Apps that Can Save Your Life

Put your phone to a smart use.


IPHARMACYReading labels and identifying your pills can be difficult for even the most experienced user. If you’ve received a gust of new allergies or if you simply cannot recall what each pill is intended for, this app can help you by offering medicinal information. ( Skip the headache, and use your smartphone to filter through your medicine cabinet to avoid unnecessary dumping and purchasing of expensive medicinal drugs.

Anaphylaxis 101

AnaphylaxisThe name of this app says it all. It aims to assist people with a history of Anaphylaxis (allergic reactions) by providing allergy information as an education tool. It enables you to create and store an allergy management plan including listing your specific allergens, medication types and doses, briefing you on instructions if you’re having a reaction, all at the touch of your finger. You can also program it as a reminder for taking medications, or replacing your epinephrine auto injector prior to its expiration.

Hospital Finder

HospitalIn the age of technology, don’t be left guessing and cruising the streets in times of emergencies. Hospital Finder instantly spots the nearest hospital to you, while also giving you a map for driving instructions. You’ll never be left stranded and puzzled with this app.

I.C.E.- In Case of Emergency

I.C.EThis app allows people with medical conditions, including severe allergies, to carry their medical identification card at all times. As important as it is, this app can save your life if you’ve fallen too ill to respond to medical personnel. I.C.E stores your medical history, emergency contacts, medical insurance information, your blood type, your name and address, and a photo for in order to enable instant and convenient identification.

First Aid Network

FirstYou never know when emergencies happen. That’s why it’s useful to keep first aid information at hand. This application allows anyone to become the hero of the day by granting unlimited information to handle the most common first aid emergencies. With videos, step by step advice, and interactive quizzes, it has never been easier to gain lifesaving information and tactics.

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