Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

All the New Mobile Games Coming to Netflix in March

All the New Mobile Games Coming to Netflix in March

Netflix Games are now available on Android and iOS devices. All you need is a Netflix subscription – there’s no ads, fees, or in-app purchases.

Whether you’re craving a casual game to jump right into the fun, or an immersive experience that lets you dig deeper into your favorite stories, there are a variety of mobile games for you to explore and plenty more to come this month, including This Is A True Story (Frosty Pop), Shatter Remastered (PikPok), and Into The Dead 2: Unleashed (PikPok).

You can download games directly from the Netflix mobile app on the day of release at 2pmPST or directly from the Apple or Google app store at 10amPST if you don’t want to wait. To find these games:


This Is A True Story  (March 22)

Here’s a startling statistic: 771 million people on the planet don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water. In collaboration with Charity: Water, a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries, Frosty Pop created this lush narrative puzzle game to share a true story of a Sub-Saharan African woman’s daily struggle to get water for her family. Based on actual interviews and experiences, the role-playing game allows players to explore a beautiful, hand-painted landscape all while surviving a windstorm, catching poachers, and even befriending a goat! Adventure and insight await at every turn. Fun fact: charity:water’s team throughout the last several years traveled to Sub-Saharan Africa countries to interview several women whose stories make up the experiences laid out in the game.


Shatter Remastered (March 22)

A retro-inspired brick-breaking game that combines classic action with unique twists and incredible boss battles. Shatter Remastered is an updated version of Shatter™, the 2009 award-winning game from Sidhe, originally released on the Playstation 3. Widely accepted as the game that redefined the brick-breaking genre, Shatter Remastered features dozens of unique levels packed with amazing physics, power-ups, boss battles and special attacks. These maneuvers are easy to learn but hard to master. This refreshed mobile-optimized version includes global leaderboards so you can track your high scores against the best brick breakers in the world. Fun fact:  The Shatter soundtrack was created by New-Zealand based musician Module and has approx. 90 minutes of original electronic-style music.


Into The Dead 2: Unleashed (Coming soon)

Do whatever it takes to save your family and survive the zombie apocalypse in this ultimate runner/shooter hybrid. In this sequel to the hit zombie action game Into the Dead, armed players must fend off ever-increasing zombie threats while crossing treacherous terrain. In a world where no one is safe, do what needs to be done to stay alive. Maim, mow down, and eliminate the Dead – anything to keep moving. This game features multiple action-packed chapters, dozens of stages (i.e. oil fields and military bases), hundreds of challenges (think burning forests and frozen mountain tops) and players can unlock and upgrade melee weapons, firearms, explosives, and more! Fun fact: Mason, featured in a significant part of the games story, was voiced by a New Zealand actor by the name of Matt Whelan who went on to feature in the second season of Narcos.


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