Saudi National Day Celebrations By These College Students Will Spark The Love For Country In You!

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In celebration of Saudi Arabia, the University of Business and Technology with the collaboration of Saudi Telecom Company (STC) are launching “Our Country Calls on Us” Campaign to celebrate the National Day with the students of Jeddah College of Advertising in a unique way.

104 students and faculty are flying on Thursday, September 21st, 2017 to 13 different destinations in Saudi Arabia to visit, explore and document the most important historical and modern landmarks in the country and share it on various social media channels.

Among the most impressive landmarks to be visited are the Masmak fort in Riyadh, the largest Bird Park in the Golf in Buraidah, Jabal al-Manjor and Raat at Shuwaymis in Hail, the Black Mountain in Asir Region, Rock-shaped skull in Al Baha, The ancient castle of Sakaka in Al Jouf, Quba Mosque in Al Madinah Al Munawarah and many other attractions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This initiative comes within the vision of the Chair of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Abdullah Sadeq Dahlan, to contribute in promoting internal tourism as a national duty through which the University expresses its loyalty and belonging to Saudi Arabia and its leadership. The Dean of Jeddah College of Advertising, Dr. Haneen Mohammed Shoaib, expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the efforts put into the success of this campaign & the great welcome the University of Business and Technology has received from all governmental and private sectors, who coordinated to prepare for these national trips.


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