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Destination KSA - Your Guide to Saudi

Here Are Riyadh’s 12 Best Ice Creams

Here Are Riyadh’s 12 Best Ice Creams
By Johara Al Mogbel

ice cream brands in saudi arabia, Summer is here, with a vengeance. So we decided, being the insane magazine we are, that the best way to celebrate would be to eat ice cream. Spot any of your favorites?

best ice cream in saudi arabia


Dark Chocolate Soft Serve   SR 25
What normal soft serve would be like if it had to meet a queen.


Caffe Bene

Cream Cheese Gelato  SR 10
Tastes like creamy French vanilla, yum.


Baskin Robbins

Jamoca Almond Fudge with Hot Fudge Sauce   SR 12
Classic, you can never go wrong with Baskin Robbins. Hola, hot sauce, come to mama!

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Snickers Mcflurry  SR 9
Most brilliant idea Mcdonald’s has ever come up with. Peanuts and caramel sauce in a Mcflurry? Yes please.


Dairy Queen

Double Choco Mini Blizzard  SR 6
Has little bits of brownie bites in it. What more could a human want?


Marble Slab

Birthday Cake with Mashed Up Cookies and extra Cookie Dough  SR 26
There is no such thing as too many cookies. Ever.

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Biscuit Bouza  SR 7
You’ve heard of heaven, right? Well, this is (cheap) heaven in a cup. Perfectly creamy.


Cioccolati Italiani

Pistachio and Chocolate with White Chocolate Sauce  SR 32
The pistachio makes the chocolate subtle, which is a good choice for those that don’t have a sweet tooth.



best ice cream in riyadh, Oreo Frozen Yogurt with Crushed Oreo Bits  SR 30
The best frozen yogurt this side of Riyadh, because it doesn’t taste like frozen yogurt. Yay!



Dark Chocolate, Strawberry and Melon Gelato  SR 12
Refreshing, especially after a meal of pizza. The strawberry is the perfect foil for quattro formaggi.


Coldstone Creamery

Chocolate Ribbon Fudge in a wafer cup, Crushed Oreo Bits  SR 18
Commercial, but a little commercial ice cream never hurt anyone, right? Right.



Ice Cream Sandwich SR 1
Ah! Our childhoods! These taste just as brilliant as they used to. Saudia for the win!

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