GMC Shines The Spotlight on Customization With Bold New Line-up at The Riyadh Car Show 2019

GMC has today announced that it will be bringing its boldest ever line up to the Riyadh Car Show 2019.

Bringing the brand’s commitment to reliability, refinement in design and engineering excellence to life at the car show, GMC will highlight the vast range of accessories that car lovers can use to personalize their vehicle. The new automotive event in Saudi Arabia will take place from November 21-26.

Daniella D’Souza, Head of Brand – GMC Middle East, said: “The Riyadh Car Show is the ultimate event to gather all automotive enthusiasts who are excited about the opportunity to customize their car to suit their needs. Saudi is one of our key markets in the region and we are extremely excited to continue driving our investment forward and engaging with consumers here through platforms like the Riyadh Car Show, which is set to become a staple event in the region’s motoring calendar.”

She continued: “Saudi drivers are some of the boldest in the Middle East, and our broad accessory portfolio will deliver something extra to further enhance their GMC vehicle. Heading into 2020, our refreshed line-up will match our bold drivers and with our vast accessory portfolio, every driver is now able to perfectly tailor their car to suit their active lifestyle.”gmc-sierra-accessories-image-3-copy

No two drivers are alike, so GMC promises customers more accessory options than ever before to personalize their vehicles. During the Riyadh Car Show, a number of these accessory packages will be on display.

GMC vehicles already make a powerful impression on the road. Building on this, the brand offers a variety of exterior styling options from decorative body and emblems to assist steps and splash guards to further enhance utility and functionality for their adventurous lifestyles. Premium interior styling options allow a GMC to be tailored to individuals tastes as well as enrich the entertainment options and maximize storage.

Toughness and commanding design are staples of the GMC brand. Building on this, GMC offer accessories to reinforce the bed of the truck while hauling everything from furniture to construction materials, without impacting design. Protecting cargo, GMC also offers a variety of Tonneau cover styles in different materials to keep your load to yourself. gmc-sierra-accessories-image-1-copy

On stand, GMC will showcase some of the latest models in the line-up, bringing reliability, refinement in design and engineering excellence to life for Saudi car lovers. The GMC stand will be in the Bonnier North tent at Al Janadriyyah Cultural & Heritage Festival Ground as part of Riyadh Season activities. As part of Riyadh Car Show, Global Auto Salon will feature world-class hot rods, muscle cars, exotics, classic cars, trucks, sports compacts, race cars and other specialty vehicles on display.

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