Farm Fresh Foods of Riyadh

Even though we live on a desert plateau, Saudi Arabia is the largest market in the middle east for agro-food products and importer, Riyadh has many specialized organic places on each side, the east, west, north, and south market that sell vegetables, fruit, and fresh meat.

Here is the best of them:

Vegetables & Fruits


We have many markets for fruits and veggies, but here is our favorite that always has fresher and a bigger variety of foods. And don’t forget to negotiate!

Rabwa Vegetable Market
Pro tip: Best time to go is after Juma’a prayer.
Vegetable Market



Supervised by the government, the Sheep sooq is one of the cleanest places to get your fresh meat, and it’s so convenient because there is a whole butcher plaza right next to it!

Sheep Sooq

Pro tip (How to pick the right Sheep):

  • Put your hand on the sheep’s back to check the amount of meat
  • Young sheep are better tasting
  • You can check how healthy the sheep is by their eyes and teeth.
Animals Market



You might find illegal pet trade, but if you look away and focus on the birds you’ll find a variety of bird types, all locally bred, all supervised by the health government with proper butchers/pluckers, you can find the most fresh and organic fowl.

Bird Sooq
Pro tip: Best time to go is after Asser prayer on Thursday and Friday, that’s when they have the auctions to get the best prices.
Riyadh Pet and Bird Market



Alwatania is a specialized shop that sells organic local foods, it has 10 showrooms in Riyadh alone, with a steady base of loyal customers, it still stands to be the best Organic market franchise in Saudi Arabia.


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