app store at 10amPST if you don’t want to wait. To find these games:

  • Android mobile users will see a dedicated games row and a games tab where you can select any game to download.
  • iOS mobile users will see a dedicated games row where you can select any game to download.
  • Tablet users will see a dedicated games row or you can select games from the categories drop down menu to download and play.


This Is A True Story  (March 22)

Here’s a startling statistic: 771 million people on the planet don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. In collaboration with Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries, Frosty Pop created this lush narrative puzzle game to share a true story of a Sub-Saharan African woman’s daily struggle to get water for her family. Based on actual interviews and experiences, the role-playing game allows players to explore a beautiful, hand-painted landscape all while surviving a windstorm, catching poachers, and even befriending a goat! Adventure and insight await at every turn. Fun fact: charity:water’s team throughout the last several years traveled to Sub-Saharan Africa countries to interview several women whose stories make up the experiences laid out in the game.


Shatter Remastered (March 22)

A retro-inspired brick-breaking game that combines classic action with unique twists and incredible boss battles. Shatter Remastered is an updated version of Shatter™, the 2009 award-winning game from Sidhe, originally released on the Playstation 3. Widely accepted as the game that redefined the brick-breaking genre, Shatter Remastered features dozens of unique levels packed with amazing physics, power-ups, boss battles and special attacks. These maneuvers are easy to learn but hard to master. This refreshed mobile-optimized version includes global leaderboards so you can track your high scores against the best brick breakers in the world. Fun fact:  The Shatter soundtrack was created by New-Zealand based musician Module and has approx. 90 minutes of original electronic-style music.


Into The Dead 2: Unleashed (Coming soon)

Do whatever it takes to save your family and survive the zombie apocalypse in this ultimate runner/shooter hybrid. In this sequel to the hit zombie action game Into the Dead, armed players must fend off ever-increasing zombie threats while crossing treacherous terrain. In a world where no one is safe, do what needs to be done to stay alive. Maim, mow down, and eliminate the Dead – anything to keep moving. This game features multiple action-packed chapters, dozens of stages (i.e. oil fields and military bases), hundreds of challenges (think burning forests and frozen mountain tops) and players can unlock and upgrade melee weapons, firearms, explosives, and more! Fun fact: Mason, featured in a significant part of the games story, was voiced by a New Zealand actor by the name of Matt Whelan who went on to feature in the second season of Narcos.


Ed Sheeran Performs at The TikTok UEFA Euro 2020 Show This Friday 25 June


Fans from across the Middle East can catch the first live performance of his soon-to-be-released new single, ‘Bad Habits’

  • Concert live-streamed only on TikTok from his home ground of Portman Road, Ipswich Town
  • The TikTok UEFA EURO 2020 Show is a celebration of music and football and marks TikTok’s partnership with UEFA as the home for football fans during the tournament

Global superstar Ed Sheeran is set to take to the stage at TikTok’s UEFA EURO 2020 Show this Friday 25 June, and he is inviting fans from across the Middle East to join him. Available only from Ed’s TikTok channel @edsheeran, the special gig will be staged at his home ground stadium of Portman Road, Ipswich Town FC, the UK on Friday 25th June. The TikTok UEFA EURO 2020 Show will feature the very first performance of Ed’s forthcoming new single ‘Bad Habits’ released on the same day, as well as a number of classic tracks from his esteemed music catalog.tiktok-x-ed-sheeran-uefa-concert-copy

The concert will be live-streamed from Ipswich at 11 pm (Mecca)/12am (UAE) on Friday 25th June and will be free to view on TikTok exclusively. The show will be available to view again on the 9th July (10 pm (Mecca)/11 pm (UAE)) for global audiences that missed the first performance.

The TikTok UEFA EURO 2020 Show is a celebration of music and football and marks TikTok’s partnership with UEFA as the home for football fans during the tournament. The very special show was announced in a film via Ed Sheeran’s TikTok channel with the help of football icon David Beckham.

Announcing the gig Ed Sheeran said: “Can’t wait to perform at TikTok’s UEFA EURO 2020 Show live from Portman Road. It’s a place I love and I’m looking forward to performing some fan faves as well as my new track for the first time! See you on the 25th of June.”

Rami Zeidan, Head of Video and Creative at TikTok added: “We know that Ed Sheeran has many fans across the region and we are very excited to be able to tune in to this truly special moment during the UEFA Euro 2020. Music alongside sport plays such an important part in the TikTok community as they have the power to bring people together in magical ways; we look forward to seeing everyone there.”

TikTok is a Global Sponsor of UEFA EURO 2020 and is the first digital entertainment platform to sponsor a major international tournament for UEFA. Since the start of the tournament, it has launched a number of hashtag challenges, AR effects, and special LIVEs on the official @euro2020 account to get people ready for the much-awaited summer of football.


OPPO launches ‘Endangered Colour’ Campaign in Partnership with the National Geographic Society


Global technology brand OPPO has launched an Endangered Colour campaign in partnership with the National Geographic Society.

The initiative will support the Society’s wildlife conservation efforts and highlight the industry-leading videography and photography capabilities of the OPPO series of smartphones. Featuring a content series created by National Geographic Photographer Joel Sartore using an OPPO Find X3 Pro high-definition camera, the campaign will share a world full of unimaginable colour.

As part of the Endangered Colour series, OPPO has also donated USD $500,000 to the National Geographic Society to support its wildlife conservation efforts at large.

Ethan Xue, President of OPPO Middle East and Africa said, “Endangered Colour is a campaign with a purpose to do good for the world. Its aim is to show the beauty of wildlife and reveal its vibrant array of colours captured using OPPO’s AI-powered quality photography and videography.

“Through the images and short films captured by Joel Sartore audiences will experience nature from a new perspective and discover a world full of unimaginable colour. With this campaign, we aim to inspire and educate audiences on the importance of preserving endangered species and highlight the capability of OPPO technology to capture perfect moments in all their intense colour and beauty.”

Endangered Colour harnesses the technology of OPPO to celebrate nine species at risk of extinction and promote National Geographic’s mission to protect the health of our planet. Through raw and unfiltered, billion-colour footage, Endangered Colour brings the true colour and textures of nature to life with 100% accuracy, preserving them far into the future. The film series is narrated by OPPO Global Ambassador and award-winning actor Eddie Redmayne whose evocative storytelling brings the audience on a breathtaking journey.

Join OPPO in support of the National Geographic Society and its wildlife conservation efforts. www.nationalgeographic.org


New Tools to Combat Bullying on TikTok


TikTok launched a new way for creators to more easily manage interactions with their content.

People put their hearts and souls into creating and entertaining users on TikTok, and the platform recognizes how discouraging it can feel to receive unkind comments on videos. This is why TikTok is introducing the ability to delete multiple comments at once or report them for potentially violating the Community Guidelines. Accounts that post bullying or other negative comments can now be blocked in bulk, too. This update helps creators feel more empowered over their experience on TikTok.

To manage interactions on a video, people can long-press on a comment or tap the pencil icon in the upper left corner to open a window of options. From there, people can now select up to 100 comments or accounts rather than having to go one by one, making it more seamless to delete or report multiple comments or block users in bulk.

This feature is rolling out globally over the coming weeks and builds upon ongoing efforts to promote a kind and welcoming community. For instance, TikTok recently introduced a way to filter all comments so that only those a creator chooses will appear on their content. People are also prompted to reconsider posting a potentially unkind comment on a video. And, users aged between 13-17 have additional safeguards on their accounts designed to promote an age-appropriate experience, including restrictions on Duet, Stitch, DMs, and comments.

As TikTok develops tools to combat bullying, they also work to educate teens and families about bullying prevention. Earlier this month the platform launched a new bullying prevention guide on their Safety Center to help families learn how to identify bullying as well as tools to counter bullying and provide help to bullying victims or bystanders. The more users can stamp out bullying behavior, the more welcoming and fun TikTok will be for everyone.


Middle East Product Updates: Saudi Arabia

Aachen, Germany September 2019: Uber driver holding his smartphone in car. Uber is an American company offering different online transportation services

GO travel with Reserve for UberX and Airports

After a year of so much uncertainty, planning ahead means extra peace of mind. With Uber Reserve, you can tap a button and plan a ride up to 30 days in advance, request a favorite driver, and know you’re covered with our on-time guarantee: if your ride hasn’t arrived as scheduled, we’ll credit Uber Cash to your account.

We’re making the reservations experience even more affordable by expanding Reserve to UberX in hundreds of US cities and towns, and in more places nationwide this summer. And as travel returns, we’re launching Reserve in cities like Paris and London, as well as 20+ of the country’s busiest airports later this year… including Saudi Arabia. This means you’ll have added benefits such as flight tracking (so your driver is alerted about early arrivals and flight delays), up to 60 minutes of wait time once you land so you don’t need to rush, and curbside pickup so you can step off the plane knowing your ride is waiting.f452c7aefd72a6f52b36705c8015464e-copy

GO and get more done by the hour: Hourly lets you book your ride by the hour, providing you with a single driver for your entire journey and unlimited stops along the way. Perfect for running errands, doing a little shopping, and meeting a friend across town—all in one trip. Today Hourly on Uber Black (and Premier) is available in more than one thousand US cities and towns. And we’re bringing Hourly to UberX and to thousands of new cities across the US, Europe, Latin America, Australia, India Saudi Arabia late this summer.

At Uber, we’re always innovating to meet your needs and make life a little bit more effortless. We can’t wait to help you go anywhere and get anything.

More information on the broader product rollouts as well as a video of last night’s Uber Go Get event can be found in this blog here.