Seeking Connection Through Art

Nobu is a Japanese-born artist living in London; where he has attended the vocational school of arts for 4 years and he learned mainly about drawing and oil painting.

His inspiration, combined with his own personal feelings and experiences, fuels his creative process. Faisal Khalaf introduced us to Nobu when he recently visited Riyadh to attend the Misk Art 2018 and spoke to us about his inspiration and experience.

Are there stories behind your pieces? What is your inspiration?

My work combines the themes coming from personal experiences and feelings or the hidden world that I don’t know about. I then convert these inspirations into reflections on the canvas. The hues and shapes are important tools by which I transform my paintings into the mirror of my unconscious.

Most of my paintings are related to “connections”. The objects range from physical and spiritual things, culture, animals, and nature, but the relationships are familiar to me and indispensable in life.

I consider presenting new values by rethinking them through my filter.

Which of your pieces is your favorite? Why?

This is the live painting I did in Japan, with the theme of Kabuki; a Japanese traditional culture. The blue line drawn on the face means a villain. On the other hand, the red lines represent justice. What I wanted to show through this is a gentle emotion along with evil.


What projects have you been up to recently?

Currently, I’m studying at the University of the Arts London and have taken sculpture art as a major. I plan to make a new piece that’s different from my paintings. What I want to express now is the connection between human being and nature.

I’d like to expand the methods of expression not only through paintings but also sculpture.

One of the reasons for this idea is that the ruins of the camel and the ancient artifacts which I saw when I visited the outskirts of Riyadh didn’t leave my mind, therefore I thought about making a land art from this experience.

How was your experience at Misk Art 2018?

Since this was my first time to experience the art scene in the Middle Eastern region, every work had a unique effect. I was fascinated by the beautiful Arabic calligraphy and the live art performance of artists.36655695_236556520289752_3953528880710549504_n-copy

What advice would you give to a young emerging artist?

I’m still a young artist myself but I would like to say that it’s important to experience various things to express ourselves. It’s an essential means to for art creation. For example, reading books, traveling, participating in events, and of course also visiting museums and galleries. I want young artists including myself to visit various places by all means and to experience what is there and find inspiration.


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