Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Keep Them Busy!

Keep Them Busy!

Long summer vacation and bored children? We’ve got you covered.


At Hiazoom, boys and girls ages 6-12 get to play sports (from swimming to Karate), learn Qur’an, try science experiments and improve their English for three weeks straight. You’re welcome, parents.

Location: Al Rakah, Khobar
Instagram: hiazoom
Mob: +966-550888296

Asas Training Center

Girls in their preteen and teen years don’t exactly have it easy. They can’t enjoy kids programs and adult programs are too boring. Asas Training Center provides very cool classes for girls this age, with coach Badriyah Al Awadhi who has been working in education and management for many years. She focuses on the skills of effective leaders by teaching about time management, communication and personal planning.

Location: 7941 Prince Nayef Bin Abdulaziz Rd., Dammam
Instagram: asasladies
Mob: +966-539228826

Kid Scientists

Kid Scientists have two programs this summer. The first focuses on robotics, channeling creativity towards learning about electricity and mechanics. The second features a Japanese program (AC MAS) to help boost childrens’ accuracy and speed with solving math problems, writing and listening.

Location: Al Rashid Mall, Khobar
Instagram: kids_scientists
Mob: +966-503318800

Nawwirny Summer Camp

If you’re a big family, you deserve better than to spend the summer in your car driving each one of them to and from different summer camps. Thank God for Nawwirny Summer Camp, targeted to boys ages 6-8 and girls ages 6-13. Dedicated college students educate children in a variety of activities, ranging from science, cooking and Qur’an to arts, reading, community service and so much more.

Location: 2nd Kindergarten, Shuja Ibn Wahab St., Doha, Dhahran
Instagram: ghaithv_
Mob: +966-594692299

Sumou Ommar Society

Sumou’s Ommar Society mixes fun with learning to encourage young boys to be creative while still analytical in their thinking. They’ll learn to work well in teams, communicate thoughts clearly and welcome challenges with open arms.

Location: Sumou Tower, Khobar
Instagram: ommar_society


Holding small gatherings for children, Kanyama teaches all the great values of our culture in fun and cute ways. Directed at children ages 4-12, these gatherings are guaranteed to be a memory your little ones will cherish forever.

Location: Khobar
Instagram: kanyama_prg


Atqeen’s programs target boys 10-15 years old and train them to tone their skills and creative thinking. Taught by passionate people armed with STEM methods and a love for knowledge, the programs are guaranteed to be packed with fun and learning.

Location: Khobar and Dammam
Instagram: Atqeen
Mob: +966-546777698


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