Netflix Inks Five-Year Partnership with Saudi Studio Myrkott


The first of its kind partnership in the Kingdom between Netflix and Myrkott provides an exclusive first look option for a mix of animations and films.

From Masameer series to Masameer The Movie, Netflix continues investing in Saudi stories.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 16 September 2020 – Netflix, the world’s leading entertainment service, and Saudi Arabian animation studio Myrkott, have struck a 5-year long exclusive partnership to produce Saudi-focused shows and films and most notably, a 5-year first look option on Myrkott’s upcoming projects.

The partnership entails production of new and exclusive seasons of the Masameer series, Masameer upcoming movies, a new licensed original adult animation series, and a licensed original feature film, in addition to a library compilation of all previous seasons of the Masameer series with special edits exclusive for Netflix.

“Myrkott is at the forefront of creative storytelling and animation in the region. We are continually investing in authentic stories from Saudi Arabia to share their stories across the Arab world and globally. We want to give our members access to great stories that can travel far and wide,” said Nuha El Tayeb, Director, Content Acquisitions, MENAT at Netflix.

Abdulaziz Almuzaini Myrkott CEO and Co-founder, added, “We at Myrkott think about this partnership beyond the production aspects, by working with Netflix we inspire Saudi and Arab talents to dream big and support an ecosystem that recognizes equal opportunity, talent and creativity, these are the values that fueled Myrkott in its pursuit of excellence throughout the years.”

About Netflix 

Netflix is the world’s leading streaming entertainment service with 193 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

About Myrkott 

Myrkott is a Saudi animation studio based in Riyadh, that produces animated movies and television programs. The studio has currently released a total of 120 episodes, notably including ones from Masameer, Yaarob, Arwa w Latifa, and America 101. With Cinemas opening in Saudi Arabia, Myrkott has produced its first feature film “Masameer The Movie”, to become the first successful Saudi Box Office movie.


Fitness fans flock to TikTok for ‘Fitspo’ and Sports Content


Fitness and sports content booms in Saudi Arabia on TikTok with 270% increase in related content regionally during first half of 2020, surpassing 1billion local views on #fitness.

Football reigns supreme as most popular sport on TikTok in MENA with Al Hilal FC gaining 150K fans in 10 days only.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – August 6, 2020: As Covid-19 has disrupted how people exercise in 2020, a new ‘Fitspo’ trend has emerged: TikTok fitness.

With fitness fanatics eager to stay active and passionate sports fans looking to support their teams during times of lockdown and social distancing, sports-related content has grown by a staggering 270% on the leading short-form video platform (based on March – July 2020).

In line with this new trend, local Saudi football clubs, regional athletes and sports personalities – from motivating coaches to balance gurus and football freestylers – are making a name for themselves on the platform and sharing unique video content to an active and passionate TikTok community.tiktok-x-balanceshow-image

One sport that captures the hearts and minds of the region more than any other: football. Challenges inviting football fans to celebrate ‘the beautiful game’ such as #footballisback have amassed over 330 million views from fans to date.

In Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest clubs and the champions of Asia Al Hilal football club joined TikTok by end of July 2020 and garnered more than 150K fans in only 10 days while its hashtag  #AlHilal had amassed over 1 billion views.

The awe-inspiring creativity of freestyle football is also booming on the platform. Creators such as international freestyle legend Sean Freestyle and local and regional stars Fahed Albreiki, Ammar Freez and Mohammed Al Noufali have taken their skills and mind-blowing ball handling to TikTok to entertain and inspire more people to enjoy the sport.

Regional athletes like Walid Yari, Omeir Saeed and Abeer MK have brought their signature style with a ‘TikTok twist’ to get Saudi and regional fans moving with inspiring content and challenges such #balanceshow (126.7m views globally) or #my_move (174.2m views globally).


Saudi Sports for All Federation’s Move to Donate generates SAR125,000 for Saudi Food Bank



Saudi SFA built on the successful Your Home Your Gym campaign (#بيتك_ناديك) to catalyze the social impact activity Move to Donate.

  • Move to Donate’s success of more than 5,500 pledges demonstrates the growing commitment to health and fitness in Saudi.
  • Saudi SFA President applauds Move to Donate participants across the country for acting as fitness and health advocates.

Move to Donate (#حركتك_صدقتك), the Saudi Sports for All Federation’s (SFA) Ramadan-centric activation, has come to a successful close with SAR125,000 in donations to the Saudi Food Bank. More than 5,500 pledges to get active and workout from home came from people across Saudi Arabia, answering the Federation’s call to “Move to Donate”. Developed for the month of Ramadan, the Move to Donate social impact operation builds on the massive momentum of the Federation’s ongoing fitness drive Your Home, Your Gym (#بيتك_ناديك).

Presented as part of the Quality of Life Program under Vision 2030, the SFA conceptualized the Move to Donate social impact activation to compel people to adopt healthy living while being mindful of the tenets of Ramadan: health, supporting those in need, and community values. Move to Donate also fostered strong feelings of community spirit and social responsibility while simultaneously championing physical activity and conscientious nutrition as a holistic approach to health and wellness.

The mechanism of Move to Donate was simple: pledges to workout from home made on the SFA website were translated to donations to the Saudi Food Bank that was delivered throughout the holy month. Closely supported by the Ministry of Sports and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, the social impact program was structured in line with the Ministry of Health’s directives to stay home and maintain social distance. saudi-food-bank-distributes-donations-from-the-saudi-sfa-move-to-donate-campaign-4-copy

HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, SFA President, applauded the pivotal actions of the participants of Move to Donate. “Every person that participated in Move to Donate not only committed to keeping active, but they also advocated for others to be active and join the movement. There were hundreds of tweets and posts generated by people who pledged to ask others to join up and pledge; this was really group dynamism put to work to achieve so many positive trajectories: health, positivity, and social good. It is one of the strongest moments of the Sports for All Federation’s history, made possible by participants from all over Saudi,” he continued.

Prince Khaled singled out the contribution of the Federation’s official Baytak Nadeek training team noting that they performed their national duty admirably and continue to act as role models for us all, extending his warm thanks to captains Fahad Saud Fahad Al-Sahli, Abdullah Abdulbasit Abba Fallatah, Najia Saleh Alfadl, Ahmad Al Mosabi, Aya Alduhaiman, and the newest-appointed captain Yasmine Hisham Hassan.

“Baytak Nadeek is in a transition phase. It was initially a response to the health crisis and it has evolved to become a full-on lifestyle guide. I would describe it as a strategic path to living your best life through being healthy, active, and mindful,” Prince Khaled explained.

Baytek Nadeek provides the ideal encouragement for people of all ages and sporting abilities to stay active, build healthy habits, and try new challenges. The digital call to action campaign reached nearly four million people at the end of April alone with thousands of user-generated social media images and videos of home workouts being posted from across the Kingdom and the wider GCC. It was initially created to provide motivation for people to stay active while they stayed at home, as well as promoting fitness as fun for all the family and encouraging lifelong healthy habits through its Healthy Living portal.

The SFA has introduced a number of Baytak Nadeek phases including Move to Game launched by SFA in partnership with the Saudi Arabian Federation for Electronic and Intellectual Sports (SAFEIS), the first-ever combination of gaming and physical fitness. Another notable phase was the Baytak Nadeek Student-Challenge in partnership with the Saudi Universities Sports Federation (SUSF), encouraging private and public university students to compete in the physical activity. A phase devised for public and private sector companies was also rolled out, the Baytak Nadeek Corporate Challenge, with home workouts, contributed by employees of PepsiCo Arabia, Qiddiya, The Red Sea Development Company, Halwani Brothers, Riyadh Bank, NEOM, Binzagr Company, STC, Saudi British Bank (SABB), and more.


Sports for All Federation Launches Move to Donate Campaign in Collaboration with the Saudi Food Bank to Support Families in Need During Ramadan


The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) is pleased to launch ‘Move to Donate’ in line with the tenets of the holy month of Ramadan: health, community values, and supporting those in need. Move to Donate, another roll-out phase of the successful Baytak Nadeek program, begins today and will continue throughout the month.

  • Move to Donate is another phase of the successful Baytak Nadeek program that galvanized people across Saudi to get fit at home.
  • Move to Donate represents health, community values, and supporting those in need.
  • Move to Donate turns pledges to workout into food baskets distributed by the Saudi Food bank to families in need across the country.

The Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) is pleased to launch ‘Move to Donate’ in line with the tenets of the holy month of Ramadan: health, community values, and supporting those in need. Move to Donate, another roll-out phase of the successful Baytak Nadeek program, begins today and will continue throughout the month.

Staged in collaboration with the Saudi Food Bank, the social sport initiative encourages people to take part in physical activity while staying home during the holy month, and share a video or photo of themselves on social media including #حركتك_صدقتك (Move to Donate) and #بيتك_ناديك (Your Home, Your Gym) hashtags. Participation in Move to Donate is simple: visit the SFA website and pledge to workout; sports activities from those that have taken the pledge then result in food baskets to be distributed to families in need in Saudi.

hrh-prince-khaled-bin-alwaleed-bin-talal-al-saud-copy“On behalf of the Sports for All Federation, I’d like to warmly congratulate the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leadership and everyone in Saudi on the advent of the holy month of Ramadan. We are celebrating Ramadan together in the way that supports our values as a country: concern and care for people across Saudi, and lending our strength to those who need it most,” said HRH Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud, SFA President.

“I urge everyone to take part in Move to Donate; our strength is in our numbers. The more people that know of the campaign, the better the participation numbers will be. During Ramadan, pledge your commitment to workout out and support the Saudi Food Bank on our website. By posting your home fitness activities on social media using the hashtags, you’ll be motivating others to get active and prioritize health during this holy month while simultaneously helping families,” Prince Khaled continued.

Launched last month and supported closely by the Ministry of Sports and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee, SFA’s digital campaign Baytak Nadeek encourages people to get active and keep fit while staying home. Baytak Nadeek supports the Ministry of Health’s recommendations to stay home and embrace social distancing while encouraging people to turn their personal spaces into physical activity zones, creating family fun and encouraging healthy habits.

Part of the Quality of Life Program, an extension of the SFA’s commitment to realizing Vision 2030’s pillars of fitness and health in Saudi, Baytak Nadeek galvanized people across the country to get fit at home. The digital campaign has already reached nearly four million people with thousands of user-generated social media images and videos of home workouts from across the country, and some from the wider GCC.

The SFA, advocating for physical fitness and wellbeing, reminds people that during this delicate homebound period staying active is more important than ever. Through Move to Donate, participants will be caring for their own health while helping others in need.

Baytak Nadeek provides a range of fitness programs meant to be done at home including CrossFit, interval training, aerobics, strength training, yoga and much more, as well as articles featuring suggestions on staying healthy through exercise and nutrition. Explore the selection of health and wellness content on the SFA’s Healthy Living portal, and join the official Baytak Nadeek Trainers with their online workouts.

Join us and Move to Donate by pledging here:


GMC Shines The Spotlight on Customization With Bold New Line-up at The Riyadh Car Show 2019


GMC has today announced that it will be bringing its boldest ever line up to the Riyadh Car Show 2019.

Bringing the brand’s commitment to reliability, refinement in design and engineering excellence to life at the car show, GMC will highlight the vast range of accessories that car lovers can use to personalize their vehicle. The new automotive event in Saudi Arabia will take place from November 21-26.

Daniella D’Souza, Head of Brand – GMC Middle East, said: “The Riyadh Car Show is the ultimate event to gather all automotive enthusiasts who are excited about the opportunity to customize their car to suit their needs. Saudi is one of our key markets in the region and we are extremely excited to continue driving our investment forward and engaging with consumers here through platforms like the Riyadh Car Show, which is set to become a staple event in the region’s motoring calendar.”

She continued: “Saudi drivers are some of the boldest in the Middle East, and our broad accessory portfolio will deliver something extra to further enhance their GMC vehicle. Heading into 2020, our refreshed line-up will match our bold drivers and with our vast accessory portfolio, every driver is now able to perfectly tailor their car to suit their active lifestyle.”gmc-sierra-accessories-image-3-copy

No two drivers are alike, so GMC promises customers more accessory options than ever before to personalize their vehicles. During the Riyadh Car Show, a number of these accessory packages will be on display.

GMC vehicles already make a powerful impression on the road. Building on this, the brand offers a variety of exterior styling options from decorative body and emblems to assist steps and splash guards to further enhance utility and functionality for their adventurous lifestyles. Premium interior styling options allow a GMC to be tailored to individuals tastes as well as enrich the entertainment options and maximize storage.

Toughness and commanding design are staples of the GMC brand. Building on this, GMC offer accessories to reinforce the bed of the truck while hauling everything from furniture to construction materials, without impacting design. Protecting cargo, GMC also offers a variety of Tonneau cover styles in different materials to keep your load to yourself. gmc-sierra-accessories-image-1-copy

On stand, GMC will showcase some of the latest models in the line-up, bringing reliability, refinement in design and engineering excellence to life for Saudi car lovers. The GMC stand will be in the Bonnier North tent at Al Janadriyyah Cultural & Heritage Festival Ground as part of Riyadh Season activities. As part of Riyadh Car Show, Global Auto Salon will feature world-class hot rods, muscle cars, exotics, classic cars, trucks, sports compacts, race cars and other specialty vehicles on display.