Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

A Scent-Sensational Journey – Perfumes in KSA

A Scent-Sensational Journey – Perfumes in KSA

Perfumes in KSA. Exclusive access to new perfume brands with AlMalki Group. The best saudi perfume brands.

The ideal luxury partner in KSA, AlMalki Group (AMG), established in 1952, is leading the niche perfumery market. With a portfolio of exclusive and niche perfumes, sourced from all over the world, they have established their own, “Store in Store” concept: Perfume Library.

Perfume Library caters to the segment of consumers who value singularity and uniqueness when it comes to the fragrances that they choose to express themselves with. Taking you on a journey categorized by key olfactive families – Woody, Oriental, Floral, and Fresh – Perfume Library enables the client to efficiently, and of course in a warm and approachable way, discover new fragrance masterpieces from over 15 niche brands.

The name Perfume Library was specifically chosen to allude the time-tried concept of storytelling and discovery – a library! Through personalized design found in select doors, one enters and begins a journey of olfactive discovery; their logo, the quill, is one of the first steps in your trip to discovering your true, individual scent, telling your own story.

Saudi Arabia Perfume Market

In addition to being a platform of discovery, Perfume Library is also an incubator for niche brands to properly gain a foothold in an already saturated market. Using their expertise as a market leader in luxury distribution, all of the products are sourced directly from the manufacturers themselves and brought directly to Saudi Arabia. AMG believes that perfumes and emotions greatly impact one another, and each scent in Perfume Library is a story in itself, and its creator is the author or writer. Niche perfumery can be a way for creators to express themselves and their emotions.

Take BDK Parfums, created by David Benedek, which expresses his intimate and emotional attachments to Paris where he lives, and the time he spends creating scents. David expresses not only an idea, but also a reflection of how certain aspects make him feel, and his creations share that story with you. Pas Ce Soir for instance tells the story of how Parisians are free and joyful.

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Through John- Paul Welton’s illustrious career and travels, as well as multiple collaborations with world-renowned designers such as the late Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Lacroix, he created seven fragrances evoking the beauty of Italy, Egypt, the Middle East, and Spain. This intimate collection touches on excerpts from his travel diaries.

Go on an olfactive journey at any Perfume Library counter in the Kingdom, or get direct access to the perfumes from the AlMalki Group’s upcoming e-commerce page launching early this summer.

Available at:
Musbah, Dammam airport
Robinson’s, Kingdom Tower, Riyadh
King Khalid airport Terminal 5 (Domestic), Riyadh
Beauti, Jeddah
Select Laure Boutiques
Instagram: almalkigroupksa



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