12 Months to a Healthier You

Introducing the campaign and its founder.

Launching an awareness campaign titled 12 Months to a Healthier You, Mai Kholief, founder of MFIT, looks to introduce efficient and effective methods to fitness and healthy living. Inspired by the tradition of new year resolutions, the campaign aims to change an undesired health habit or daily practice.

Unlike, new year resolutions, which often suffer a low success rate due to their generic composition, 12 Months to a Healthier You breaks down those goals into specified smart goals. Placed according to a timed manner, the goals become reasonably attainable and well-focused.

The whole purpose of the campaign is to grapple with very simple and approachable goals throughout the year (one monthly), ultimately resulting in a higher success rate. We spoke to Mai Kholief to gain a deeper background and understanding to her fitness experience.mai-04-copy

I’m a certified personal trainer through NASM: one of the world renowned personal training programs, Calisthenics level 1, CrossFit level 1, and a TRX certification. I’m also looking into finishing a somatic certification for gaining a well-being discipline along with other training programs.

Name exercises suitable for everyone?
I’m a big fan of high intensity workouts. You can do them whenever and wherever. Whatever it is, there is something for everyone in high intensity workouts including cardio, strength and conditioning, and building power. High intensity workouts develop amazing strength, rapidly decrease fat percentage, and due to their timed element, they naturally push you harder.mai-01

How would you describe your philosophy about being fit and healthy?
Make it a lifestyle. You can’t be on a diet forever, so you have to make healthy living a lifestyle. Being active doesn’t necessarily mean strict fitness, there is something for everyone. It’s important to understand that just like your job is part of your daily routine, so is being active.

Instagram: mfit_maikholief


A Fun Filled Escape

A mindful activity joining Jeddah’s recreations.

You’re suddenly Detective Sherlock Holmes scuffling through the streets of London. You’re searching for clues to save the English nation from its arch-enemy. You’ve found a clue; you agonizingly solve it only to find another one. You face a deadlock. How do you defeat England’s nemesis? You simply ask for a hint; thank god this is reality. You’re actually in your home city with your friends enjoying a night of exciting adventure, experiencing one adrenaline rush after the other.

Escape rooms are physical adventure games, where players are locked in a room filled with hidden clues and must solve a series of puzzles within a set timeframe. The games have a variety of themes with different settings, such as crime scenes, prison cells, dungeons and so on. Here is a list of places worth considering.

The Secret Room

20160605_123356Available in two thrilling themes, Sherlock Holmes and Jack Sparrow, The Secret Room is bound to riddle you with brain-teasing puzzles. Use their online booking system to sweep your friends, family, and even work colleagues into an alternative world for 60 minutes. The pricing depends on the number of people participating, with a minimum of two and maximum of five, starting from SR 400 during off-peak times and SR 500 during peak times.

Web: thesecretroomsa.com
Mob: +966-507717768
Location: Yamamah Plaza Building, Yamama St., Salamah Dist. 

Escape Hunt

dsc_3085The zoo security has accidentally left their gates open, giving the animals a perfect opportunity for escape. The zoo manager looks to hire a group of professional wildlife rangers to save the city from fright. Escape Hunt places its players in panic-stricken situations. Desperately seeking a way out, players are tested on their wit and grit. Starting from SR 300 during weekdays and SR 380 on weekends, Escape Hunt will leave you begging for answers.

Web: jeddah.escapehunt.com
Phone: +966-508984342
Location: Serafi Mall, Tahlia St.

Maze Box

maze-boxIn a world of utter dictatorship, you plus six of your friends are held as prisoners of war near a demilitarized North Korean zone. You’ve called for backup, as rebels are advancing with lethal weapons and explosives. But, you suddenly run into a planted ticking bomb and you must dismantle it before time runs out! Available in varied mystifying themes, Maze Box is the newest addition to the escape room phenomena in Jeddah.

Web: mazebox.org
Mob: +966-554474772
Location: Ranya Center, Prince Sultan St.


It’s Time To Be Productive

Productivity. You hear that word often during assessments, meetings, or anything work related. Yet, most of us lack the most basic tools and resources to help define and improve our productivity. If you’re unhappy with your productivity, consider these easy tips to help increase your satisfaction.


Make sure you are staying ahead of your game. Schedule your arrangements and tasks in advance to avoid setbacks. Even if you fall victim to distraction or interruption, you’ll know exactly what needs to be done upon returning to your desk.

Reduce multitasking:

Although multitasking is considered a highly valuable skill, sometimes squeezing in more than one task can actually be deemed more harmful than helpful. Focusing on more than one activity can in fact cause distraction, which dwindles the quality of your work. Remember to focus on one task at a time for full efficiency.

Apply deadlines on yourself

Just like you budget your financial accounts, learn how to budget your time to help you meet deadlines faster. Time management is key for ensuring productivity.

Avoid large lunches

Food can make you lazy, or rather sluggish. Try to stay away from heavy, greasy foods that will leave you feeling fatigued. Instead, snack on foods with high protein, fiber and antioxidants to help you tackle the day.

Maintain cleanliness throughout your work space

A cluttered desk will only clutter your mind. Valuable time is spent ruffling through misplaced papers and unorganized files. Aim to dedicate a certain amount of time a day to arrange and organize yourself, documents, and even desktop.

Take a break!

Whenever you feel mentally drained, allow yourself 5-10 minutes of pure leisure time. Walk down the hall or have a talk with your co-worker. A brief break can actually increase your productivity by refreshing your mind and getting your blood flowing.


Find your Space, Find your Career, Find Yourself

Wishing to cultivate a career without the confinements of the traditional 9-5 schedule?

Office Space providers are increasingly becoming available while most millennials look to nurture their creativity to establish their own startups.


Photo Credit: worksnug.com

Photo Credit: worksnug.com

Regus provides large corporations and startups with established office, meeting facilities and business lounges. They also provide outsourcing teams, back-office functions and virtual offices with receptionist services and mail management.

The Office

The Office offers clients with a business inspiring atmosphere, equipped with a high tech iCloud supporting system. The Office also manages your meetings by providing various configurations and equipped tools for speed, security, top efficiency and professionalism.


Servcorp is committed to being the world’s best-serviced office and virtual office provider. It enables clients to run their businesses around the world while also providing the best facilities, equipped and dependable technology, and experts appointed to support success.

Kayan Space

Offering a creative space for the growing community of local entrepreneurs, Kayan Space looks to inspire every idea into an established startup. Their spatial concept stems from a working philosophy of co-ordination, connectivity and collaboration, creating a communal space of imagination and innovation.

Humming Tree

Articulated with art and community in mind, Humming Tree is a coworking space looking to inspire creativity and good health. Their main mantra is focused on providing support, expression, and tranquility for any art/ creative enthusiasts.

Nawa Space

Nawa Space grants the perfect urban environment for Jeddah’s free-lancers and startup entrepreneurs. It offers simplicity and enrichment through their communal work space, inspiring only the best of your self-expression.


Safeya Binzagr: A Hijazi Expression

An artist committed to cultural preservation.

Having been born in Jeddah, Safeya Binzagr felt a longing for the Jeddah that once was. Spending her youth in Egypt, Binzagr returned to her home country only to be welcomed by an overwhelming sensation of nostalgia. To her disappointment, she found Jeddah impacted by processes of modernization, sweeping the rich heritage of her tradition under the inevitable changes of human technological development.

Considered a pioneer of Saudi fine art, Safeya Binzagr was regarded as a valuable source of information, carrying layers of Saudi history, which to her awareness instilled a sense of cruciality behind accuracy.

Considered a pioneer of Saudi fine art, Safeya Binzagr was regarded as a valuable source of information, carrying layers of Saudi history, which to her awareness instilled a sense of cruciality behind accuracy.

Having asked the purpose behind her well defined historical depictions of old Jeddah, the notable artist replies: “A painting is an easy read, often conveying historical accounts and factual information. It is instant and tells you a story by a visionary understanding. Each of my paintings are rich with information and knowledge one can only retrieve from a legitimized and ratified source, and that is why much research was required for my collection. Each piece is legitimate in context and content, granting its audience a history lesson, a chapter in the book of their ancestors accessible by visionary imagery. Just like a paper loses its motive once ripped, my paintings cannot be separated. They are grouped based on factual narrative that in itself delivers a vision.”Safeya_Bin_Zagr_1

She further continues, “The average individual does not usually take the time to understand history, which requires deep inquiry within historical books. Sometimes the books written are accounted for based on a western understanding, meaning the works written regarding our oriental culture are not always perfectly accurate, they are often fragmented and filtered. The idea of our culture is not concrete because it has almost been made into a fluid interaction, one that is not utterly clarified. This is my history and I was desperate to preserve it.”

Traditional costumes Hall

Traditional costumes Hall

Binzagr is an artist, however she transcends the status by also committing to a social and cultural responsibility beyond simply offering her people art. Having asked the influence of Saudi culture on her works, Binzagr explains, “Considering the restrictive traveling nature of that time, upon my return, I was faced with a social, cultural, and communitarian responsibility, only established after my first showing. However, prior to that, I used to draw but not with the intention of preserving or documenting my fading culture. I simply loved the culture, the homes, the people. My concern for preserving tradition and culture only aspired my works once I received the supportive response and reaction from the audience. An artist becomes an artist once having received social feedback and spectator response, inspiring further expression of one’s artistic and creative abilities.”Safeya_Binzager_Zaboun_1969_Oil_on_wood_80x60_cm._Image_courtesy_of_the_Darat_Safeya_Binzagr

Placing a heavy emphasis on the significance and importance of her spectators’ reactions, Binzagr says: “Their yearning for a deeper understanding of their history planted in me a passion for providing these accounts of legitimized documentation, which to my advantage required me to become a researcher of my own history and culture. As I delved deeper into research, I delved deeper into a passionate journey of documenting and preserving my Saudi heritage for the many years to come. In the end, much gratitude goes towards the spectators and the community that initially planted these passions and desires within my artistic expression.”Safeya-Bin-Zagr-7

Darat Safeya Binzagr opened its doors in the year 2000, fulfilling Binzagr’s main objective -to enlighten the people of modern Jeddah with their ancestral ties. The gallery consists of Binzagr’s personal artworks, as well as her personal collection of traditional Hijazi attire, and antique objects collected over a span of her lifetime. While also exhibiting itself as an art gallery, Darat Safeya aims to expand the notion of creativity and art in the Saudi society, offering educational programs for several different audiences including students, researchers, and most importantly children. Having launched her newest exhibition of personal precious antiques, Darat Safeya Binzagr is open to the public daily from 10:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Location:  King Abdullah Branch Rd, Al-Baghdadiyah Al-Gharbiyah
Web: daratsb.com


Startups for the Artsy

Businesses keeping art alive.

Disregarding social stigma as an aspiring artist can be difficult sometimes. Challenging the “starving artist” cliché comes with its own set of obstacles. Obstacles, such as family and friends, that will try to convince you out of your passions. Thanks to the millennials, startups now have become easier and well established.

Creative businesses can thrive, and thanks to these, art is revived into our daily lives. These seven art influenced businesses are adding a unique twist to the art industry, encouraging and influencing art enthusiasts to never give up their passions.


02-DJ-FEB-2017-16-31-1Integrating art into the workplace can contribute to a successful work environment. Designers of Artkick came up with the easiest way for collaborating high-quality art with the bustle of daily life. Artkick allows you to add your personal art touches to any space at the touch of your fingers, with free access to photos from museums, NASA, the Library of Congress, Photos.com, and Hubble. You can control what photos are displayed through the Artkick mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.

Web: artkick.com


They say traveling always inspires the best out of you. Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein met traveling through Argentina. One day, Firestein drew a design on a pair of plain canvas sneakers for Nemani, who soon discovered the magic behind these imaginative shoes. This inspired the two to start Bucketfeet, a company that sells canvas sneakers in a variety of styles that feature original art by more than 40,000 creators originating from 120 countries around the world. While these artists offer every medium, ranging from graphic design to graffiti to painting, anyone can submit their artwork for consideration by the Bucketfeet committee.

Web: bucketfeet.com


02-DJ-FEB-2017-16-31-4ImageThink makes functional and practical art for the office and the classroom. The ImageThink graphic-recording team creates illustrations based on keynote speeches, presentations, strategy sessions and more to help the audience better remember the information casted on them during pressuring times. The ImageThink team can also create these illustrations live during the presentation to host a visual demonstration.

Web: imagethink.net


02-DJ-FEB-2017-16-31-6Instapainting lets you turn your favorite photographs into beautiful handmade oil paintings. That digitally captured sunset can be transformed into a real-life work of art, using either a mixed-media or a 100 percent hand-painted medium. Once the piece is submitted, you can track the progress and changes made while talking directly with the artist. Your finished product will be delivered to you from Instapainting within about three weeks.

Web: instapainting.com


Apps that Can Save Your Life

Put your phone to a smart use.


IPHARMACYReading labels and identifying your pills can be difficult for even the most experienced user. If you’ve received a gust of new allergies or if you simply cannot recall what each pill is intended for, this app can help you by offering medicinal information. (nikonlenswear.com) Skip the headache, and use your smartphone to filter through your medicine cabinet to avoid unnecessary dumping and purchasing of expensive medicinal drugs.

Anaphylaxis 101

AnaphylaxisThe name of this app says it all. It aims to assist people with a history of Anaphylaxis (allergic reactions) by providing allergy information as an education tool. It enables you to create and store an allergy management plan including listing your specific allergens, medication types and doses, briefing you on instructions if you’re having a reaction, all at the touch of your finger. You can also program it as a reminder for taking medications, or replacing your epinephrine auto injector prior to its expiration.

Hospital Finder

HospitalIn the age of technology, don’t be left guessing and cruising the streets in times of emergencies. Hospital Finder instantly spots the nearest hospital to you, while also giving you a map for driving instructions. You’ll never be left stranded and puzzled with this app.

I.C.E.- In Case of Emergency

I.C.EThis app allows people with medical conditions, including severe allergies, to carry their medical identification card at all times. As important as it is, this app can save your life if you’ve fallen too ill to respond to medical personnel. I.C.E stores your medical history, emergency contacts, medical insurance information, your blood type, your name and address, and a photo for in order to enable instant and convenient identification.

First Aid Network

FirstYou never know when emergencies happen. That’s why it’s useful to keep first aid information at hand. This application allows anyone to become the hero of the day by granting unlimited information to handle the most common first aid emergencies. With videos, step by step advice, and interactive quizzes, it has never been easier to gain lifesaving information and tactics.


A Collection for Your Macaroon Addiction

Your local guide for the French delicacy.

  • Pierre Hermes

    Indulge in the revolutionized macaroons by the Picasso of Pastry.

    Location: Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz St., Al Andalus Dist.
    Tel: +966-12-2615040

  • Fab Sweets

    Get mesmerized by the customizable macaroon towers.

    Location: Stars Avenue Mall
    Mob: +966-540701919

  • Paul

    Try the refreshing raspberry macaroon, stuffed with real raspberry fruit.

    Location: Abdul Rahman Al Tubayshi Rd., Al Andalus
    Tel: +966-12-6671633

  • Pink Camel

    Discover a variety of exotic stuffing!

    Location: Abdulmaksoud Khoja St., Al Rawda Dist.
    Tel: +966-12-6982175

  • Charlotte

    Named after Queen Charlotte, they offer nothing but divine quality.

    Location: Prince Sultan Rd., Al Basateen Dist.
    Tel: +966-12-6622391

  • Dolci

    Test out the fashion inspired treats!

    Location: Al Rawdah St., Al Rawdah Dist.
    Tel: 920011377

  • Connoisseur

    Treat yourself with the fine food emporium.

    Location: Prince Faisal bin Fahd St, Ash Shati Dist.
    Mob: +966-555358890

  • Maison De Macaron

    Lose yourself with the true taste of French exquisiteness.

    Location: Stars Avenue Mall

  • Solo Coffee

    Hideaway with peaceful ambience and rare flavors.

    Location: Ibn Al Kufi St, Al Rawdah Dist.
    Tel: +966-12-2630263


  • Hboshcupcakes

    The distinct tanginess of lemons makes the lemon macaroon super refreshing.

    Mob: +966-562715303

  • Meringue_and_more

    Go back to tradition with Meringue’s cardamom and date stuffed macaroons.

    Mob: +966-537991919


A Speedy Conversation with Mohammed Al Saud

Meet the man representing Saudi on the racetracks.

  1. What were some difficulties you faced representing your country in the GT3 series?

I’m very proud to be representing my country in a racing series like the Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East as it is a huge moment and step up for me. I’ve never raced in a professional series like this before. With that being said, one of the biggest challenges for me is learning the tracks as each circuit is completely new to me.

  1. What is your goal as a Saudi racer?

My goal is to grow my racing career to reach the epitome of racing regionally and around the world. Being a part of this year’s Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Middle East, it allows me to benefit from this series’ ability to develop racing talent in thrilling competition.

  1. Who is your favorite childhood race car driver? Maybe someone who inspired you to become one?

As a child, I used to always watch Michael Schumacher and admire his driving skills – he would definitely be my all-time favorite driver!

  1. What is your most memorable moment as a driver?

My most memorable moment as a driver would definitely be when I first entered my car for my first race ever. It was a feeling that I can never forget and put into words – a combination of being nervous, not knowing what to expect along with the strongest rush of adrenaline through my blood.


  1. What is your favorite car model? As a racer and a regular driver?

My favorite racing car would definitely be a Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car. However, as a regular driver, I have to say it’ll be a McLaren SLR 722.

  1. Where do you see the racing culture going in this region?

While the racing culture in the region is improving with a stronger and wider racing community, I do think that we need to create more hype on motorsport as a whole and the value behind it. This kind of sport requires support from sponsors and governments for it to become more attractive and open to the talent we have in our region which is something I absolutely advocate for.

  1. What would you tell aspiring racers?

To start early and be open to learning as much as possible – never a failure but always a lesson, is the mentality you need. It can be hard and challenging but you always have to push hard to get the results you want. And be a true believer that hard work will always pay off.

Web: gt3me.com


The Revolutionized Porsche 911

Discover the staggering 911 features.

The new Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and 911 Targa 4 boast more powerful engines with better fuel economy. The new all-wheel drive system carries an advanced infotainment system with online navigation for an enhanced driving experience. The Porsche Traction Management takes charge of the power distribution to all four wheels with electrohydraulic control. The new 911 models carry a groundbreaking introduction with a sharpened exterior and interior design, boosted with the new Porsche Communication Management.


A three-liter six-cylinder flat engine with twin-turbo charging and a power output of 272 kW (370 hp) in the 911 Carrera 4 and 911 Targa 4. The 911 Carrera 4S and 911 Targa 4S have a power output of 309 kW (420 hp). This represents a 15 kW (20 hp) output increase than previously recorded. The cars also offer a full measure of torque from a low 1,700 rpm and a usable speed range of up to 7,500 rpm. This data characterizes the newly introduced vehicles as state of the art free-revving sports car engines.DSC_8557


Due to the new all-wheel drive system, the 911 models can now rapidly and instantly gather speed. Expressed and clearly demonstrated in figures: the 911 Carrera 4 Coupé with PDK and Sport Chrono Package sprints from zero to 100 km/h in 4.1 seconds (-0.4 s) and the S model in 3.8 seconds (-0.3 s), while the Cabriolet and Targa models fall back a short 0.2 seconds. Their maximum speeds vary from 287 km/h to 305 km/h depending on model and installed equipment.DSC_8556


The enhanced Porsche turbocharging enabled a drastic reduction of fuel usage. The 911 Carrera 4 Coupe with PDK showed us a 7.7 1/100 km decrement, which is 0.9 liters less per 100 km than the previous model.DSC_8573


The 911 Carrera 4 and 911 Targa 4 once again mark a stark line between sportiness and comfort. A ten millimeter lower ride height allowed adaptive PASM chassis as standard and optional rear axle steering for the 911 Carrera 4S and the 911 Targa 4S. However, the newly introduced automatic post-collision braking system is standard.porsche-911-carrera-image


The new Porsche Communication Management system offers online navigation with a touchscreen that is as easy to maneuver as a smartphone. The system includes traffic information according to real time, using built in Google Earth and Google Street View. Offering numerous applications available to download, the Porsche Communication Management system pairs with a smartphone for simplified convenience.