Startups for the Artsy

Businesses keeping art alive.

Disregarding social stigma as an aspiring artist can be difficult sometimes. Challenging the “starving artist” cliché comes with its own set of obstacles. Obstacles, such as family and friends, that will try to convince you out of your passions. Thanks to the millennials, startups now have become easier and well established.

Creative businesses can thrive, and thanks to these, art is revived into our daily lives. These seven art influenced businesses are adding a unique twist to the art industry, encouraging and influencing art enthusiasts to never give up their passions.


02-DJ-FEB-2017-16-31-1Integrating art into the workplace can contribute to a successful work environment. Designers of Artkick came up with the easiest way for collaborating high-quality art with the bustle of daily life. Artkick allows you to add your personal art touches to any space at the touch of your fingers, with free access to photos from museums, NASA, the Library of Congress,, and Hubble. You can control what photos are displayed through the Artkick mobile app on your smartphone or tablet.



They say traveling always inspires the best out of you. Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein met traveling through Argentina. One day, Firestein drew a design on a pair of plain canvas sneakers for Nemani, who soon discovered the magic behind these imaginative shoes. This inspired the two to start Bucketfeet, a company that sells canvas sneakers in a variety of styles that feature original art by more than 40,000 creators originating from 120 countries around the world. While these artists offer every medium, ranging from graphic design to graffiti to painting, anyone can submit their artwork for consideration by the Bucketfeet committee.



02-DJ-FEB-2017-16-31-4ImageThink makes functional and practical art for the office and the classroom. The ImageThink graphic-recording team creates illustrations based on keynote speeches, presentations, strategy sessions and more to help the audience better remember the information casted on them during pressuring times. The ImageThink team can also create these illustrations live during the presentation to host a visual demonstration.



02-DJ-FEB-2017-16-31-6Instapainting lets you turn your favorite photographs into beautiful handmade oil paintings. That digitally captured sunset can be transformed into a real-life work of art, using either a mixed-media or a 100 percent hand-painted medium. Once the piece is submitted, you can track the progress and changes made while talking directly with the artist. Your finished product will be delivered to you from Instapainting within about three weeks.


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