6 Things You Need to Know About Newest ERDEM X H&M Collection!

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Designed by London-based designer Erdem Moralioglu in cooperation with H&M, the Erdem x H&M women’s collection has a unique story to tell.

  1. To create ERDEM x H&M, the young designer imagined the dream English countryside getaway. His vision combines a variety of styles, which he hopes will allow customers of different generations and backgrounds to relate to his pieces in personal ways.
  2. A croc-print frame handbag is inspired by uncovered photos of his mother in the 60’s, and is decorated with jewels, with both a formal handle and a shoulder strap for a more informal look.
  3. Erdem loves floral print. In the new H&M collection, flowers dominate dresses, pyjamas, jackets, hoodies, scarfs, tights, socks, sneakers and backpacks.
  4. All cotton pieces are 100% organic.
  5. When you buy your own pieces, you’ll notice the ‘R’ and ‘M’ from the Erdem logo are turned up-side down. This is exclusive to the H&M collection.
  6. The photos you’re looking at in this article were taken by the acclaimed photographer Michal Pudelka, who also worked with brands like Valentino and Vogue.

The Erdem x H&M women’s collection will be available on the H&M website and in Tahlia, Jeddah and Kingdom Center Riyadh Stores from November 2.

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