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8 Saudi Artists You Should Know About

It’s no secret that Saudi Arabia is blooming with art and artists who are rapidly coming out of their closets and sharing their work with the world.

If there’s a distinctive art hub in the Middle East, it’s right here in our beloved country. Here are some Saudi artists who Jeddawis should know and explore.

1. Abdullah Al Shaikh

The artist believes that art and reality cannot be separated, and hence in his newer art works he took a shift from popular heritage and Arabian tales to the war ridden realities of the world. His ‘Something Series’ is vivid and abstract and definitely here to be remembered.

2. Raeda Ashour

She explores the heritage offerings of not just the local, but also places like Persia and Morocco. Among her most remarkable artwork is the sophisticated detailing of her manual paper carving. She works with pastel colours and her themes include the desert and the life within it. Although Raeda Ashour experiments with her art, she never loses the distinctive touch of local heritage.

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3. Fahad Al Hajilan

He explores his surroundings through his art, and often depicts traditions and occasions like weddings and births in his artwork. Fahad Al Hajilan often uses the colours green and yellow in his work because his background is that of the desert and the cultivated land. Bold and deep figures are often the subjects in his art.

4. Abdullah Hammas

If there’s an artist out there in Saudi Arabia who can pleasantly surprise you with the vivid colors its Abdullah Hammas. He’s the artist who claims his work to be just ‘a brick in the wall of this great country’, but we think he’s much more than that. Abstract art and rich colors is his signature, and something he stayed true to regardless of the ‘failure’ of his first exhibition in Riyadh in 1974. If you like geometry and feminine representations, this is the artist for you!

5. Zaman Jassim

Jassim’s expression with colors and geometry is daring. Sober and rich at the same time, the artist often experiments with the concept of spatial relationships and misty visages. Zaman Jassim is an artist who has established his individual sense of the chromatic visuals and is not afraid to explore different media and objects as art.

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6. Mounira Mosly

Mounira Mosly is an artist who believes in she belongs to all civilizations, all races, all arts, and times. She discovers and explores the world through her art. Her art encompasses representations of different cultures, nature and what it means to be human.

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7. Kamal Al Mualem

The artists’ fascination with horses has perfectly transformed into his artwork. His ‘My Mare’ exhibition was a result of his passion for riding horses. The relationship between a human and a horse are often depicted in Kamal Al Mualem’s art.

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8. Taha Al Sabban

His work does not seek nostalgia, rather his artistic aim is to depict life as it is in certain moments. Taha Al Sabban’s work is sensual and often incorporates earthly colors or very cool and deep tones. His work captures the essence of history and time.

Like any of these artists?! A trip to Jeddah’s art galleries is in order!

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