Tips To Survive The Struggles Of Freshmen Year


We all felt a little lost when it came to college. We changed universities and majors, followed friends, wanted different places and jobs. It was honestly very confusing.

So, the Destination Team came together and thought of a few things we’d tell ourselves on the first day of college if we could turn back time *Que Cher*:

1. You don’t have to start college right away.


If you don’t know what you want yet, take a break. Work on yourself, take courses, attend events, travel. Do whatever it is you can get off of your bucket list in a semester.

2. Don’t be afraid if you’re going to a place where you don’t know anyone.


Join clubs and get social, because you’ll meet people in college (good and bad) that you’ll never forget (no matter how hard you try).

3. College isn’t as big of a deal as you think it is.


It’s like going from middle school to high school, but now you have a little more freedom and rely mostly on yourself.

4. Learn to love yourself and enjoy your own company.


Don’t look for acceptance. Watch a movie or go out to dinner by yourself. If you don’t enjoy your own company, how do you expect other people to?

5. A lot of things are going to change, but most importantly, YOU will change.


6. As much as you’re going to meet new people, you’re probably going to lose most of them.


So, surround yourself with good people that you know will only upgrade you.

7. Live by the saying: “Will it matter in five years?”.


8. Follow your own schedule and take electives in things that you never tried before, because you may fall in love with something completely different.


9. Concentrate and avoid procrastinating, it’s your biggest enemy.


Keep a steady rhythm from beginning to end. We know you’re going to procrastinate anyways so…

10. Make connections, they’ll help you later-on in life.


Professors count too! You’ll realize later that they were cooler than people your age anyways.

11. Avoid distractions and balance work and social life.


You can always see your friends, but it’s tougher to take the course again just because you didn’t study enough.


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New Couple, First Home


By: Faisal Al Gain
Country Marketing Manager at IKEA Saudi Arabia

After experiencing the joys of a wedding made in heaven, many newlyweds slowly discover the angst and anxieties associated with living on earth – especially when it comes to setting up a house. Rest assured you are not alone in wondering just how to navigate these first steps into domestic life. It may sound difficult and even quite daunting at times, but with careful planning, there can be much delight in the process.
Here is a primer on how to tackle things together as a newlywed couple, and make a lovely new home.

Go halves

Just like it takes two to tango, it will take shared time, space and choices to set up a home that truly belongs to both of you.

If you look upon various tasks – the selection of samples, making mood boards, shopping – as private little adventures that no one else in the world is privy to (except you and your new spouse), you will find yourselves way ahead of the game.  If one or both of you are very busy, divide the tasks based on location, duration and convenience.


There may be some elements of compromise, especially when one of you dislikes what the other likes most. But love conquers everything, especially new love, and taking turns at sharing and sacrificing can be a great learning experience.

Get inspired

The quickest and easiest way to decide what your home should look like is to study several pictures of homes you like. Clip pictures from décor magazines and pin or bookmark appealing styles online, and make a dossier of all that appeals to you. Take a tip from hundreds of young brides who begin collecting back issues of IKEA catalogues months before the wedding, and then aim to recreate rooms in the choices they prefer.

When you sit together to compare all your favourite pictures, you will notice what is common in terms of colour, style, light, period and pattern. These should serve as your basic cues.ikea_catalogue03_big

Of course the two of you will have differing opinions, and it is natural and normal to argue over a few things. Finding out your spouse’s secret likes and dislikes can be enlightening, but finding common ground can be fun as well. Keep a sense of humour and make it go a long way.

Do the count

There is a very high possibility that your first home will not be your last, and this fact must form the foundation of your shopping.

Solid foundation pieces are designed to last you through decades, while a particular piece of bargain furniture may only serve its purpose for mere months. Know the financial and environmental difference between what will look great in a larger home, and what you are likely to be saddled with. Realise that you will not need to live with every small decision you make now, for the rest of your lives.

Inventory, priority

After you unwrap your wedding gifts, and after the two of you are hosted in family homes, you may easily come to the conclusion that there is no need to buy everything new. Stick with this decision.

Besides the useful gifts and generous offers from family members, there are many ‘pre-loved’ bargains to be had online, at auctions and second-hand depositories, or from people who are selling the contents of their home. If you cannot afford to spend on everything at once, buy some key essentials, and then top it up with older stuff that is either borrowed or found as bargains.

When you decide what pieces you really need to purchase, take stock of what you already have, or have received. You may be able to repurpose some pieces, or simply decide that there are several things you no longer need.

Personalise it

There is no joy like turning the key in the lock at the end of a long, hot day, and walking in to a warm and welcoming space inside. To feel like you are truly home when you walk in through the door, you need to own your space.

Make room for a variety of  personal touches that represent both of you as a couple – pictures that showcase your recent wedding, a souvenir from your honeymoon, decor that instantly cheers, mementoes that evoke places, a comfortable chair or a set of quirky cushions. You will find that all these little things put together make a big difference: the combination of experiences and memories can bring great amounts of comfort and familiarity into your home, even if it is brand new.


Do enjoy

Just in case you didn’t know, the IKEA website has lots of practical advice on décor, space-saving, gardening, recycling, and other aspects of homemaking that can inspire the two of you, to tackle things together.

Do not forget to have fun. Making a house into a home and getting it perfectly right may take longer than you expect, but this is an opportunity to get to really know each other better. It also makes a great addition to all your memories as newlyweds. Smile and laugh through it.


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Art Jameel Photography Award Opens The Shutters


Aspiring photographers in GCC countries have the opportunity to win cash prizes and exposure in the 2016 Art Jameel Photography Award.

The award is organized by Art Jameel, the arts and culture initiative of Community Jameel, the social enterprise arm of Abdul Latif AJPA16 Poster-page-001Jameel, and offers cash prizes worth a total of close to $30,000.

Dates: Started on August 1 and closes on October 15

Age: Art Jameel is calling all photographers above the age of 18 – professional and amateur, male and female.

Theme: The theme for 2016 is ‘Re-inventing Imagery’, seeking to uncover modes of production and participation in overlapping fields of culture, urbanism, and social experimental photography or the use of alternative process techniques of image making.

Winners will be announced in November, coinciding with the opening of the exhibition. After judging, an exhibition will feature the best 30 entries.

Ms Dalya Mousa, Art Jameel Manager, said: “The goal is to encourage artists to break away from the familiar and commercial ways of looking at and using images through art.

“No preference is given to any particular kind of photographic material, technique or creative route, nor are any of these excluded from consideration. Artists are encouraged to break boundaries and experiment in all mediums ranging from photography, video, drawing, installation and sculpture etc.”

Competition entries must be submitted to the award’s website Art Jameel Photography award.

Judges have yet to be announced but Zelda Cheatle, the UK-based expert who heads the World Photography Organisation, has been appointed as curator.

The British Council is the educational partner and will manage GCC workshops and other training for photographers who enter the award. Pharan Studio, the photography partner, will manage all workshops in Saudi Arabia.

Community Jameel launched the initiative in 2010 as the Bab Rizq Jameel Photography Award. The results were so impressive that it was developed into the Art Jameel Photography Award in 2013, aiming not only to attract the best photographers but also to provide opportunities for employment, in keeping with Community Jameel objectives.

More than 2,000 people have participated in the award’s six stagings so far, of whom 180 reached finalist level. Most of the entries came from Saudi citizens, with the remainder from GCC residents or other nationalities, including Yemen, Philippines, Egypt, Indonesia, Sudan, USA, UK, India, Malaysia, Greece, Pakistan, and Argentina. About 500 entries are expected for 2016’s seventh event.

The most recent winner was Saudi resident and Portugal national Adreano Pimenta in 2015 for his photo ‘Deconstruction of Inhabited Spaces – Transitions Behind the Obvious’.

About Art JameelContact Details

Art Jameel, one of Community Jameel’s Initiatives, fosters and promotes contemporary art and creative entrepreneurship across the MENAT region. In partnership with arts organizations worldwide, Art Jameel is developing two arts centres and cultural exchange programmes to encourage networking and knowledge sharing.

Art Jameel is the founding partner of Edge of Arabia, The Crossway Foundation, Jeddah Art Week, and The Archive. In partnership with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, it awards the biannual Jameel Prize for contemporary art and design inspired by Islamic traditions. Additional projects include: Art Jameel Photography Award; Jeddah Sculpture Museum, a public park established in collaboration with Jeddah Municipality; Jameel Arts Education at schools; the House of Traditional Arts in Jeddah and the Art Jameel Programme for Traditional Arts and Crafts in Fustat, Cairo, both developed in partnership with the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London.

Community Jameel was established in 2003 to promote positive social change, and has been undertaking this through the establishment of long-term partnerships with international institutions, and the creation of initiatives in the fields of Job Creation, Global Poverty Alleviation, Arts & Culture, Education & Training, Health & Social, and Food & Water Security. More information on Community Jameel’s considerable set of initiatives can be found online at

For more information, please contact:

Abir Ben Bechir

Community Jameel International

Mobile: +971 55 1012621



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DR’s Hot Picks: Netflix And Comedy

DR Hot Picks- Netflix & Technology (3)

It’s that time of week again. Let’s Netflix and Laugh with the best comedic documentaries.

An Idiot Abroad


A travel documentary unlike any you’ve ever seen. From executive producers Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais (of The Office fame) come the adventures of a middle-aged British “idiot” as he’s thrust into situations far outside his comfort zone. The idiot in question is Karl Pilkington, Merchant’s and Gervais’s verbal punching bag from their well-received podcast. Gervais and Merchant arrange to place poor ol’ Karl into the most uncomfortable situations for giggles, like arrange for him to be kidnapped by terrorists. What makes this show special is Pilkington’s unapologetically honest and simple approach to life that he somehow maintains as he travels to the most extraordinary places.

Chelsea Does


Comedian Chelsea Handler is getting comfy in her new Netflix home. Chelsea Does is the comedian’s first Netflix endeavor, and an ambitious one at that. For each episode, Chelsea immerses herself in a single topic and has an open discussion about it. Though the show is more comedy and discussion than documentary, what actually makes it special is Chelsea herself. By picking topics she’s interested in exploring, Chelsea places the audience her seat and asks the questions we’d like to ask. Her dry, abrasive and blunt sense of humor might not be everyone’s cup of tea (certainly not for those easily offended), but it’s the perfect medium to deliver an honest reaction.


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An Open Letter: Things to do in Riyadh and Being Grateful About it

Photo Credits:

By Ghada Al-Omran

How far can you go being entertained in Riyadh? Facing the wall and avoiding the public might be your solution. Now, the argument begins. As long as you hear that there is nothing to do someone tends to counteract what you’re saying. And it is brilliant. A river full of ideas come through, yet why is the continuous statement, “Although, I don’t believe we have enough entertainment?”, lingers? Then the comparison begins about how the places outside are more evolved and they have more entertainment. While this is true, some factors are not applied by all means in Riyadh but have an impeccable solution to cater your entertainment needs, for now.

Keep in mind, positivity and prioritizing seems like a big movement to be entertained but you will never be satisfied if you think about everything as horror house in Riyadh. Forget comparison. Forget complaining. Focus on yourself to be entertained and quite frankly you’d get it. Always remember, “Be careful what you wish for; you may receive it.” Because indeed the more you say “Riyadh has nothing.” And “Riyadh is boring.” The more it seems that way. 10121176525_a9accc0308_bGet out of the comfort zone and entice yourself with fun activities and let adventure begin. For example, from planned road trips to spontaneous ones is a great beginning to explore different parts of the region. Road trips that can range from 45 minutes to 8 hours (if you are up for the challenge). Road trips with music gravitating through one’s ear, games, and talking are the best. The road trips that takes more than 5 hours might be tiring, have stopovers in different regions that are on the way.

Feeling brave? Take up classes in diving (Riodiving based in the heart of Riyadh) to be ready for the marine life from one of your road trips. One of the road trip destination would be Jeddah and their marine life is one of the best in the world, dive in and shimmer through the Red Sea with your acknowledged background in diving. In addition, visiting Jeddah’s natural hot spring is wondrous. Another road trip is to go through Abha for its beautiful scenery of the mountains, Haql ship wreck beach, and Jizan’s sea life. Also, visiting the Edge of the World and going to AlThummamh for camping out and motorbiking, and paramotoring. Reem international circuit, where drifting and racing is there for a reason; avoiding accidents and still enjoy the adernaline. Nofa resort’s park and resort is underestimated as it possesses exciting entertainment ranging from skating rink to horse-back riding. Now, feeling inspired? Take aviation classes, to learn piloting and get the license! Yes, your license; in Saudi Aviation Flight Academy or Wallan Flying School.

12916905_10156672944155858_9025862484489703268_oFitness initiatives exponentially increasing, hence, as I exit La Rustica (wonderful food, I must add. No regrets.) bikers are there before me with their helmets on and ready to set and go. An applause commenced on my behalf, mentally. Usually, the life of the party experience in entertainment is movement. An observation is that usually people tend to have more fun with moving around the goes from the gym to bike riding. Rock climbing (must be done with a professional) is done here and maybe some kind of percentage didn’t know about it. Clearly, you should not be doing extraneous activity in the summer’s sun light but give no excuse to not move, do it in the night! Although, the winter is more forgiving either way. Cycling tracks should be painted on the streets our the fellow riders to be more adapted to the roads. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said,

“Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding.”

Moving releases endorphins (a chemical substance that makes you happy) and it will definitely be energizing. Gather some friends and go to the gym and take up classes from kickboxing to Aerial yoga, which Sukoon Wellness and Kinteco offers.

In this generation, a fast-growing movement of generosity takes place. Not because of the bore, but the realization of what is truly crucial in this world. Good intentions to help the community. It’s a beautiful glance of children helping in Riyadh Shelter’s post that make the heart purified and they are entertained by helping with nothing in return but a good deed that our religion delivers. Women and men together willingly helping in hospitals, neighborhoods, and volunteering in various organizations. For example, the Bunyan charity for productive families, Empowerment Hub, Pay it Forward, Sanad, Alf Kheir, and along with others issue various events for a great cause.

In the end, everything is a blessing. We should cherish what we have and proceed to grow with it, not against it. Things are changing along the way and we must preserve the importance of religion and traditions whilst the growth with an open mind. Riyadh is flourishing right before our eyes and we should not take it for granted. Even now, lavishing and showing off materialistic object is worthless and has no grant or benefit in our nation. Yet, a greater goal is to try to make everything at its best state.

Always remember the words of the people full of wisdom,

Best of things is at their very midst

An Arabic proverb that explains a balance should be acquired for better welfare. The stigma of our city is seems to be due to the quality, determination, commitment that fades away once a project is at its starts. But of course, not all places are issued that way especially those who have work ethic and passion, which is very important to obtain a successful outcome. We have everything you could think of (more than what is mentioned) but the awareness is finite. The only problem to resolve the solution of the entertainment is: awareness, quality, determination, and work ethics. Not anyone should be administered but those who are altruistic. After all, the evolvement should be not only be through entertainment but us as whole nation, a family, to look after what’s best for our education, activeness, health, security, and orderliness.


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Riyadh’s Snow City: Winter Is Here!


Riyadh is stepping up its game, activity wise, with a lot of projects that are still in progress.

One of the projects that has been going on for the last three years is the Snow City that finally opened its doors on July 13 giving locals as well as expats the perfect spot to escape summer’s scorching heat.

Overseen by the same project management team that brought us Ski Dubai, the company promises the same quality and more openings to come in Jeddah, Egypt and more.

The family oriented spot offers a variety of slides and games that suit different age groups, giving visitors a cool north pole-like experience that will rejuvenate their senses and cure the heat induced moodiness.



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Top 8 Wellness Retreats in Riyadh

Wellness in riyadh

By Ghada Al-Omran

No matter where you are in your journey, enhancing and maintaining wellness is vital for the successful pursuit of your goals.

To help you, we have listed down 7 wellness centers in Riyadh to achieve your best health, fitness, and wellness.

1. Sukoun wellness

Yoga, pilates, and wellness.

Instagram: SukounWellness

Number: +966503339937 or +966114500079

2. Kore

Boutique gym and a lifestyle that will help you transform into a fitter, healthier, and happier you.

Instagram: KoreStudios

Number: +966114820003 or +966114169439

3. NuYu

Stunning boutique fitness centers, inspiring the women of Saudi to get active.

Instagram: NuyuFItness

Number: 920007576

4. AlManahil

Tennis court, swimming pool laps, taekwondo, and more

Instagram: Al_Manahil


Location: Safart distrcit

5. My Nails Spa

Instagram: My_Nails_Spa

Number: +966535823333

Location: Prince Turki alawal st, exit 2.

6. Shi Spa

Instagram: Shi.Nail.Spa

Number: +966114885503

Location: Fiorenza La Piazza, Takhassusi st, Al Mohamadiyah

7. Multaka

Instagram: AlMultaka

Number: +966114783388

Location: Ar Rabwah

8. Luthan

Instagram: LuthanHotelAndSpa

Number: +966114897799

Location: Al Raed Road, Abdulaziz Ibn Ahmad As Sudairi.


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How to Detox After Ramadan


By Ghada Al-Omran

For starters, the benefits of fasting are infinite. Imagine the amazing benefits it can have if you pair it up with a detox.

While fasting you help your body with the blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and also insulin levels. Detox works with your liver which eliminates the toxins.

There you go, there is a good reason for fasting and detoxing. Now, let’s pair it up for you with some tips to start your detox.

1) Choose the right detox method for you by asking your doctor

2) Eliminate Chemical based products

Detoxing can happen through eliminating chemical based household cleaners and personal health care products and substituting it with natural alternatives!

3) Try out awesome natural products

Such as Cleanse & Glow which provide plenty of healthy juices to cleanse on!

4) Eat plenty of fiber

It helps your digestive system – specifically the large intestine for defecation.

5) Always choose berries!

The most popular detox food is full of berries is called the Acai bowel.

The recipe can be easily made at home:

  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 2 frozen sliced bananas
  • 4 tablespoons acai powder
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1/2 tablespoon of honey, to taste.

6) Foods to include and exclude:

Include: Lean meat, avocado, all non-starchy vegetables, and low sugar fruits

Exclude: Dairy, eggs, gluten, soy, corn, refined sugar, and caffeine.


8) Do mild exercise until you get used to it.

Exercising is important because you need to sweat to release the toxins.

9) Sleep should be a priority

10) Go for green tea


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Travel Tuesday: How to Travel Deeply in Spain


By Sultana Alattas and Ghada Al-Omran

Hola, Que tal? Here’s a local travel guide, which you can use in any destination of your choosing.

Be smart on searching for the best traveling deals
Instead of making reservation at a hotel, use online websites such as that can have 10-20% discounts from the original price.

However, if you do not have access to an internet service you can go through travel agencies such as Tayyar, Asfar, and Fursan and ask for their offers.

Also, renting out a house or an apartment is the best affordable alternative rather than staying in a hotel.

Looking for a tourism office in the city you are visiting is a starter if you haven't had any access to other sources to configure your day.

They are usually located in airport terminals or in the center of the cities.

Also you can ask the concierge, a resident, and search online for the location; google maps.

Know their history, culture, architecture, and regulations! You are there for a reason; to explore something you haven't been exposed to yet.
The history of how the king came into reign and their rituals is a way to know the country and actually feel the essence of their revolution. Did you know? Proportional relations in the Islamic architecture especially in Andalusia is a widespread design in Spain during the Islamic revolution and it is important to achieve repeating patterns

The culture is very beautiful and grotesque at the same time. Their diverse festivals, dances, and of course bullfights. They have festival called “La Tomatina” which is held in Valecian town of Buñol. Their invention of the Spanish guitar which is widely known around the world.

The architecture is divine out in Spain. One of the famous architects is Gaudí in Barcelona for example the Casa Mila Passeig de Gracia. Also, the Sagrada Família is famous for still being under construction.

The regulation should be noted when visiting any country to avoid any troublesome acts you may not know were illegal. Ask before leaving your country through airports or even online!

Look for outstanding & unbelievable landscapes to witness Allah's creations
When it comes to choosing the best place for tourism in Spain make sure to look for outstanding and unbelievable landscapes to witness Allah’s creations and remarkable places such as



It has a great combination of Islamic and Spanish heritage such as Alhambra that carries a masterpiece of Islamic culture


Botanical Garden of Córdoba

Botanical Garden of Córdoba

Such as visiting the patio festival that is held every year. In addition to the Botanical Garden of Córdoba which is the heart of Cordoba that carries amusing fountains, lush vegetation and spacious squares



Jardin de Rosas de Cervantes, one of the biggest rose gardens. In addition to Cal Barbut, a beautiful mountain to relax by, and Casa de la Rosa


Park El Chaprico

Park El Chaprico



It is one of the largest islands located on the Mediterranean Sea. Mallorca is famous for its amusing and breathtaking beaches such as Cala Figuera, it has the bluest water and calmest beach in Spain.



Ibliza is the third largest Balearic Islands. For charming views of nature check out Can Marca caves for unbelievable views. It’s has a fascinating sea view as you move directly towards the iterance.



The volcano located timanfya in lanzorte is the number one tourists attraction. Last year alone the volcano got almost 1 million visitors. In addition, Jamos Del Agua attracted many tourists but throughout time it collapsed. Eventually, two Architects Luis Morales and Jesus soto were able to transfer the natural space into subterranean auditoriums.

Depending on the duration of your stay; take something out of your stay. Learn their dance, a sport, and anything that you can comeback to reminisce and dwell on.
The experience is endless in Spain. It is a must to try out different things in order to get an experience out of your trip. For example, you should try to learn their dance, the flamenco. Or even watch the spectacular dance. Madrid has plenty of them, the place where flamenco is performed is called “Tablao” and most of them offer dinners. Also, try to use the local language as much as possible to make to learn the language

In addition, Whenever you visit a new city, try collecting a souvenir.

Try out their style, foods, and music!
Whenever you choose to visit a city, make sure to understand more about the culture of the city from food, music, dress code and especially norms.

The clothing In Grenada and Cordoba the dress code in Grenada is to always remain neat and camouflage clothing is strictly forbidden.

The food Grenada also has some famous traditional food such as chicken stew, pumpkin mash, callaloo and sorrel juice. Mostly every year in Grenada, there is a festival called Pure Grenada nutmeg spice that introduces the traditional food and how to prepare it.

The Valencian Community has foods like paella is a Valencian rice dish with ancient roots that originated in its modern [/su_service]

Check out apps such as TripAdvisor to search numerous places that has been rated.
  • Choosing the suitable and best restaurants available at Spain you could
  • Check the reviews on the restaurant
  • Ask about a person’s whom visited the places opinion
  • Compare between places then choose the appropriate place for you
  • Make sure that the food is served meets your appetite
  • Choose the suitable type of the restaurant that interest you
  • Choosing suitable and best hotels available in Spain:
  • Make sure that the hotel falls in the areas and locations you are willing to visit
  • Make sure to search for a hotel that provides the perfect match for your needs
  • Ask around for the hotel’s reputation and how they cooperate with customers
  • Choose the best hotel that fits your budget
  • Choosing entertainment activities:
  • When it comes to activities, make sure that the type of activity you are choosing is secure and authorized
  • Choose the activity that is suitable for both children and adults
  • Look around for activities that is traditional in the region you are visiting to indulge in the culture more

Travel Hacks

1- To have more space in your suitcase, try rolling your clothes instead of folding it, it gives more space that way.

2- When it comes to storing cables, try storing it inside an old toilet paper roll

3- Purchase a portable charger to avoid running out of battery

4- Whenever you visit a theme park, try inserting your phone inside a plastic bag to avoid getting it wet

5- Whenever you carry an item inside your suitcase that is in risk of getting damaged, try rolling it with newspaper to prevent it from having any damages


By Manal A

The night of elegance at the 70th Annual Tony Awards,  Broadway’s biggest night of the year “The Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence” in Theatre, commonly known as the Tony Award, recognizes achievement in live Broadway theatre.

See what all of your favorite theater stars and celebrities wore in the red carpet..

Who Was Your Best Dressed At The 2016 Tony Awards?

collage 2 ScreenShot_20160617153229 collage ScreenShot_20160617153203

Who Was Your Best Dressed At The 2016 Tony Awards?

  • Lupita Nyong in Hugo Boss
  • Jane Krakowski in Michael Kors
  • Lucy Liu in Zuhair Murad
  • Keri Russell in Monique Lhuillier
  • Renée Elise in Marc Jacobs
  • Jourdan Dunn in Zac Posen
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Zuhair Murad
  • Allison Williams in DKNY
  • Karolina Kurkova in Coach
  • Joan Smalls in Altuzarra