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Summer Fitness for Beginners with Eman Kayal

Summer Fitness for Beginners with Eman Kayal

Eman Kayal is a Saudi trainer and presenter for Les Mills Middle East and a sports food nutritionist. She is a recognized figure in Jeddah’s fitness community.


With her profound passion for fitness and an active lifestyle, Eman has dedicated herself to guiding others on their fitness journeys. We spoke with her to delve into her philosophy, workout strategies, and tips for thriving in the summer heat.

Summer Fitness for Beginners with Eman Kayal

How did you get into the fitness industry?

I grew up playing sports, which instilled in me the love for staying active.


What is your fitness philosophy?

My coaching philosophy is straightforward but effective, focusing on four pillars: sufficient sleep, staying active, eating natural foods, and hydration. These principles form the foundation of my training programs.


What is the best way to adapt your workout to Jeddah summers?

When the temperatures soar, I advise shifting workout times to the cooler parts of the day. The early mornings or evenings are ideal. I also suggest exercising indoors, with weight training and cardio called Build & Burn. This includes workouts with free weights, machines, and band workouts, followed by light-to-moderate cardio.


What role does nutrition play in the success of your workouts?

Everyone has unique body types and goals, so personalized meal plans are crucial. I advise against using supplements, shakes, or any artificial foods. I recommend hydrating and fueling workouts with natural energizers like dates, honey, and plant-based carbs like bananas and potatoes. Food plays the biggest role when it comes to health and fitness. We can eat whatever we want as long as we choose real food cooked healthily and keep an eye on our calorie intake.

Summer Fitness for Beginners with Eman Kayal

Emaan Kayal also shared a Weekly Summer Workout Routine for Beginners:



Upper body weight training + 10,000 steps



Low-impact activities like barre and Pilates + 10,000 steps



HIIT training for a maximum of 30 minutes



Rest and recovery



Lower body weight training + 10,000 steps



Steady state cardio



Yoga + 10,000 steps

Summer Fitness for Beginners with Eman Kayal

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Written by Maha Hani Alamri



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