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Celebration of the Centenary of the End of World War I


100 years ago, on November 11, 1918, the Armistice was signed, ending World War I that lasted four years.

This war was one of the deadliest in modern history because it killed about 18 million people (10 million among the military and 8 million among civilians). 1,400,000 French people died. On the only day of August 22, 1914, 40,000 died, including 27,000 French. The war also left 20 million injured and maimed, destroyed infrastructure, towns and villages, roads, bridges, factories, school, and religious buildings.

The last French veteran who participated in the World War I, Lazare Ponticelli, died in 2008. This means that there is no more direct witness of what happened between 1914 and 1918. We are, in fact, the last generation to have heard directly the story of this war by those who made it.

We have a historic responsibility that obliges us to bow to the memory of our soldiers who sacrificed themselves making us free today.
To commemorate the Centenary, the Consulate General of France in Jeddah has focused on two themes:

1- Remembering not to forget. On the morning of 11 November, the Consuls General of France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Italy bowed to the graves of the French soldier, Jean-Baptiste Lapadu-Hargues, and British one buried in the non-Muslims cemetery in Jeddah.

A Franco-American photo exhibition on the First World War is organized at the Residence de France. It helps to remember the loss of life and destruction, illustrates life during the war, but it also reminds us that peace is fragile and we must learn the lessons of wars to consolidate peace.

2- Youth to live together. The French, German, British, Italian, Senegalese and Guinean schools worked together on World War I, recalling the need to remember that peace is the most precious good. The students sang together the Ode to Joy, today the anthem of the European Union and symbol of the desire of more than 500 million Europeans to want to live together in peace and security.

The ceremony held at the Residence of the Consul General of France, Mr. Mostafa Mihraje, brought together many guests, consuls general, officials and members of the French community and French speakers.



Seeking Connection Through Art


Nobu is a Japanese-born artist living in London; where he has attended the vocational school of arts for 4 years and he learned mainly about drawing and oil painting.

His inspiration, combined with his own personal feelings and experiences, fuels his creative process. He recently visited Riyadh to attend the Misk Art 2018 and spoke to us about his inspiration and experience.

Are there stories behind your pieces? What is your inspiration?

My work combines the themes coming from personal experiences and feelings or the hidden world that I don’t know about. I then convert these inspirations into reflections on the canvas. The hues and shapes are important tools by which I transform my paintings into the mirror of my unconscious.

Most of my paintings are related to “connections”. The objects range from physical and spiritual things, culture, animals, and nature, but the relationships are familiar to me and indispensable in life.

I consider presenting new values by rethinking them through my filter.

Which of your pieces is your favorite? Why? 

This is the live painting I did in Japan, with the theme of Kabuki; a Japanese traditional culture. The blue line drawn on the face means a villain. On the other hand, the red lines represent justice. What I wanted to show through this is a gentle emotion along with evil.


What projects have you been up to recently?

Currently, I’m studying at the University of the Arts London and have taken sculpture art as a major. I plan to make a new piece that’s different from my paintings. What I want to express now is the connection between human being and nature.

I’d like to expand the methods of expression not only through paintings but also sculpture.

One of the reasons for this idea is that the ruins of the camel and the ancient artifacts which I saw when I visited the outskirts of Riyadh didn’t leave my mind, therefore I thought about making a land art from this experience.

How was your experience at Misk Art 2018?

Since this was my first time to experience the art scene in the Middle Eastern region, every work had a unique effect. I was fascinated by the beautiful Arabic calligraphy and the live art performance of artists.

What advice would you give to a young emerging artist?

I’m still a young artist myself but I would like to say that it’s important to experience various things to express ourselves. It’s an essential means to for art creation. For example, reading books, traveling, participating in events, and of course also visiting museums and galleries. I want young artists including myself to visit various places by all means and to experience what is there and find inspiration.


Instagram: nobu_kirio


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Dur Hospitality Launches Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel


Dur Hospitality celebrated the re-launch of the newly renovated Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel in collaboration with Marriott International and Riyadh Airports Company.

The re-launch celebration was held in the presence of the Board Members of Dur Hospitality, Dr. Badr Al-Badr, CEO of Dur and Mr. Alex Kyriakidis, Marriott’s President and Managing Director of the Middle East and Africa.

The agreement between Dur Hospitality and the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) was extended for 20 years starting from 2016, to develop the hotel and its business identity, while operating the hotel through an international brand. The cost of developing the current hotel is expected to reach approximately SAR 120 million, where the capacity will be increased from 247 to 347 rooms, in addition to the development of supporting facilities.

On this occasion, Dr. Badr Al-Badr, CEO of Dur Hospitality, said, “The opening of Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel is an important step in line with the company’s expansion strategy in the Kingdom’s hospitality industry. It could enhance our partnership with international brands such as Marriott International, which began 40 years ago with Riyadh Marriott Hotel. Through this partnership, we introduced the concept of five-star hotels to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and developed a number of projects, including Diplomat Courtyard Marriott Hotel and Marriott Hotel and Executive Apartments in Diplomatic Quarter Riyadh”.

Mr. Al-Daoud pointed out that the expansion and development of Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel meet the increasing number of passengers traveling through King Khalid International Airport, which estimated at about 7% per annum. By the end of 2017, the number of passengers traveling through the capital airport reached over 25 million, which is the highest number in the history of the airport. This year is expected to see an increase in passenger numbers compared to last year.

The Riyadh Airport Marriott Hotel is strategically located close to the main markets in Riyadh. It features 2 dining halls, a ballroom with an area of about 1500 square meters, accommodating 750 guests, and 4 meeting rooms equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Marriot Riyadh Airport Hotel is one of the most prominent hotels that meet the needs of businessmen coming to the Kingdom, whether to participate in conferences and forums or to hold meetings and conventions.

About Dur Hospitality:

Established in 1976, Dur Hospitality is one of the most prestigious Saudi companies specialized in hospitality. It owns, develops and manages a wide range of properties, hotels and residential units throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a publicly listed company. Its diversified portfolio encompasses more than 20 properties, in addition to 21 new hospitality and residential projects under development across the Kingdom with a total value of SAR 2.37bn.

In 1983, Dur launched its innovative Saudi brand in Makkah and Madinah, Makarem, a world-class hotel chain specialized in providing hospitality services in accordance with the highest international standards with a Saudi spirit. Dur manages its hotels throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through franchise agreements with Marriott International and the IHG Group.

In the real estate sector, Dur designs, develops and manages residential units and employs its hospitality expertise to provide integrated services under its own brand (Dur).


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Nikon unveils its first-ever full-frame mirrorless cameras Z7 and Z6


A modern camera, new features, big sensor, a new mount – time to unleash the full creative freedom with Nikon Z series.

Innovators in camera equipment, Nikon unveiled its most-awaited full-frame mirrorless Z series. Perfected for capturing state-of-art images, Nikon Z7 and Z6 with its completely silent operation is sure to be a muse for every photographer.

Launched with the media team, press, bloggers and social media influencers, Nikon Z series saw a grand gathering celebrating the finest engineering in the photography landscape as well as a unique state of the art features in videography.

Mr. Narendra Menon, the managing director of Nikon Middle-East, commented “The Z series is a product of great research and thought. We wanted to create a product that would become an ally and work as diligently as our photographers do. Z series has been designed to give photographers an ease in operation with the finest that Nikon has to offer in camera technology.”

The buyers of Z series will have an advantage with Nikon Premier Member program (NPM), getting a chance to explore the excellent optical output facilitated by the entire Z series.

The Z7 series is compact, lightweight, portable, fast and the image quality rivals to none – and more: the new S-lenses offer an amazing edge to edge sharpness. The mirrorless cameras are inherently more convenient owing to their size and weight. Nikon gets the formula for convenience and quality with these additions.z-family-1

Overview of Z series:

Nikon Z7

The first ever FX-format mirrorless camera with high-megapixel of 45.7 is a state-of-art technology. It has a focus point of 493 that covers 90 percent of the image you see. A new EXPEED 6 image processing engine to get more clear pictures. Continuous shooting up to 9 frames per second (fps) in burst mode. Complete silent operation

For full specs of Z7 – mirrorless-cameras/z-7-tech_specs

Nikon Z6

A modern compact body, providing superior high-sensitivity performance and impeccable video features of full frame video recording. The Z6 features 24.5 mega-pixels – ready to excel broad range of shooting scenarios even in low-light. It is a quick capture camera with a 12 framer per second (fps) in continuous running mode. It has a 273 focus point covering 90 percent of the image area.

For full specs of Z6 – mirrorless-cameras/z-6-tech_specs


For more information on the new Z 7 and Z 6, and other Nikon products, please visit


Fashion Trends, Style & Shopping

6 Things You Need to Know About Newest ERDEM X H&M Collection!


Designed by London-based designer Erdem Moralioglu in cooperation with H&M, the Erdem x H&M women’s collection has a unique story to tell.

  1. To create ERDEM x H&M, the young designer imagined the dream English countryside getaway. His vision combines a variety of styles, which he hopes will allow customers of different generations and backgrounds to relate to his pieces in personal ways.
  2. A croc-print frame handbag is inspired by uncovered photos of his mother in the 60’s, and is decorated with jewels, with both a formal handle and a shoulder strap for a more informal look.
  3. Erdem loves floral print. In the new H&M collection, flowers dominate dresses, pyjamas, jackets, hoodies, scarfs, tights, socks, sneakers and backpacks.
  4. All cotton pieces are 100% organic.
  5. When you buy your own pieces, you’ll notice the ‘R’ and ‘M’ from the Erdem logo are turned up-side down. This is exclusive to the H&M collection.
  6. The photos you’re looking at in this article were taken by the acclaimed photographer Michal Pudelka, who also worked with brands like Valentino and Vogue.

The Erdem x H&M women’s collection will be available on the H&M website and in Tahlia, Jeddah and Kingdom Center Riyadh Stores from November 2.



Effat University is Offering 24 Scholarships with Enrollment Still Ongoing for 2017 – 2018 Admissions


New scholarships consist of full scholarships for Masters Degrees, and partial scholarships for Bachelor, and are open for all the programs.

JEDDAH, September 2017 – Enrollment for 2017 – 2018 admissions is still ongoing at Effat University, with new programs available for national and international female students.

This year Effat is offering 24 new full scholarships; full scholarships for Masters Degrees, and partial scholarships for Bachelor. The scholarships opportunities are open for all the programs and interested students can come apply at the university.

Offering degrees that are taught only at Effat University, the curriculum includes 17 educational graduate and undergraduate programs within four colleges: Effat College of Science and Humanities, Effat College of Engineering, Effat College of Business, and Effat College of Architecture and Design.

Looking ahead to Saudi Arabia’s future needs, the university continues to diversify and develop new programs such as the newly introduced Masters in Energy Engineering degree that is the first of its kind in the Kingdom.


In addition, the university has four state-of-the-art research centers: Smart Building Research Center, Virtual Reality Research Center, E-Arabization Research Center, Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Center.

“At Effat we strongly believe in empowering women to play a leading role in the kingdom’s social and economic development,” said Dr. Haifa Reda Jamal Allail President of Effat University. “With this in mind, we offer ambitious and aspirational female students some of the most innovative, diverse and advanced educational graduate and undergraduate programs conducive to lifelong learning.

“Effat has annually offered scholarships programs and for this year we have increased the quantity of scholarships to grant more opportunities for prospective students.

“Effat is globally recognized as a world class academic institution and this year we are encouraging international admissions to expand on our efforts to increase students’ diversity.”

To enhance its international standing, Effat has built relationships and agreements with the world’s finest institutions and universities such as Georgetown, Syracuse, Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Auburn, Tisch School, Western Sydney, and Tokai, a private university in Tokyo, Japan.

Effat University is Saudi Arabia’s first private non-profit university for females and is dedicated to creating the leaders of tomorrow by providing the highest level of education with a holistic approach that focuses on individuals and enables them to develop their social and personal skills to become future leaders and agents of positive change in society and their communities.


Not only does Effat offer a comprehensive teaching approach and support for its students throughout their studies, the university also guarantees a promising future for its graduates. Significantly, 60 per cent of Effat’s alumni are employed.

Effat University was founded in 1999 by HRH Princess Effat Al Saud (God rest her soul) and achieved university status in 2009. Today, operating under the umbrella of the King Faisal Foundation, the university is a beacon for the enrichment of knowledge and delivery of quality education.

Aspiring female students are invited to enroll for admission to Effat University’s 2017 – 2018 program in order to receive world class higher education that will immeasurably enhance their future career paths, enrich their lifestyles, and form friendships that will last a lifetime.


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Saudi National Day Celebrations By These College Students Will Spark The Love For Country In You!

Photo Credit:

In celebration of Saudi Arabia, the University of Business and Technology with the collaboration of Saudi Telecom Company (STC) are launching “Our Country Calls on Us” Campaign to celebrate the National Day with the students of Jeddah College of Advertising in a unique way.

104 students and faculty are flying on Thursday, September 21st, 2017 to 13 different destinations in Saudi Arabia to visit, explore and document the most important historical and modern landmarks in the country and share it on various social media channels.

Among the most impressive landmarks to be visited are the Masmak fort in Riyadh, the largest Bird Park in the Golf in Buraidah, Jabal al-Manjor and Raat at Shuwaymis in Hail, the Black Mountain in Asir Region, Rock-shaped skull in Al Baha, The ancient castle of Sakaka in Al Jouf, Quba Mosque in Al Madinah Al Munawarah and many other attractions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This initiative comes within the vision of the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Abdullah Sadeq Dahlan, to contribute in promoting internal tourism as a national duty through which the University expresses its loyalty and belonging to Saudi Arabia and its leadership. The Dean of Jeddah College of Advertising, Dr. Haneen Mohammed Shoaib, expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the efforts put into the success of this campaign & the great welcome the University of Business and Technology has received from all governmental and private sectors, who coordinated to prepare for these national trips.



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Joelle Mardinian opens two new branches of Maison de Joelle in Jeddah


20th April 2017, Jeddah, KSA:   Maison de Joelle,  the luxury chain  of salons founded by Beauty icon Joelle Mardinain, is all set to open two new branches in the city of Jeddah,  Saudi Arabia. Adding to the huge success since it’s opening in 2008; the new branches are going to expand the hugely popular salon across the GCC. The increased demand from customers and the massive growth has led to the branches coming up quickly in not one but two locations in Jeddah; Park Hyatt Hotel &  El Khayyat  Centre3- Prince Sultan road.

With 9 branches already pampering ladies across the Gulf, these latest addition to the luxury chain of salons will offer its signature hair, skin and nail treatments. With branches  in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Doha, and the recently added branch in Casablanca, the two new branches  will mark a new milestone of success for the salon.

Maison de Joelle is best known for bringing upbeat transformations that inspire one to break free from constraining  lifestyle; not only making  customers look great, but also making  them feel  more beautiful, confident. The serene city of Jeddah, recently opening up to business opportunities for women will be the perfect backdrop for the expansion of Maison de Joelle. A city that is recognizing women, it is only the right time now to expand and continue providing special services and beauty to all women, in new locations.

Joelle Mardinian, CEO of Joelle Group, expressed her excitement, “I am so glad Maison de Joelle is in so much demand and people actually recognize good quality. Maison de Joelle has flourished beyond my imagination and I could not be happier with these two new additions in Jeddah.”

“As we promised our customers to provide them with high quality of hair, skin and beauty, we are committed in engaging in only the best services with the latest innovations and techniques. All combined  with the best cosmetics to ensure that special care for all women that visit us again and again. At Maison de Joelle, we make sure all our dedicated services are offered through a specialized team of professionals, taking care of the latest trends around to completely satisfy everyone” She added.



A call to OFWs by Xpress Money to transform the lives of children without mothers this Mother’s Day


Campaign aims to unite Overseas Filipino Workers in support of the country’s street kids

KSA, 27 April 2017: Xpress Money, one of the world’s most dependable money transfer brands, has launched a ’Mother’s Day for Kids without Mothers‘ campaign to transform the lives of abandoned children in the Philippines on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

The campaign has been launched by Xpress Money as part of it’s CSR platform, H.O.P.E, in collaboration with Virlanie Foundation in the Philippines. The objective of the campaign is to bring the Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) community together to give these abandoned kids a better future. As part of the campaign, between April 21st and May 14th, Xpress Money will contribute a part of the transfer fees an OFW pays to send money to the Philippines. To summarize, since Xpress Money is present in 160 countries, its in a position to reach out to OFW’s across these countries and make a difference to the lives of these children.

The outcome of the campaign will see Xpress Money transforming the lives of the chosen few by providing them with food, shelter and good quality education in the long term. A brand that constantly gives back to the society through H.O.P.E, is in a small way, helping the Philippines tackle the issue of the growing number of abandoned children in Manila.

“Mother’s Day is a very important occasion in the Philippines. At Xpress Money, we want to mark the day by bringing together the overseas Filipino communities in solidarity with vulnerable children who don’t have mothers to celebrate with. For every remittance to the Philippines, Xpress Money will make a contribution to transform the lives of these children. Community outreach is a very important part of Xpress Money’s core values, and we believe this campaign will help us make a tangible positive difference to young, underprivileged lives,” said Ashwin Gedam, Vice President of Global Marketing, Xpress Money.

The initiative will also raise funds for a Mother’s Day Feast for the children of the Virlanie Foundation in Manila. By visiting, anyone can nominate a women, be it, their mothers, sisters or friends, residing in Manila, to spend a few hours on Mother’s day with these children who are deprived of a Mother’s love. According to some published reports, the Philippines has over 1.8 million abandoned children who live on the streets. This is nearly 1% of the country’s entire population. Due to poverty, natural disasters and neglect, many children are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. A majority of these children end up becoming victims of abuse, drugs, crime, exploitation, starvation and disease.



About ‘Xpress Money’

‘Xpress Money’ is a global money transfer brand with a thriving presence in more than 160 countries across all continents through 180,000 agent locations. ‘Xpress Money’ has come to be known as the most dependable international money transfer brand and provides its customers a simple, fast & safe way to transfer money through innovative technology, superior customer service and its extensive worldwide network. For more information:


Twitter: @Xpress_Money




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Stepping into new era with continuous investment and expansion to enhance customer confidence


Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors opens the biggest 3S facility for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in the Kingdom.

Al-Khobar – 26 April 2017: Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company (MYNM), the authorised dealer for Jaguar Land Rover vehicles in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, inaugurated its new state-of-art facility in Al-Khobar city in the Eastern Region. The opening of the new Sales, Service and Spare parts facility, “3S Centre”, took place in the presence of Sheikh Mohamed Yousuf Naghi, Chairman of Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company, and several distinguished guests, businessmen and customers.

This new facility is the result of more than a year of construction and outfitting work and is part of MYNM’s strategic plan to continuously invest in the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. The aim is to provide exceptional level of customer service across all regions in the Kingdom, thereby meeting and exceeding their expectations. Moreover, this ambitious initiative allows the company to meet the growing demand on its vehicle portfolio in the Eastern Region.

The new 3S facility covers an area over 12,000 m², and is strategically located on Dammam- Al Khobar highway. It is a state-of-art, Jaguar Land Rover new corporate identity compliant facility that offers all services under one roof, from sales to aftersales services. In addition to significant warehouse for genuine spare parts.

This “3S Centre”  can accommodate 18 new cars, showcasing the full line-up of Jaguar Land Rover vehicles. Which includes Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, All-New Land Rover Discovery  and Land Rover Discovery Sport, along with Jaguar XJ, XF, XE, F-PACE and F-TYPE. In addition, there is a separate showroom for pre-owned APPROVED cars that showcases 10 vehicles. The premises include administrative offices and a spacious aftersales center providing maintenance and quick services.

In this occasion, Sheikh Mohamed Yousuf Naghi, Chairman of Mohamed Yousuf Naghi Motors Company, underlined the significance of the all-inclusive new 3S Centre in view of its importance to Jaguar Land Rover customers in the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia. He addressed the attendees saying, “We have been encouraged by the rapid development in this region to establish the biggest integrated center for Jaguar Land Rover in the Kingdom” And a step further closer to our customers in this region.

He added, “As an all-inclusive service center, the 3S facility will enable us to better service and assist our clients, which is an integral part of our constant endeavor to go beyond the expectations of our clients in every possible manner. Along with the increase in our level of investments, we humbly consider this facility as a launch pad towards a new era.”

On the sidelines to the inauguration of this facility, MYNM launched the All New Land Rover Discovery on 21st April 2017 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This vehicle represents the latest addition to the Land Rover Discovery family. The Discovery is Land Rover’s most versatile model yet and is being hailed as the ultimate family SUV. It refreshes the philosophy of adventure and discovery in typical British flair.